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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
Flapjack logo 02.png
Flapjack logo
Genre Animated cartoon
Surreal humor
Created by Thurop Van Orman
Written by Thurop Van Orman
J.G. Quintel
Kent Osborne
Steve Little
Jackie Buscarino
Directed by J.G Quintel
John Infantino
Starring Thurop Van Orman
Brian Doyle-Murray
Roz Ryan
Jeff Bennett
Steve Little
Daran Norris
Richard McGonagle
Kevin Michael Richardson
Jackie Buscarino
S. Scott Bullock
Cree Summer
Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons 2 (3rd in production)
No. of episodes 32 aired (46 announced) (List of episodes)
Running time 22 minutes approx.
Production company(s) Cartoon Network Studios, Saerom Animation, Inc (animation production), Screen Novelties, LLC (stop motion segments)
Original channel Cartoon Network
Original run June 5, 2008 – present
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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is an American animated television series produced for Cartoon Network that premiered on June 5, 2008.[1] The show was created by cartoonist Mark "Thurop" Van Orman, who has worked as a writer and storyboard artist on Camp Lazlo and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.[2]



Flapjack is a goodnatured boy raised by a talking whale named Bubbie. He leads a peaceful life until the duo rescue a pirate by the name of Captain K'nuckles, who tells Flapjack of a place called Candied Island, which is made completely of candy. Inspired by the adventurous pirate, Flapjack, Captain K'nuckles and Bubbie get into strange predicaments and "misadventures" in search of candy, Candied Island and the coveted title of "Adventurer". The three spend most of their time in Stormalong Harbor, their place of residence, and home to many strange characters.


Van Orman attempted to pitch the concept to Cartoon Network in 2001. He created a short and incorporated many childhood favorites, with visual inspiration from older adventure novels. His first pitch was rejected, but he received a lot of feedback and re-pitched the concept in 2003.[2]

The series works with Screen Novelties to produce the stop-motion and title card portions of the show.[2]

Paul Reubens was originally selected to be the voice of Flapjack, but when Reubens did not show up on the day of recording, Van Orman himself decided to voice Flapjack.[2]

Creative influences

As a child, show creator Van Orman spent three years living near a bayou, where he was forbidden to socialize with a local fisherman. Disobeying his parents, Van Orman would visit the fisherman, who would tell tales of the sea. When he was 13, his family moved to Utah, but he was able to convince his parents to allow him to go back to Panama City Beach, Florida and stay with some family friends. During this time, Van Orman found a boat and took it out in the middle of the night. Eventually getting lost, it took him three days to finally return. He was saddened by his apparent failure as an adventurer. But when he related these stories to his friends, they were more entertained by all the things that went wrong (the misadventures) than what went right.[2] After trying to live in the jungles of Mexico and "eating out of dumpsters", Van Orman just chalked all these bad circumstances up as "part of the adventure".[2]



