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The Midnight Hour

The Midnight Hour DVD cover
Directed by Jack Bender
Produced by Ervin Zavada
Written by Bill Bleich
Starring Shari Belafonte-Harper
LeVar Burton
Lee Montgomery
Peter DeLuise
Dedee Pfeiffer
Cindy Morgan
Jonna Lee
Kevin McCarthy
Dick Van Patten
Music by Brad Fiedel
Cinematography Rexford L. Metz
Editing by David A. Simmons
Distributed by ABC (TV)
Anchor Bay Entertainment (DVD)
Release date(s) November 1, 1985 (TV)
July 20, 1999 (VHS)
September 19, 2000 (DVD)
Running time 94 minutes
Country USA
Language English

The Midnight Hour (also known as In the Midnight Hour) is a 1985 comedy/horror television movie which aired on ABC on November 1, 1985, and stars Shari Belafonte-Harper, LeVar Burton, Peter DeLuise, and Dedee Pfeiffer.



It is Halloween in the small town of Pitchford Cove located somewhere in New England, and five high school friends, Phil (Lee Montgomery), Mary (Dedee Pfeiffer), Mitch (Peter DeLuise), Vinnie (LeVar Burton), and Melissa (Shari Belafonte-Harper), plan on making it a night they will never forget. They steal outfits from the town's historic museum and come upon other old artifacts, including an old trunk encasing a paper scroll which contains an ancient curse. When Melissa recites the curse at the local cemetery, things take a turn for the worse. The town's dead, led by Melissa's great-grandmother Lucinda Cavender (Jonelle Allen), a witch who was put to death 300 years earlier, rise up from their graves and roam the town. As Melissa, Vinnie, Mitch, and Mary enjoy themselves at their annual Halloween costume party, Phil encounters a mysterious girl, named Sandra "Sandy" Matthews (Jonna Lee), dressed in a vintage 1950's cheerleader outfit, who warns him that the whole town is in danger.

Meanwhile, Lucinda and the various undead ghouls rise from the grave and crash the costume party. At first, nobody pays much attention to them since everyone is in costume. However, Lucinda begins turning the party guests into vampires, starting with Melissa, then Vinnie, and so on. When Sandy discovers that Phil and he's friend said the ancient spell in the cementary, one the resurrected dead , they realize that the whole town is being overrun by the living dead and decide to team up to break the curse. The only way to do so is to find the Greenville Spirit Ring inside the grave of witch-hunter Nathaniel Grenville - who, coincidentally, was Phil's great-grandfather and slaveowner of Lucinda Cavender's arch-nemesis - and use it to undo the curse. It's up to Phil and "good ghost" Sandy to restore the town to normal by midnight before it is too late and the curse becomes permanent.


DVD release

Anchor Bay Entertainment released The Midnight Hour on Region 1 DVD on September 19, 2000.[1] The movie was previously released on VHS by Anchor Bay Entertainment on July 20, 1999.


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