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The Last Man on Planet Earth

The Last Man on Planet Earth was a 1999 TV movie about a female-dominated society.



During a war with Afghanistan, a biological weapon called the "Y-bomb" which targets only the male Y-chromosome was used, which resulted in the eventual deaths of 97% of the world's men as the virus became an incurable pandemic. Feeling that they were better off without males, the women of Earth decided to outlaw men because they were too violent. 20 years later, scientist Hope Chayse, fearing for the future of the species, conducts a cloning experiment to produce a new male of the species, whom she names Adam. When Adam reaches maturity, he soon finds himself on the run from the FBI, and hiding out with small rebel bands of the last remaining men.

Main characters

A CTU graduate student in Genetic Engineering who invented Adam, initially hoping to satisfy her heterosexual desire. She didn't use the cloning method but genetic engineering, in which she eliminated all genes that are connected to violence and aggression. Her product, Adam, is a "new type of man" that has no tendency of violence.
A man created by genetic engineering that reaches full maturiy in 33 days and stops aging. He escapes from Hope to explore "the city" by himself only to find out that he is in a women's world that abhors men. He accidentally meets a teenage girl, who takes him to her sister Lilah, a cross-dressed prostitute. Lilah tricks him by taking him to Mother May, owner of a high class brothel where she employs a number of surviving men (all in their 50s or older).
An FBI who is determined to capture Adam and restore a violence and man-free society. She is under the supervision of Dr Beverly Stokes, who is running for President (?). Once in a busting of Mother May's brother, Hastings finds Stokes to be one of the customers there. She changes her mind and makes a deal with Hope to bring Adam back safe and sound, so he can be presented at a scientific conference.
  • Esther
Hope's professor, who opposes to Hope's idea of engineering a man but eventually helps her to cure him of the Y-chromosome plague, infected into him by Stokes.
  • John Doe
Leader of the Claimers, the small population of old men who live in a deserted football field, hoping to reclaim the government one day. He blames women for inventing the Y-bomb to annihilate men. Doe takes hostage of Adam in exchange for women (inmates from the Federal Prison), hoping that they will help his men reproduce. He fails that time. However, when Hope, Kara and Esther try to use his blood to cure Adam (due to his immunity), he takes Hope hostage and tries to rape her. Adam, although sick, picks up the gun and point at Doe. Doe says Adam isn't "man enough" to shoot, but he does because he can't let anyone hurt Hope.


The house is burnt with the bodies of Adam and Doe. Kara gives Hope her car and tell her to run away. She makes up a story about the bodies being Hope's and Adam's, while Doe gets away in her car. 3 months later, Esther visits Hope, who is now working as a waitress in a bistro in Virginia. Esther tells Hope she has the result that Hope is pregnant with a son (she and Adam had sex the night before he died).

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