Primary characters

The lead characters, Captain K'nuckles and Flapjack
An excitable, adventure-loving boy who was found and raised by Bubbie, the talking whale. Flapjack is very naive and oblivious to danger,[2] thus he's easily caught up in perilous situations. He is also extremely friendly and is often upset when someone does not respect a friendship. Spellbound by K'nuckles' stories of his days of adventure, he sets his sights on becoming a real adventurer just like his role-model K'nuckles. He is gullible enough to believe anything that will help him on his set goal, even if it makes no sense and is completely irrelevant. Flapjack believes that everyone in Stormalong is a friend and often takes them calling him various names and insults as compliments, often leading people (mostly K'nuckles) to believe that he has mental problems. He admires K'nuckles and considers him to be a good friend, though K'nuckles tends to lie to and manipulate him. His catchphrase is "Adventure!" (said whenever he gets excited). He is voiced by series creator Thurop Van Orman.
Captain K'nuckles
A washed-up and childish old sailor who claims to be the greatest adventurer the world has ever known. Nowadays, he prefers to nap and drink maple syrup, while telling outrageous tales of past adventures and getting Flapjack wrapped up in his high seas hi-jinks. In reality, his stories are either completely false, or nowhere near as adventurous or amazing as he leads Flapjack to believe. He may not be an entirely incompotent adventurer however, as he was able to steal the Mermaid Queen's heart and successfully escape her guards in "Gone Wishin'". He is a candy addict; he will do whatever it takes to get his hands on candy. Because of this, he is incredibly selfish, putting the well-being of himself and the acquisition of candy above all else. Because of his often selfish, rude, and openly villainous behavior, K'nuckles has earned the open hostility and disrespect of nearly everybody in Stormalong, although is still respected by other pirates. This is proven in times like when a pirate is angry with Flapjack and says "you're all right right, K'nuckles" and when K'nuckles and other pirates were watching a movie and getting along. Though he has a habit of taking advantage of Flapjack for his own needs, he is actually quite fond of him and will often attempt to get him out of trouble when a scheme of theirs goes too far. He also defends Flapjack when others try to deceive him, something that he does on a regular basis. Most of his body is composed of wood: his hands are wooden hands based on the best hand ever made, his legs are pegs, and his buttocks (his "sittin' muscle", as he calls it) is a wooden board. Because of his artificial body, he makes mechanical noises when he moves. K'nuckles spends most of the adventures with Flapjack trying to find Candied Island. Flapjack often has to defend him when he is in trouble. He is voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray.
A talking whale who acts as a doting mother[2] to Flapjack and gives him a lot of advice that he rarely follows and she, at times, doesn't follow either. Bubbie is a sperm whale (due to the fact that she makes ambergriese). She claims that she found Flapjack wrapped in seaweed. She prefers the "safety" of Stormalong to the dangers of the open seas. Regardless of how much trouble K'nuckles and Flapjack get into, she will always look out for Flapjack and wait for him at the shore or docks. She's also confirmed as the fastest whale in the sea, but she doesn't like to brag. She also acts as K'nuckles' ship, as well as his and Flapjack's 'house', though they live in her mouth. Bubbie is generally hostile to K'nuckles, though this is quite justified, as he tends to dupe Flapjack into doing things that she does not approve of. But more often than not, she seems to eventually forgive him, as she normally ends up allowing him to come back to live with her and Flapjack. Voiced by Roz Ryan.


There are 34 episodes that have currently aired, consisting of one and a half seasons. The second season will end with episode 40 sometime in 2010. A third season of six episodes has been announced. There has also been 6 shorts which aired as part of Cartoon Network's Wedgies (all except for "Captain and ToeNeil," which was the pilot short but is only avaliable on the Flapjack, Vol. 1 DVD).

Other Media


A volume 1 DVD was released on October 10, 2009. It contained the first five episodes, four bonus features, and the series pilot short, "Captain and ToeNeil." A volume 2 DVD was announced shortly after the first DVD was released because of its good sales. It will include the next five episodes and more special features. It is set for a Spring 2010 release.



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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (2008-present) is an animated series created by Mark "Thurop" Van Orman, that premiered on Cartoon Network on June 5th, 2008. The show is about a young boy named Flapjack who goes on adventures with his best friend, K'nuckles, hoping to find the legendary Candied Island.


Season 1

Several Leagues Under the Sea [1.1-1]

Flapjack: Oh, yeah! Bubbie is the fastest wha... [Flapjack has a flashback of how Bubbie said bragging only brings trouble] uhh... she's pretty fast.
Evil Inventor: Hm, only pretty fast?

Evil Inventor: [referring to his killer-looking, mechanical whale] It is the most strongest... [the whale's steel teeth clamp a few times] fastest... [a high-speed propeller on the whale's tail spins around rapidly] and most sophisticated... [a little top-hat shaped spout on the whale poofs out a little cloud of black smoke with a "pfft" sound] creature under the sea!

