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The Mighty B!
Themightyb logo.PNG
Genre Comedy
Format Animation
Created by Amy Poehler
Cynthia True
Erik Wiese
Starring Amy Poehler
Dee Bradley Baker
Andy Richter
Dannah Feinglass
Megan Cavanagh
Grey DeLisle
Jessica DiCicco
Sarah Thyre
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 27 (52 individual) (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Amy Poehler
Cynthia True
Erik Wiese
Running time 20–23 minutes
Production company(s) Nickelodeon Animation Studios
Polka Dot Pictures
Paper Kite Productions
Distributor Nickelodeon
Original channel Nickelodeon
Original run April 26, 2008 (2008-04-26) – present
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The Mighty B! is an American animated television series co-created by Amy Poehler for Nickelodeon. The series centers on Bessie Higgenbottom, an ambitious Honeybee scout that believes she will become a superhero called the Mighty B if she collects every Honeybee badge. Bessie lives in San Francisco with her single mother Hilary, brother Ben and dog Happy.

The series is co-created by Poehler, Cynthia True and Erik Wiese. Poehler provides the voice of Bessie, who is loosely based on a character Poehler played on the improvisational comedy troupes Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade. In September 2008, The Mighty B! was renewed for a second season, which premiered a year later on September 21, 2009.

The Mighty B! has been nominated six Annie Awards and two Daytime Emmy Awards, so far winning one Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation. It has garnered one Artios Award nomination and one Golden Reel Award nomination.





Several years before The Mighty B! premiered, co-creator Amy Poehler and her friends at Nickelodeon talked about making a "female-driven" animated television series. Poehler stated; "where this girl is at that great age [...] where you're not boy-crazy and you're not mean to other girls".[1] She found that enthusiasm "fascinating" and wanted to "bottle it and take it like a pill".[1] Bessie is loosely based on a character Poehler had played during her time at improvisational comedy troupes Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade as well as girls she looked up to when she was younger.[2] She described Bessie as a "feisty, plucky, bossy, Honey Bee scout" and called her "our hero [...] who goes on all these adventures in hopes of collecting all these badges".[3] Poehler referred to the show as "double the action, triple the adventures and quadruple the awesomeness".[4]


The Mighty B! premiered on Saturday April 26, 2008, which was the morning after Poehler's film Baby Mama had premiere.[1] She said that she would "go to bed and stay in my pajamas until 10:30 a.m. and watch Mighty B".[5] Since its debut, the show has attracted an average 3.1 million viewers. In the second quarter of 2008, the show ranked among the top five animated programs on television.[6]

In September 2008, the show was renewed for a second season with 20 episodes.[7] Nickelodeon's animation president Brown Johnson talked about the show, quoting: "The Mighty B! has become a break-out hit for Nickelodeon, complimenting and strengthening our powerhouse Saturday morning line-up [...] Fans can look forward to more of Bessie's dare-to-be-different attitude this season as she chases new badges and comes closer to her dream of becoming the Mighty B."[8] The second season premiered on September 21, 2009.[4]



The Mighty B! was picked up for a pilot in early 2006 under the name of Super Scout.[2] It was co-created by Poehler, Cynthia True and Erik Wiese.[9] Brown Johnson, president of animation at Nickelodeon, was "absolutely thrilled to have a comedy team of the caliber of Amy, Erik and Cynthia create this iconic character for a new generation".[10] Poehler said that she was "thrilled that the world will finally meet the funny and sweet girl-tornado that is Bessie Higgenbottom [...] Erik, Cynthia and I are so pleased to be working with the wonderful people at Nickelodeon. In the words of Bessie, it's been awesome!"[11] During an interview with TV Guide, she was asked if she was trying to appeal adults with the show, and she answered: "Yeah. What I love about SpongeBob SquarePants is that it's very watchable for an adult. But kids like it because they don't feel like they're being pandered to. That was what we were looking to do with The Mighty B! [...] We wanted to do a show that had a strong female character who didn't have too many rainbows and unicorns."[12]

Voice cast

Amy Poehler co-created the show and provides the voice of Bessie.

