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The Monolith Monsters

Theatrical poster by Reynold Brown
Directed by John Sherwood
Produced by Howard Christie
Written by Story:
Jack Arnold
Robert M. Fresco
Norman Jolley
Robert M. Fresco
Starring Grant Williams
Lola Albright
Les Tremayne
Linda Scheley
Trevor Bardett
Phil Harvey
William Flaherty
Troy Donahue
Paul Peterson
Music by Uncredited:
Henry Mancini
Irving Getz
Herman Stein
Cinematography Ellis W. Carter
Editing by Patrick McCormack
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) United States December 1957
Running time 77 min.

The Monolith Monsters (1957) is a science fiction film directed by John Sherwood and starring Grant Williams and Lola Albright. It is based on a story by Jack Arnold.



A meteor crashes near a small town in the American desert southwest. A geologist finds a fragment of it in a roadway, and not recognizing the mineral takes it back to the laboratory to study. In the morning his partner finds the lab wrecked and the geologist himself petrified. It is determined that the substance the meteor is composed of uses water as a catalyst. When damp, it grows into black, crystal-like shafts which absorb all silica nearby, including that of animals or humans who come in contact with it. Once all silica is absorbed and the monolith grows to its fullest possible height, it becomes dormant. However, it may easily topple, shattering into many fragments which waiting to grow into new shafts if they contact water. The original meteor broke into fragments scattered across the area where it crashed.

A schoolgirl on a field trip takes a fragment home and puts it in water. Her farmhouse is found destroyed and the girl is near death. She is rushed to a hospital and kept barely alive in an iron lung. Unfortunately, a rain storm is on the way. The surviving geologist races to find a treatment for the girl and to protect the town from the towering, destructive Monolith Monsters.

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