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The Last Don is a novel by Mario Puzo, best known as the author of The Godfather.

The story alternates between the movie industry and the Las Vegas casinos, showing how the Mafia is linked to them both.



The last plan of Don Domenico Clericuzio, an aging mafia boss, is to eventually make his family enter the legitimate world and melt in the American society. Twenty-five years later, his grandson Dante and his grandnephew Cross (Croccifixio) make their way through life, and the eighty-year-old Don is half-retired. Cross, who holds a majority share in a Las Vegas casino, is supposed to become the strong arm of the family. However, when he refuses to take part in the murder of an old friend, Dante is left to be the sole tough guy. Dante's greed for power and blood lead him to plan the elimination of his relatives, who are an obstacle to the desire to become as powerful as the old Don himself. Cross, who is aware of being on the black list, precedes Dante and catches him in a trap. Having acted against the family, he waits for the Don's vendetta, but, to his own surprise, his life is spared and he's only condemned to exile. The story concludes with the revelation that the Don had planned this outcome all along for the long term survival of the family.


The Last Don was also a 1997 mini-series based on the book. In 1998, this was followed by The Last Don II.



Credit Card Fraud

In 1997, Carlos Felipe Salgado, Jr. was arrested at San Francisco International Airport for trying to sell a CD-ROM containing 100,000 stolen credit card numbers. The key to decrypt the information was a string of letters from a specific paragraph of The Last Don.[1]


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