Amy Poehler voices Bessie Higgenbottom, a 9¾ year old Honeybee scout.[1] Poehler describes her as "superoptimistic and a super spaz"[13] and "a bit bossy, but with good intentions".[2] She is based on a character Poehler had played during her time at improvisational comedy troupes Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade, but also girls Poehler looked up to when she was younger, which she called "the leaders".[2] Poehler provides the voice of Bessie only, but for the episode "Boston Beean", she provided the voice of Sissy Sullivan, a foreign Honeybee scout from Boston whose voice sounded exactly like Bessie's. Dee Bradley Baker voices Happy,[4] Bessie's dog which she found at the harbor in the first episode "So Happy Together". Andy Richter voices Ben Higgenbottom, Bessie's younger brother. Richter is also the voice of Mort on the Nick show The Penguins of Madagascar.[14] Richter talked about The Mighty B!, quoting: "[...] another dream come true, to be able to do cartoon voices! And, also, to get to do cartoon voices for [Ben and Mort] two really funny, cool cartoons that my kids love and that I'm proud to have them love. It’s pretty great."[15] Dannah Feinglass voices Penny, Bessie's sidekick. Feinglass is also a writer for the show. Grey DeLisle voices Portia Gibbons, a Honeybee scout, Megan Cavanagh voices Hilary Higgenbottom, Bessie and Ben's single mother, and Jessica DiCicco voices Gwen, Portia's friend.[16]

In addition to the main cast, Sarah Thyre, Kenan Thompson, Matt Besser, Keone Young, Jessica Chaffin and Kevin Michael Richardson voice supporting characters. A few guest stars have also appeared on the show, such as Jill Talley, Jackée Harry, Rob Corddry, John Ross Bowie, Brian Posehn, Zachary Gordon, Paul Butcher, Niecy Nash, Dan Schneider and Audrey Wasilewski. Poehler's husband, Will Arnett, may guest star on the show.[17] Poehler called him a "voice genius" and that she learned a lot from him, stating: "It's a skill to be in that booth and to figure out how not only not blow your voice out, but also how to make things come alive."[12]


The show is set in San Francisco, California and revolves around the adventures of Bessie Higgenbottom, an ambitious and optimistic 9¾ year old Honeybee scout who wears her uniform every day.[8] She believes she will become a superhero called The Mighty B if she collects every Honeybee badge.[9] As of the first episode, she has 4,584 badges to go.[18] Her loyal younger brother, Benjamin "Ben", aspires to be her sidekick. Happy, a stray dog with a torn ear, is Bessie's pet and best friend.[4] Bessie and Ben live with their single mother, Hilary, who owns and operates a coffee shop called Hilary's Café.[4] Bessie has an "imaginary friend"; Finger,[4] which is her index finger with a smiley face on her left hand.[19]

Many recurring characters appear alongside the Higgenbottom family, including the Honeybee scouts; Penny is Bessie's clumsy, dim-witted, obese best friend, who loves taffy.[20] Although she and Bessie are best friends, Penny also shows loyalty to Portia and Gwen.[20] Portia is a bratty, and snobby Honeybee scout, whose mother is the troop leader.[18] Along with the business-minded Gwen,[18] Portia is often opposing Bessie or tries to humiliate her. Bessie is also friends with Rocky Rhodes, an older, "cool" skater who works part-time at Hilary's Café.[4]

Reception and achievements


The show received generally positive reviews from television sources and critics. Brian Lowry of Variety said that the show "has the kind of crazed energy and inventiveness that isn't associated often enough with girl-oriented children's fare [...] The Mighty B! opts for a more elevated approach – like that aforementioned roller-coaster jaunt, taking a free-spirited jump off the tracks and trusting its audience to hang on for the ride."[16] David Hinckley of Daily News gave the show four stars, stating: "The Mighty B! has a decent shot at becoming a pre-tween fave."[21] Aaron H. Bynum of Animation Insider called the show a "good, brainless cartoon [...] Viewers shouldn't ever be bored with Bessie [but] the comedy really doesn't try to do too much, which may ultimately work against it when the story calls for the characters to do too little.[18]

Joanne Ostrow of the Denver Post called Bessie the "female answer to SpongeBob Squarepants".[17] Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media gave the show three stars out of five, saying: "The show maintains a chaotic pace, and there are no real attempts to teach strong positive lessons [...] Young tweens will likely enjoy Bessie's outlandish, fantasy-fueled adventures - which are fast-paced and, on the surface, entertaining."[22] Ed Liu of Toon Zone called The Mighty B! a show that he admires more than he "truly love[s]", stating: "There is prodigious talent behind it and its wonderfully energetic, boisterous comedy. It's clearly trying very, very hard to be entertaining and largely succeeds [...] I almost feel bad for not liking The Mighty B! more than I do, and I'm still not sure why I don't enjoy it more". He also said that it was worth pointing out that more recent episodes of the show seem "more assured and funnier" than the eight episodes on the We Got the Bee DVD.[23]


The Mighty B! premiered at 10:30am on April 26, 2008, and scored "above average for Nickelodeon programming" in the Nielsen ratings.[24] It ranked in the top ten of all programming for combined broadcast and basic cable shows, with 1.92 million viewers in the Kids 2-11 demographic and a rating of 5.2/23.[24] The Mighty B! had double the viewership as Bakugan Battle Brawlers, a show that aired simultaneously on Cartoon Network.[24]

