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"The Movie"
Seinfeld episode
Sein ep414.jpg
Kramer, Elaine, George, and Jerry at the movies.
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 54
Written by Steve Skrovan & Bill Masters and Jon Hayman
Directed by Tom Cherones
Original airdate January 6, 1993
Guest stars

Tom La Grua

Season 4 episodes
Seinfeld – Season 4
August 1992 – May 1993
  1. "The Trip, Part 1"
  2. "The Trip, Part 2"
  3. "The Pitch"
  4. "The Ticket"
  5. "The Wallet"
  6. "The Watch"
  7. "The Bubble Boy"
  8. "The Cheever Letters"
  9. "The Opera"
  10. "The Virgin"
  11. "The Contest"
  12. "The Airport"
  13. "The Pick"
  14. "The Movie"
  15. "The Visa"
  16. "The Shoes"
  17. "The Outing"
  18. "The Old Man"
  19. "The Implant"
  20. "The Junior Mint"
  21. "The Smelly Car"
  22. "The Handicap Spot"
  23. "The Pilot, Part 1"
  24. "The Pilot, Part 2"
List of Seinfeld episodes

"The Movie" is the fifty-fourth episode of the sitcom Seinfeld. It was the 14th episode for the 4th season. It aired on January 6, 1993.


Jerry schedules two stand-up acts in the same night and afterwards goes to the movie theater to meet everyone. George gets in the wrong line for tickets. George, Elaine, and Kramer decide to go to another theater to see the movie "Checkmate". Kramer waits outside for Jerry but also wants a Papaya King hot dog. Jerry misses his first show, then goes to movie theater to tell everyone he won't make the movie, but no one is there. Through a comedy of errors, everyone (but Kramer) misses the movie they were originally going to see.


  • The fictional film Rochelle, Rochelle ("a young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk. It’s a story about life and love and becoming a woman.") makes its first appearance in this episode. George later rents it from the video store in Season 4's "The Smelly Car", and it is turned into a Broadway musical starring Bette Midler in Season 6's "The Understudy".
  • Jerry is described by Kramer as having a big head and a horse face and by George as having flared nostrils. George is described by the ticket lady as looking like Humpty Dumpty with a melon head. Elaine is described by George as having a wall of hair and a face like a frying pan. Kramer is described by Elaine as a tall, lanky doofus with a bird face and hair like the Bride of Frankenstein.


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