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The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists
Directed by Roy Allen Smith
Produced by Roy Allen Smith
Zahra Dowlatabadi
Nelson Shin (animation producer)
Written by Dev Ross
Judy Freudberg
Tony Geiss (characters)
Starring John Ingle
Candace Hutson
Heather Hogan
Jeff Bennett
Rob Paulsen
Scott McAfee
Kenneth Mars
Linda Gary
Carol Bruce
Juliana Hansen
Tress MacNeille
Charles Durning
Frank Welker
Music by Michael Tavera
James Horner (music from The Land Before Time)
Distributed by Universal Cartoon Studios
MCA Home Entertainment
Release date(s) December 10, 1996
Running time 73 min.
Language English
Preceded by The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving (1995)
Followed by The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island (1997)

The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists (1996) is a film directed by Roy Allen Smith. This was the last Land Before Time sequel directed by Smith, and the last sequel to feature any of the original voice cast.


Plot summary

Littlefoot notices a longneck herd entering Great Valley, and informs his grandparents. They tell him that the longnecks are their cousins, and that they must go and greet them. As the Old One, the leader of the herd, tells the residents of the great valley that her herd has been migratory since a heavy rain period turned their old home into a marshland called "The Land of Mists", and became the home of many dangerous creatures, Littlefoot meets a longneck girl named Ali, and invites her to play. He introduces her to his friends, but as she is not used to associating with diverse species, she is afraid of them.

Meanwhile, Grandpa falls ill, and the Old One notes that the illness is lethal unless the victim eats the petals of the "Night Flower", a flower which can only be found in the Land of Mists. Though Littlefoot is warned that the journey is too dangerous, he feels determined to save his grandfather, and asks Ali to take him there. She agrees, on the condition that the other children do not come; they will slow them down. As the two of them make their way, they pass through a cave, and sudden earthshake (earthquake) causes a wall of rocks to crash down, separating them. Ali decides the others will have to help her free Littlefoot, and runs off to get them. Littlefoot, in the meantime, tries to find a way out, and meets an old Archelon named Archie, who offers to help him dig through the rocks. They are interrupted by a belly dragger (Deinosuchus) and a sharp beak (Ichthyornis) named Dil and Ichy, who have their minds set to eat them.

While Ichy and Dil give Archie and Littlefoot chase, Ali and the others dig at the wall from the other side. After Cera (who initially refused to join out of spite for Ali) joins them, they are able to free Littlefoot and Archie, and knock Ichy and Dil out. Littlefoot explains to them what happened, and the night flower is mentioned. Archie shows them a way to the Land of Mists, and gives them a reminder to stay close together, for defense. In the Land of Mists, Cera becomes separated from the group, who seek help from a mammal Ducky names "Tickles" (for his fur) to find her. Cera falls into a river, and is soon pursued by Ichy and Dil. Ali saves Cera and distracts the predators, after which Cera softens towards Ali, and Ali explains her prejudiced behaviour.

When the seven stop for the night, they find that they are in a field of Night Flowers, and quickly stock up on them. As they make their way home, Dil and Ichy attack them one more time. During the chase, Ducky falls into a river and Spike calls out her name, while Petrie rescues her from the predators. Ichy and Dil get into an argument when Dil mistakes Ichy for Ducky and eats him, after which they dismiss each other. Dil flings Ichy off, but soon calls for him when a Plesiosaur gives her chase. Meanwhile, the children say goodbye to Tickles, and head home. They give Grandpa Longneck the blossoms, and he gets better upon eating them. Ali's herd then leaves, and the narrator concludes that Littlefoot and the others will meet Ali again one day, which has only happened in one episode of the TV series, she has yet to appear in another film.

Voice cast


The songs are written by Leslie Bricusse.

  • Grandma's Lullaby
  • Who Needs You?
  • It Takes All Sorts

Home video release history

  • December 10, 1996 (VHS and laserdisc)
  • May 13, 1997 (VHS and laserdisc - The Land Before Time Collection)
  • December 1, 1998 (VHS and laserdisc, the last laserdisc release - Universal Family Features)
  • December 4, 2001 (VHS)
  • April 1, 2003 (DVD)
  • December 2, 2003 (VHS and DVD - 4 Movie Dino Pack (Volume 1) and 9 Movie Dino Pack)
  • September 27, 2005 (DVD - 2 Dino-Mite Movies)

TV Airings

After five months of disappearance on American television since March 2008, the film re-aired on Cartoon Network on September 16, 2008 and on October 15, 2008.


United States

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