In September 2008, the show had an average of 3.1 million viewers, and in the second quarter of 2008, the show ranked among the top five animated programs on television.[6] During the third quarter of 2009, it averaged 2.6 million viewers, and was number-one in its timeslot in the kids 2-11 and kids 6-11 demographics.[4]


The Mighty B! and its crew have been nominated six Annie Awards, with so far no wins.[25] The show has also been nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards, winning one.[26] It has also been nominated one Artios Award[27] and one Golden Reel Award.[28]

Award Category Nominee Result
2009 Golden Reel Awards Best Sound Editing – Television Animation[28] Nominated
2009 Artios Awards Outstanding Achievement in Casting – Animation TV Programming[27] Sarah Noonan Nominated
2009 Annie Awards Best Animated Television Production for Children[29] Nominated
Best Production Design in an Animated Television Production or Short Form[29] Seanna Hong
For "Bee Patients"
Best Storyboarding in an Animated Television Production or Short Form[29] Eddie Trigueros
For "Name Shame"
2009 Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation[26] Larry Murphy Won
Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program[26] Amy Poehler Nominated
2010 Annie Awards Best Animated Television Production for Children[25] Nominated
Best Character Design in a Television Production[25] Bryan Arnett
For "Catatonic"
Best Storyboarding in a Television Production[25] Sunil Hall
For "Catatonic"

DVD releases

A DVD called We Got to Bee was released on February 24, 2009.[30] It contained 8 episodes, behind the scenes footage, an animatic version of the episode "Bat Mitzvah Crashers" and a karaoke music video for "Running with the Rainbow Unicorn".[31] A second DVD called BEEing Bessie Higgenbottom was released on December 8, 2009.[32]


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The Mighty B! is a Nickelodeon show created by Erik Wiese, Cynthia True and Amy Poehler. Poehler also provides the voice of the title character, Bessie Higgenbottom. Its first episode premiered on April 26, 2008.


Season 1

So Happy Together [1.1]

Ben: [hopeful] Every superhero needs a sidekick!
Bessie: I'm not the Mighty B yet, Ben, I still have 4,584 badges to go!

Bessie: [listing reason for a dog] One: I've always wanted a dog. Two: If I get a dog, I can put it in the Honeybee dog show and win the Animal Appreciation badge, and that is the badge that I really really really really really really really really really really want.(later) Forty-five: If we got a dog, it could guard our apartment! Forty-six: Dogs are nice. Forty-seven: Dogs aren't cats. Forty-eight: When your tired, you can rest your head on it like a pillow! (later) Seven- hundred twenty-nine: If I got a dog, I would rescue it, and there are over 1682 homeless animals in the city of San Fransisco! Go would it be great Mom? Would it be great if I rescue a homeless dog?

Ben: [about Happy] I can't believe it! He's the worst dog I've ever met!
Bessie: You're six! How many dogs have you met?!

The Sweet Sixteenth [1.2]

Roller Operator: Keep your hands inside the car at all times, don't disengage the safety bar, you puke you clean it. Have a nice ride!

Bessie: [to the girls in line] Hey you guys! Are you ready to rock this bad boy?
Portia: Ready? I'm wearing double scrunches, aren't I?

Bee My Baby/Bee Afraid [1.3]

Penny: [nervous about babysitting] Bessie, maybe we shouldn't.... There are four of them, and two of us. We're outnumbered three to one!

Portia: If babysitting Gwen's little brothers right now while me and Gwen go to the store is your dream, who are we to stand in your way?
Bessie: Exactly! I think.

Artificial Unintelligence/We Got the Bee [1.4]

Li'l Orphan Happy/Body Rockers [1.5]

Bat Mitzvah Crashers/Super Secret Weakness [1.6]

And I See A Bee/Woodward and Beesting [1.7]

Doppelfinger/Little Womyn [1.8]

The Apprentice [1.9]

Beenadict Arnold [1.10]

Boston Beean [1.11]

Penny Hearts Joey [1.12]

Ten Little Honeybees [1.13]

Bee Patients [1.14]

Toot Toot! [1.15]

Night Howl [1.16]

Hat Trick [1.17]

Apoxalypse [1.18]

Hive Jacked [1.19]

To Bee or Not to Bee [1.20]

Something Wrong With This Taffy/Name Shame [1.21]

Benjamin: (tied to a chair) No, I won't do it!
Gwen: (certain) Oh yes, you will.
Porita: What is Bessie's middle name? Finish this word: Ka-ka...
Benjamin: (anguished) What would happen if I tell is worse than anything you can ever do to me!
Porita: Oh, we're not gonna do anything to you. But I can't say the same for your stupid bear-doll. (holding the bear)

