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The Last War
Directed by Shūe Matsubayashi
Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka
Written by Takeshi Kimura
Toshio Yasumi
Starring Frankie Sakai
Akira Takarada
Yuriko Hoshi
Nobuko Otowa
Yumi Shirakawa
Music by Ikuma Dan
Cinematography Rokuro Nishigaki
Editing by Koichi Iwashita
Distributed by Toho
Release date(s) Japan August 10, 1961
United States January 8, 1967
Running time 110 min.
79 min. (USA)
Country  Japan
Language Japanese

The Last War, known in Japan as Sekai Daisensō (世界大戦争 lit. "Great World War" ?), is a tokusatsu film produced and released by Toho Studios in 1961. Its special effects were created by Eiji Tsuburaya who is also known for working on Godzilla and Ultraman.

Toshio Yasumi's script for the film was reused for Prophecies of Nostradamus, which also included re-edits much of the film's special effects, in addition to its family melodrama center.


This movie covers the day to day goings on of several people in a family that is helplessly caught up in the drama of heightening Cold War tensions between two nuclear-armed superpowers, the Federation and the Alliance (fictitious stand-ins for the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.) Addressing the everyday concerns and everyday existence of people who are about to be violently parted with their existence, this film is a sobering one to watch. It depicts major landmarks the world over meeting with nuclear devastation, with the conclusion consisting of a written warning to mankind never to let this happen.

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