Eye Sea You [1.1-2]

Bubbie: [looking through a peephole that peeks out of a dock support next to Bubbie, which means Bubbie is spying on herself.] Look at that whale! Spying on other people all day. [She stops to look back at Flapjack and K'nuckles] So sad.... [looks into peep hole again and looks back] She obviously has no life of her own. [looks in and back once more] [pauses then completely breaks down, sobbing] I'M SO LONELY! I'M SO LONELY! [sobs loudly] You two go have all your adventures, and all I have are my stupid peepholes! [sobs once again] I'm sorry you have to see me this way, Flap baby.
Flapjack: Hey, Bubbie, you know what I see?
Bubbie: What?
Flapjack: Someone whose real friends have let her down. [begins to cry] I'm sorry, Bubbie.
Bubbie: Oh, baby! [holds out arms]
Flapjack: Oh, Bubbie! [runs into Bubbie's arms and hugs her]
K'nuckles: Oh, [makes vomiting sounds]!.

Bubbie: [after being caught peeping] I wasn't peeping! I was just holding the harbor up...with my face.

K'nuckles: Disappointment is the best adventure!
Flapjack: It is?
K'nuckles: Do you feel all hollow inside?
Flapjack: Yes.
K'nuckles: Wished you'd stayed in bed this morning?
Flapjack: A little...
K'nuckles: Ever felt that way before?
Flapjack: Nope!
K'nuckles: ADVENTURE!
Flapjack: ADVENTURE!!!

Flapjack: Good morning, Captain!
K'nuckles: Boy, the only good thing about mornings is sleeping through 'em.

K'nuckles: It was horrible. She didn't do anything all day. And I saw the whole thing *sob*!

Kid Nickels [1.2-1]

Captain K'nuckles: Flapjack! What did I say about usin' your eyeballs?
Flapjack: [close-up of Flapjack's enlarged, innocent-looking eyes] Wha'?
Captain K'nuckles: Every time you look at somethin', everything else gets jealous. Now, go apologize to everything!
Flapjack: [covers eyes] Oh, my goodness... [walks towards random objects with eyes still covered] I am so sorry. Please forgive me.

Captain K'nuckles: Hey, Flapjack! Do that... thing you do, everyday, all the time.
Flapjack: [begins to burp for around 30 seconds, his mouth starting out small and gradually growing every five seconds with more and more wrinkles forming around his mouth. He then stops and blushes] Captain K'nuckles, I have to go to the bathroom.
[the group of pirates sitting at the card table burst out in joyous laughter]
Pirate: You'd bet a boy that amazing on a single game of cards?
K'nuckles: Yep.

[pause - all pirates then say they fold and quit the card game]

Captain K'nuckles: WOOHOO! Ah-hahh!
Flapjack: What's going on, Captain K'nuckles?
Captain K'nuckles: I bet you in a card game and won, boy! [laughs in victory]
Flapjack: [gasps in shock]

Ugly Monster: [deep, distorted voice] [lifts arm up and then throws it downward, revealing the cards in his hand] Pair of... TWOOOS!
Captain K'nuckles: [shows hand] Pair of threes, I win.
Ugly Monster: [flips over table] RUUUGGGH!! [begins to sob and trot away]

Bubbie: Now, you've been needing a new role model for a long time. Someone who won't bet you in a card game. Perhaps someone like... him!
[a business man stands on the dock with a spikey aura around him]
Choir: [melodically] A business man!
Flapjack: [gasps in shock] No! How about someone like... him!
[a heroic man resembling Hercules stands on the docks with a sword unsheathed, his foot on top of a little terrier dog.
Raspy Choir: [melodically] A real adventurer!
Dog: Woof, woof!
Flapjack: Maybe you're right, Bubbie. Maybe I do need a new role model.
Bubbie: Oooh, I'm proud of you, puddin'! Good luck. [spews Flapjack onto the docks with her water spout]
Flapjack: [giggles insanely, he then looks up at the adventurer as he looks back at Flapjack] Huh? [fidgets his lower lip] Young Flapjack, sir. Found and raised right here in Stormalong. One day, I hope to be as magnificent as you appear to be... and I would be forever grateful... if you would take me on as your apprentice.
A Real Adventurer: [long pause] [boring, non-heroic voice] Yeah, alright.
Flapjack: Really?! [giggles insanely as the "adventurer" unzips himself, revealing his heroic appearance to be only a costume and himself being a businessman - he then kicks the costume and the dog off the dock] Wha'?! Wh-what?! What happened to your long, flowing mane?
Businessman: Oh, I, uh, I just came from a costume party with that guy. [the businessman Bubbie earlier pointed out takes off his businessman suit, revealing himself to be an insanely crazy, rugged adventurer]
Pirate Adventurer: Whoooo! [lifts up two broadswords then hops onto a passing pirate ship - a dog hops onto the ship from the sea] Whoooo! Whoooo!
Dog: Woof, woof!
Flapjack: Ooooh...
Businessman: [takes Flapjack by the arm] Time for business!

Businessman: [to both Flapjack and K'nuckles] If I win, you both become my apprentices.
Captain K'nuckles: Fine! But if you lose... you keep this bank!
Businessman: [pause] ...Deal.

Captain K'nuckles: [referring to Kid Nickels] That's the ugliest kid I've ever seen!

Captain K'nuckles: Will you at least deposit my candy into my candy account?
Flapjack: [with a look of unwillingness] Certainly, sir.

The Sweet Life [1.2-2]

Captain K'nuckles: we're grabbin' all the loot we can, buddy! This entire house is made of candy!
Lord Nickelbottoms: I know. I BUILT IT! Who are you?!
Flapjack: I'm master Flapjack, your Lordship.
Lord Nickelbottoms: Well, good day to you, young master...and your name?
Captain K'nuckles: I'm, Captain K'nuckles. [brief pause]
Lord Nickelbottoms: How dare you insult me in my own home!
Captain K'nuckles: [to Flapjack] What did I do?
Flapjack: You forgot to say "your Lordship"...

Flapjack: Candy bowl! [K'nuckles tosses a bowl filled with candy into Flapjack's arms; at this point Flapjack is holding a large pile of things from the candy mannsion] Candy painting! [K'nuckles tosses picture into the pile] Candy Charles! [K'nuckles throws the mansions' butler into the pile] Candy front door!
Captain K'nuckles: Ooh, yeah! Biggest chunk of chocolate I've ever seen! [rips door off its hinges]

Lady Nickelbottoms: [dirt, mud and grime splats onto her face] More Powder, Charles. [Charles puts white powder onto Lady Nickelbottoms' face to coat the mud and dirt - more dirt flies onto her face] Powder, Charles. [Charles powders more - more dirt splats] Powder. [Charles powders again] Powder. [Charles powders again]

How the West Was Fun [1.7-1]

Creepy Guy: [makes a "W" with his fingers] Wesssssssst.
Captain K'nuckles: Uhh, that guy looked pretty smart. Maybe we should turn back.

Flapjack: [melodramatic voice] If danger was a beautiful woman... I would marry her.
Bubbie: Okay, we'll go little further...
Flapjack: Yay!
Bubbie:...But only because you're so sweet.

Oriental Man on Turtle: French fry? Would you like a French Fry?
Bubbie: Uh, n-no, thank you...

Bubbie: Flapjack I'm sorry but we're running low on food, water, and overall enthusiasm.
Captain K'nuckles: She's right this is my last pair.
Choir: (focuses on Captain K'nuckle's overalls that read enthusiasm) Overall enthusiasm, overall enthusiasm, overall enthusiasm, Yee-haw!

Captian K'nuckles: It's the end of the world!
Flapjack & Captian K'nuckles: (scream in terror)

Bubbie: K'nuckles! Have you been letting my baby drink sea water?!
Captain K'nuckles: mean we're not supposed to...

[Flapjack makes vomiting sounds off-screen]

Flapjack: [looking very sick and pale] Bubbie...I don't feel so good...
Bubbie: Well, then, maybe next time you'll think twice before going off like that on your own.

[Flapjack and K'nuckles continue to vomit while Bubbie shakes her head]

K'nuckles is a Filthy Rat [1.7-2]

Bubbie: Oh, no, don't tell me that rat of yours has been giving everybody the plague?
Flapjack: What's the plague?
[Captain K'nuckles smacks his forehead]

Dr. Barber: Now, run along, young Flapjack. Your sailor's mouth is bad for business. [to someone walking by off-screen] I say, you look like you could use some surgery.
Flapjack: [glum voice] I just wanted to make a friend, is all...

Flapjack: Gee, I sure miss Captain K'nuckles when he goes away on business.
K'nuckles: [on an island talking with two seagulls sitting on a rock] So, I says to the guy, "oh, yeah?!" [laughs] So, anyway, Mom and Dad, I still haven't found that magical genie who turned you two into birds, but don't worry, I'm workin' on it. [takes out maple syrup] I'm workin' on it. [drinks the syrup]
Flapjack: [back to Flapjack - he gasps] Oh, no! Bubbie!
Bubbie: What is it, baby?
Flapjack: Dead rat off the starboard bow. Poor little fella... [gasp] he's alive! [picks him out of water] Poor little gentleman rat. Probably fell off a ship and now, he's all alone... [rat coughs] Bubbie? [whisper] Is it ok if I nurse him back to health?
Bubbie: Uhh... uhh...
Flapjack: Thanks, Bubbie!
Bubbie: Uh...

Revenge [1.11-2]

Flapjack: [waking up a gang of pirates] Hey! I got something to say to you! [points to a bald pirate] Your mother's so ugly... she... she has a green bottle for a face! [points to other pirates] And your sister is even uglier than that!
Bald Pirate: He's right! She does have a bottle for a face!
Flapjack: Wha'?!
Bearded Pirate: [accepting voice] You're ok!

Peppermint Larry: Ahh, it's finally done! [referring to his replica of Candied Island made out of candy]
Flapjack: [high-pitched, mischievous voice] How long did it take you to build that, Peppermint Larry?
Peppermint Larry: [accomplished voice] Seven years!
[Flapjack bluntly smashes the replica to pieces onto the floor, everyone gasps]
Robber: Everybody, freeze! This is a hold up!-- [he slips and slides onto the smashed candy replica and coincidentally falls right into a jail boat idling just outside the Candy Barrel shop]
Peppermint Larry: [hugs Flapjack] For the next five minutes candy if free!
[everyone in the Candy Barrel cheers for Flapjack]

[an old man with a cane walks by]
Flapjack: Now, this can't go wrong! [aims a cannon at the old man and fires a cannonball at him]
Old Man: [gets up] You fixed mah back! I'm a new man! [runs away in joy]

[Flapjack knocks on the door outside of Slippery Pete's then hides on the side - Slippery Pete answers it]
Slippery Pete: Hello?
[Flapjack shoves Slippery Pete from behind, Pete just sliding along the dock for a while]
Slippery Pete: I guess that's why they call me Slippery Pete. [slams into the bow of a ship and lands in the water] [angry voice] Whoever did this to me is gonna be my... [two mermaids emerge from the water and hug Slippery Pete] [over-joyous voice] NEW BEST FRAND! [gives a thumbs up]

Captain K'nuckles: Make any enemies yet?
Flapjack: No... everyone wants to be my friend...
Captain K'nuckles: Don't worry, I didn't make all my enemies all at once. It took me at least a couple of days.

Ugly Shipmate #1: Hey, he was cleanin' ships, now, he's cleanin' boots! We got a bone to pick with you!
Flapjack: Oh, no! Did I miss a spot?!
Ugly Shipmate #1: Did he miss a spot, haha! Miss... ha, so cute, THAT'S THE PROBLEM! You didn't miss any spots!
Ugly Shipmate #2: We can't even look at our ship without seeing our own reflections!
Ugly Shipmate #3: And we don't like what we see!
Ugly Shipmate #4: How am I supposed to work... [points to self] lookin' at THIS?
Ugly Shipmate #5: You even made Dashing Danny cry!
Dashing Danny: [turns around revealing a baby morphing out of his back] [sobbing] I'm... hideous...
Flapjack: I'm sorry, friends...
Ugly Shipmate #1: Friends?! We're not friends! We're... enemies! [echo] Enemies! Enemies! Enemies!
[Flapjack smiles ecstatically at the fact he now has enemies]

Oh Brother [1.12-1]

Flapjack: [in song] Do you see, do you see, do you see seaweed - making babies for me and my family? Do you see seaweed seas breeding in the sea - making sweet little brothers for me?

Flapjack: Hey, K'nuckles! Wanna play a game? Whoever giggles first, loses! [giggles] You win! Wanna play a bathroom game? Whoever goes to the bathroom first, loses! [pause] You win! Now, how about both? [giggles] You win! [giggles again] You win! [giggles] You win!
Captain K'nuckles: Raah, you need to grow up, Flapjack!
Flapjack: But Captain K'nuckles, you taught me those games.

Flapjack: [to the duck in his arms] You're a full time job!

"Little Kid": Hey, wanna pway a baffroom game? [laughs] You win! [laughs again] You win! [laughs] You win! [laughs, then laughs again right after]
Flapjack: You need to grow up!
"Little Kid": [deep, raspy voice] Gwow up? I'm thawty-eight yees old! [close-up of the guys' old, decrepit face - he then smiles with many of his teeth missing, a freakish sound of thunder is heard in the background]
Flapjack: [stares in terror, then quickly whistles nervously and walks away]

[ending - the "Little Kid"'s laughter is heard in the background while the screen is black. He then appears with his old, decrepit face again - he smiles as thunder again is heard in the background]

Panfake [1.12-2]

Pancake Puppet: I wish I could give this day a hug! [runs into the puppet theater wall and falls over] Cannonballs!
[audience laughs, even Captain K'nuckles]
Captain K'nuckles: [to Flapjack] Just like you!
Pancake Puppet: Adventure! [dances] [melodically] Hm-hm-hmm-hmm-hmmm!

Pancake Puppet: Isn't that right, Captain K'neecaps?
Captain K'nuckles: (stops laughing) Hey!
Captain K'nuckles Puppet: Yar! How're we supposed to get home?!
Pancake Puppet: In our big, fat talkin' boat! See?
Bubbie Puppet: Did someone say, "boat"? Toot, toot!

Bubbie: He said what?
Captain K'nuckles: You should have seen how big they made my nose!
Flapjack: Don't worry, Bubbie. I'll find a way out of this mess. Even if it means never going to sleepys.

[The Next Day]

Flapjack: THAT'S IT! I just need to stop having adventures. Then Larry will have nothing to copy. And everyone will stop liking Pancake. I just have to stop having adventures!
Bubbie: But, muffin, you love adventures.
Flapjack: Used to. I used to love adventures.
Captain K'nuckles: You mean to tell me that if I go on an adventure, you're not gonna follow me?
Flapjack: Nope.
Captain K'nuckles: ...I-I'm sure you'll follow me. [chuckles a bit] I'm too hard to resist! [pause; K'nuckles then starts walking away, occasionally looking behind him to see if Flapjack follows]
Flapjack: I'm sure gonna miss him.

Diamonds In The Stuff

Captain K'nuckles: You're angry 'cause you're poor, right?
Flapjack: I'm ANGRY because that rich kid made fun of us!

Police Man: This is rock-salt.
Captain K'nuckles: Maybe if you squeeze it real hard, it'll turn into a diamond.


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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is an American animated television series made for Cartoon Network that started on June 5, 2008. The show was made by cartoonist Mark "Thurop" Van Orman, who has worked as a writer and storyboard artist on Camp Lazlo and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.


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