Porita: (her hair falls out after she says's Kajolica) My hair! Some of these aren't even extensions. What is going on?
Gwen: (laughing) Can't stop saying it. Kajolica. Ha ha, ha ha. (wallpaper peels and snatches her)
Bessie: (as Penny is about to speak) Penny, no! Everyone, it's time your heard the truth. Some years ago, Ben and I discovered that my middle name is not only very embarrassing, it is cursed. You heard me, cursed! When ever somebody says it out loud something bad happens, usually immediately like just now.
Benjamin: See, told ya it would be worse if I told ya!
Porita: Um, I like sent it to everyone in my bee-berry. Is that bad? (bee-berry explodes)
Bessie: Ben, we gotta go! (rushes out of the house with him)

Bessie: (after coming back to The Hive) Ben, shut the window. I can't listen to that song anymore.
Ben: (with the singing outside) Well it's better than everyone saying Kajolica. (The Hive explodes)

Thanksgiving Beenactment [1.22]

The Dragonflies [1.23]

Blindsided [1.24]

Hen and Bappy [1.25]

Ben Appetit [1.26]

Dang It Feels Good to Be a Gamester [1.27]

The Eye of the Honeybee [1.28]

Portrait of a Happy [1.28]

O Say Can Bess See [1.29]

Macro Mayhem [1.30]

Ben Screams For Ice Cream [1.31]

Season 2

Dirty Happy [2.1]

Hairy Situation [2.2]

Tour D' Alcatraz [2.3]

Bee Nice [2.4]

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The Mighty B!
Format Animated television series
Children's television series
Created by Amy Poehler
Cynthia True
Erik Wiese
Directed by Erik Wiese
Larry Leichliter
Starring Amy Poehler
Dee Bradley Baker
Andy Richter
Dannah Feinglass
Kenan Thompson
Megan Cavanagh
Grey DeLisle
Jessica Di Cicco
Matt Besser
Keone Young
Sarah Thyre
Opening theme Amy Miles
Michael Robertson
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 40 (17 aired)
Executive producer(s) Amy Poehler
Cynthia True
Erik Wiese
Original channel Nickelodeon & Nicktoons Network (U.S.)
YTV (Canada)
Original run April 26, 2008 – present

The Mighty B! is a Nickelodeon television programme made by Erik Wiese, Cynthia True, and Amy Poehler, who also voices the main character. The series used to be called Super Scout before changing its name. Its first episode premiered on April 26, 2008. The show is about around a little girl named Bessie Higgenbottom, who wants earn all of the Camp Scout "honey bee" badges. If she has all the badges, she will earn the "Mighty B" award. A second season aired on September 17, 2008. 20 episodes are supposed to air in season one, with another new season being aired in 2009 with another 20 episodes. A sneak peek of the show premiered on Sunday, November 25 along with Making Fiends and The Penguins of Madagascar. "So Happy Together" was available on an exclusive sneak peak DVD included with the "SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis" DVD before the show premiered. The first episode was also shown on The-N network.

Character list

Main characters

The Higgenbottom Family

  • Bessie Kajolica Higgenbottom (Amy Poehler) - 9 and ¾ year old Bessie Higgenbottom is the bravest Honeybee scout. She is the main character. Her habits include nose-picking; at times she'll stand out on the street deciding which smily faced finger to pick her nose with.
  • Benjamin "Ben" Higgenbottom (Andy Richter) - Bessie's 6-year old brother, Benjamin (usually called Ben, unless he’s in trouble) is a bit of a scaredy-cat, but hopes to be Bessie's sidekick when she becomes the Mighty Bee.
  • Hilary Higgenbottom (Megan Cavanagh) - She is the single mother of Bessie and Benjamin Higgenbottom. She owns and operates a coffee shop called Hilary's Cafe.
  • Finger - Bessie's left-hand index finger and imaginary friend.

Recurring characters

  • Penelope "Penny" Lefcowitz (Dannah Feinglass) - Penny is 9 and Bessie's best friend.
  • Marion "Mary" Frances Voctoria Eva Gibbons (Sarah Thyre) - She is the Honeybee troop leader and Portia's mom.
  • Portia Gibbons (Grey DeLisle) - Portia is extremely conceited, and she believes she should be waited on and treated like a celebrity.
  • Gwen (Jessica DiCicco) - Gwen is mainly seen at Portia's side, working as a lieutenant.
  • Rocky Rhodes (Kenan Thompson) - He is a 13-year-old skateboarder who works as a waiter at Hilary's Café.


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