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The Lion King 1½

The Lion King 1½ DVD cover
Directed by Bradley Raymond
Produced by George A. Mendoza
Written by Tom Rogers
Roger Allers
Starring Nathan Lane
Ernie Sabella
Matthew Broderick
Julie Kavner
Jerry Stiller
Music by Johnny Clegg
Don Harper
Lebo M
Ennio Morricone
Editing by Joyce Arrastia
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
DisneyToon Studios
Release date(s) February 10, 2004
Running time 77 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Preceded by The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998)

The Lion King 1½ (also known as The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata in some countries) is a 2004 American direct-to-video animated film released by Walt Disney Home Entertainment on February 10, 2004. The DVD went to the Disney Vault in January 2005. The film is a parallel to the 1994 film The Lion King, and focuses on the meerkat/warthog duo Timon and Pumbaa before and during the events of the original film. The film, setup as a frame story, starts out playing the very beginning of the original film. Timon and Pumbaa are shown in silhouette commenting on the movie being shown before them, in a style nearly identical to that of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The film starts as Timon and Pumbaa are shown watching the opening act of the original film in a dark theater when Timon suddenly uses a remote control to fast forward to where they appear in the film. Pumbaa argues that the film shouldn't go out of order and attempts to rewind the film back to the beginning. Timon and Pumbaa start fighting over control of the film until they agree that the film should tell their side of the story. Throughout the rest of the film, it is occasionally interrupted to have Timon and Pumbaa comment on whatever is happening. Mystery Science Theater 3000-like moments occur as the characters comment on the original film's proceedings. When the film ends, in a theater, Pumbaa insists on watching it again. Timon protests until all their friends and almost every Disney character come to watch it too (with Pumbaa commenting that he still does not "do so well in crowds").

While the original film, The Lion King, seemed to be based on Hamlet, this film might have been inspired by the Tom Stoppard play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, in which the titular characters are seen in every major event of Hamlet.[1][2][3][4]



At Timon’s meerkat colony far away from Pride Rock, Timon takes jobs as a digger and a sentry, but despite his mother's encouragement, he cannot seem to find a good job for himself. After his uncle Max is nearly eaten by Shenzi, Banzai and Ed on his watch, Timon decides to leave the meerkat colony and find a place that is right for him. He is encouraged by Rafiki to seek Hakuna Matata and to look beyond what he sees, and has the intuition to head for Pride Rock. Along the way, Timon and Pumbaa meet for the first time and set out to find a "dream home."

The adventures of Timon and Pumbaa begin to coincide with the events of The Lion King at this point. They arrive at Pride Rock, but to their dismay a herd of animals is already there. While Timon and Pumbaa are walking through the herd of animals witnessing the presentation of the newborn Simba, Pumbaa accidentally flatlets, which causes a few animals to pass out and collapse. The animals in front see this and believe that the fallen animals are bowing, and soon they all bow together.

Timon and Pumbaa continue their journey and find a new home at a watering hole that looks like a miniature version of Pride Rock. One morning, they are disturbed by some noise from outside, which is actually Simba, Nala, and the animals singing "I Just Can't Wait To Be King." Timon is angry and hits the leg of an elephant supporting the tower of animals. The elephant jumps in surprise and causes the tower to collapse, explaining why it collapses in the original film.

Timon and Pumbaa's home is ruined by this event. Pumbaa tells Timon about a "dream home" in the jungle, but Timon ignores him. They travel to the elephant graveyard and witness Mufasa and Zazu saving the cubs from the hyenas. That night, going further into the graveyard, they watch an army of hyenas marching to the instrumental opening of "Be Prepared", and the duo run away. Later, they end up in the gorge only to encounter a wildebeest stampede, the same one from the original film in which Simba loses his father. While trying to run from the wildebeests, they fall down a waterfall, which leads to the "dream home" that Pumbaa had described. The song "Hakuna Matata" has turned into a sing-along. Timon and Pumbaa later find Simba, and the film shows some of their life in the jungle throughout the years.

As an adult, Simba re-encounters his childhood friend Nala. Afraid of losing Simba, Timon and Pumbaa try everything to stop Simba and Nala from falling in love. Simba and Nala fall off the cliff in the original film when Timon and Pumbaa trip Simba and Nala with a vine. In the original film, Timon and Pumbaa reappear in another place at the end of the "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" sequence because they were running around trying to interfere with the lions during the song. Although they fail, they are happy to see Simba arguing with Nala and running off to the grasslands. They mistake Mufasa's ghost appearing in the clouds as bad weather. In the morning, however, they realize that Simba has returned home to challenge Scar. Pumbaa and Timon disagree about whether to go after Simba, but ultimately both decide to return to Pride Rock.

There, Timon re-encounters his mother and Uncle Max for the first time since he left the colony. Timon's mother and uncle make a system of tunnels to trap the hyenas while Timon and Pumbaa create a diversion, from spinning plates, to doing the Can-Can, to breakdancing, and finally, to everybody's amazement, horror and disgust, proposing to Shenzi. This diverts the hyenas long enough for the meerkats to complete and collapse the tunnel trap.

After defeating Scar, Simba becomes the king and Timon tells his mother that he found his place, but something is still missing: his family. In the end, Timon and Pumbaa return to their jungle paradise, bringing Timon's entire meerkat colony with them. The meerkats now have a safe, work-free place to call home, and Timon is hailed a hero.



Based on 13 reviews from review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 77% approval rating, with an average rating of 6.4.[5] The film has a more mixed rating of 65% in the RT community, with a score of 5.9.[6]


The film soundtrack, The Lion King 1½: Songs From Timon and Pumbaa's Hilarious Adventure, was released to CD by Disney Records on February 10, 2004. It includes two songs from the original film, "That's All I Need" and "Hakuna Matata", re-performed by Nathan Lane who took over the role of voicing the character Timon. The rest of the soundtrack includes various R&B tracks, including remakes of the Kool and the Gang classic "Jungle Boogie" by artist French, and two instrumental pieces from film composer Don Harper. Ennio Morricone was the original composer of "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly".[7]


  • 2005 Annie Award for
    • "Best Home Entertainment Production" (Won)
    • "Music in an Animated Feature Production" (Nominated)
  • 2005 DVD Exclusive Awards in the following categories:
    • Best Animated Character Performance (Nathan Lane - voice, Alexis Stadermann - animator) for "Timon" (Won)
    • Best Animated DVD Premiere Movie (Won)
    • Best Director (of a DVD Premiere Movie) - Bradley Raymond (Won)
    • Best Editing (of a DVD Premiere Movie) - Joyce Arrastia (Won)
    • Best Screenplay (for a DVD Premiere Movie) - Tom Rogers (Won)
  • 2005 Saturn Award
    • "Best DVD Release" (Nominated)

Video game

A video game of the film was published in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance, featuring Timon and Pumbaa as the playable characters.[8]


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The Lion King 1½ is a direct-to-video animated film released by Buena Vista Home Entertainment on February 10,2004. This middle-of-the-road feature retells the story of the 1994 blockbuster, The Lion King, in Timon and Pumbaa's perspective.



Pumbaa: (twice during the film) Uh...I don't do so well in crowds.

Rafiki: Look beyond what you see.

Timon: This could be the start of a beautiful...acquaintanceship.

Timon: It's either that slug I ate or I'm having an epiphany!

Timon: (about Simba) He's gone? Whaddaya MEAN he's gone?!
Nala: It's just like the baboon said. The king has returned.
[Timon and Pumbaa stare at her blankly.]
Nala: (sighs) You guys want me to go over it again?
Timon: Yes please, but be a dear and skip to the part about Simba. Not that your childhood wasn't fascinating!
Nala: OK. Look, Simba's the rightful king, but after he disappeared, Scar proclaimed himself the king and formed an alliance with the hyenas...
Pumbaa: (thinking) Poor Simba. The treachery, the villainy, the SURE INDESCRIBABLE HORROR!!
Nala: (continuing to explain) ...So Simba has to go back to challenge his uncle and reclaim his place as king!
[Silence; Nala doesn't get a reaction from Timon or Pumbaa.]
Nala: [frustrated] Ohh...don't you get it?! Simba NEEDS us! NOW!!! [runs off into the jungle]

[The scene repeatedly goes back and forth between a night scene where Simba wakes up Timon and a day scene where Timon is harmed during one of Simba's antics.]
Simba: Timon, Timon! TIMON! (Timon grunts) I gotta go!
Timon: (Voice very faint) Go? Go where?
Simba: You know: Go! Bath-!
Timon: [gets the idea] Oh, you mean go! Then why didn't you say so! Come on, let's go!
(On the log bridge)
Timon: Listen, kid, you gotta go, you gotta go!
(On a very high tree, "Jungle Boogie" plays)
Timon: Young Lion, get down from there!
Simba: Yahoo! All right! Hey, you guys look like ants down there!
Timon: I'm counting to three!
(Simba jumps onto a weak branch, it breaks)
Pumbaa: Uh oh!
(Simba continues to fall)
Timon: One! Two!
(Pumbaa jumps onto Timon, making a pillow for Simba to land on)
Timon: (Gasping for air) Threeeeee.
("The Lion Sleeps Tonight" starts again)
Simba: Timon?
Timon: Wha? Again?!
Simba: No, I'm thirsty.
(Back on the log bridge)
Timon: (matter-of-factlly) You know, kid, this means you'll be up again about 2 hours from now.
(Location: A river leading to an 500 ft waterfall. "Jungle Boogie" plays while Simba swims peacefully. A floating camera captures Timon swimming vigurously.)
Timon: Hang on, Simba! I'll save ya!
(Simba goes off the waterfall; Pumbaa catches him.)
("The Lion Sleeps Tonight" Plays Yet Again)
Simba: Timon? (frowns)
(Back to the log bridge)
Timon: (extremely tired) You know, I'm gonna get old walking over this thing.
(Simba Pounces Timon in the Air, "Jungle Boogie" plays for a final time.)
("The Lion Sleeps Tonight" plays for a final time)
Simba: Timon?
(Music finally stops. Timon grabs his ears in stress.)
Simba: I had a bad dream.

Timon: Uh... freestyle!
(Hip-hop music plays as Timon and Pumbaa start breakdancing. The hyenas laugh and applaud.)
Shenzi: Ooh, encore, encore!
Banzai: No, no, no. You mean, "entree, entree."
Shenzi: No, you right. Let's just eat 'em. (The hyenas advance)
Timon: Is it ready yet, Ma?!
Ma: (underground) Not yet! Keep stalling!
{Timon waves his arms in a "time-out" signal.}
Timon: Waaait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on a second.
Pumbaa: Uh, Timon? What are you doin'?
Timon: (down on one knee, proposal-style) Shenzi Marie Predatora Veldetta Jacquelina Hyena... would you do me the honor of becoming... my bride?
(Pumbaa's jaw drops; the hyenas stare, mouths open. Broadway farce-style music begins.)
Shenzi: I don't think so!
Timon: Shenzi Marie, please. I know what you're thinking: "We're too different." "It'll never work." "What will the children look like?"
(Cut back to Pumbaa, mouth still wide open.)
Shenzi: Ooh, that violates so many laws of nature.
Timon: Listen to me! The problems of a couple of wacky kids like us don't amount to hill of termites in this nutty circle-of-life thing. And so I ask you: If not now, when? If not me, who? (pleadingly) I'm lonely.
Pumbaa: {tapping him on the shoulder} Can I be your best man?
Banzai: I say we skip the wedding, and go straight to the buffet!

[Timon causes a cave-in while digging a hole.]
'Uncle Max: That would be...TIMON!!!!!!


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