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The Mummy Returns

Promotional poster
Directed by Stephen Sommers
Produced by Sean Daniel
James Jacks
Bob Ducsay
Written by Stephen Sommers
Starring Brendan Fraser
Rachel Weisz
Freddie Boath
John Hannah
Oded Fehr
Arnold Vosloo
Patricia Velasquez
Alun Armstrong
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Dwayne Johnson
Shaun Parkes
Music by Alan Silvestri
Cinematography Adrian Biddle
Editing by Bob Ducsay
Kelly Matsumoto
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) May 4, 2001
Running time 131 mins
Country United States
United Kingdom
Language English
Budget US$98,000,000 (est)
Gross revenue Domestic:
Preceded by The Mummy
Followed by The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
The Scorpion King (Spin-off)

The Mummy Returns is a 2001 American adventure film written and directed by Stephen Sommers, starring Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, Freddie Boath, John Hannah, Oded Fehr, Arnold Vosloo, and Patricia Velásquez. The film is a sequel to the 1999 film The Mummy, which primarily took place in 1926, and is set seven years later in 1933 (one year after the original 1932 film). Filming took place in London, Morocco, and Jordan.

The Mummy Returns inspired the 2002 spin-off film The Scorpion King which is set 5,000 years prior and whose titular character, played by Dwayne Johnson, was introduced in this film. It was followed by the 2008 sequel The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.



In the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes in 3067 BC, a warrior known as the Scorpion King (played by Dwayne Johnson), led his army to conquer the known world. However, the Scorpion King lost the campaign and his army was scattered into the desert of Ahm Shere. One by one they died of heat exhaustion, leaving only the Scorpion King. To survive, the Scorpion King swore an oath to the god of the underworld, Anubis, exchanging his soul for the power to defeat his enemies. Anubis granted his wish, creating an oasis to hide the Scorpion King's pyramid and giving him the Army of Anubis (an endless legion of demonic anthropomorphic jackal-headed warriors) to exact his revenge. The Army of Anubis swept across Egypt, destroying everything in its path, and once their task was finished Anubis claimed the Scorpion King's soul.

About 5,000 years later, in 1933, Evelyn O'Connell (Rachel Weisz) and Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) are exploring another pyramid with their son, Alex. Within, they discover the Bracelet of Anubis. As Rick and Evelyn narrowly escape drowning after reading an inscription with the bracelet, Alex encounters three looters who flee after the walls start to collapse. Alex then causes a number of the pillars to collapse, helping his mother and father escape. Back in London, their son Alex puts the bracelet on, providing him with directions to the oasis of Ahm Shere. It being the year of the Scorpion, Alex has seven days to reach the oasis, or the bracelet would kill him on the eighth day the moment the rays of the sun shine on him, at which point the Scorpion King and his army will reawaken. Alex is captured by an Egyptian cult who have resurrected Imhotep: their purpose for doing so is to use Imhotep's power to defeat the Scorpion King, which would give him command of the Army of Anubis. The cult, led by Baltus Hafez, the curator of the British Museum, includes a psychopathic warrior named Lock-Nah and Meela Nais, the reincarnation of Imhotep's love Anck-su-namun. The O'Connells set out to rescue Alex, accompanied by Ardeth Bay, and Evelyn's brother, Jonathan. Rick's associate Izzy, an airship pilot from his past adventures, provides transportation.

The instructions are given to Alex in stages, and he leaves clues to the next location for his parents to find, and Ardeth sending a message to a growing army of Medjai, intended to stop the army of Anubis as it awakens. Along the way, the O'Connells learn of their connections to Imhotep and the Scorpion King himself: in a past life, Evelyn was Nefertiri, daughter of Seti I and protector of the Bracelet of Anubis. Rick is a Medjai, trusted to protect Evelyn. Together with their son Alex, who is the path to Ahm Shere, they make up the three sides of a pyramid. In the meantime, Imhotep brings Anck-su-namun's soul back from the underworld and places it in Meela's body, restoring her completely.

As the two groups arrive at the oasis where the Scorpion King's temple lies, the cultists are attacked by mummified pygmies and ambushed by Rick, Evelyn, Jonathan, and Ardeth Bey. The cultists are all killed with the exception of Hafez, their leader. Lock-Nah is then killed by Ardeth, who leaves the group to command Medjai army. Rick saves Alex and manages to get him to the pyramid moments before the bracelet can kill him, and Alex is able to remove it. However, when Jonathan and Evelyn catch up, Anck-su-namun walks into the pyramid courtyard with Imhotep and stabs Evelyn in the stomach, killing her. Hafez takes the bracelet and uses it to release the Army of Anubis, whom the Medjai engage in battle.

Imhotep's powers are stripped from him by Anubis, forcing him to fight the Scorpion King as a mortal. Rick enters the temple as Imhotep summons the Scorpion King, now in the form of a half-human, half-scorpion monster. Imhotep feigns allegiance to the King, who then focuses his wrath on Rick, killing Hafez when he stumbles in. Meanwhile, Jonathan distracts Anck-su-namun while Alex uses the Book of the Dead to revive his mother. Evelyn engages in a battle with Anck-su-namun. At the same time, Ardeth and the remains of the Medjai army defeat the first wave of Anubis warriors, only to discover what they fought was only the vanguard, and now the full force of Anubis' army is bearing down on them. Outnumbered, the Medjai prepare to make their last stand.

Rick's battle is going badly, but sees a series of illustrations on the walls depicting a person sharing the mark on his wrist. The illustrations reveal that the Scorpion King can be killed by the Spear of Osiris, which Jonathan has been carrying throughout the film. Although Jonathan's attempt to throw the spear results in Imhotep catching it and nearly delivering the blow himself, Rick is able to intercept it and stab the Scorpion King himself. He orders him (and his army) back to the underworld, turning both the Scorpion King and the Army of Anubis into sand, seconds before they hit the Medjai lines.

Rick and Imhotep race to escape the now-collapsing temple. A chasm leading to the underworld appears, and Rick and Imhotep fall in, barely managing to cling onto the edges of the opening. Evelyn enters the room and manages to save Rick, but Anck-su-namun is unwilling to do the same for Imhotep. