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Directed by Shiori Kazama
Written by Tomoko Ogawa
Syotaro Oikawa
Distributed by Argo Pictures
Release date(s) JapanSeptember 28, 2002
Running time 121 min.
Country Japan
Language Japanese

The Mars Canon (火星のカノン Kasei no Kanon ?) is a Japanese film made in 2002. The theme is adultery and homosexuality.

There are meaning such as fight and Sexual intercourse in Mars.



Kinuko who worked in a ticket shop continued adultery with Kohei. Two people were able to meet only on Tuesday. Kinuko meets Hijiri and Manabe of the friend. Hijiri and Manabe weren't lovers, but lived together. Hijiri contacts Kinuko who caught cold kindly, but Kinuko depends on Kohei. Loneliness increased, and Kinuko wanted to stop adultery slowly. And by the reason of Manabe having had a lover, Hijiri moved in the apartment next to Kinuko.


  • Kinuko Takeuchi…Makiko Kuno
  • Hijiri Tokita…Mami Nakamura
  • Kohei Deguchi…Fumiyo Kohinata
  • Tatsuya Manabe…Kiyohiko Shibukawa
  • Arimi Deguchi…Eri Hayasaka
  • Fumiyo Komatsu…Haruku Shinozaki
  • Ryuichi Hiroki


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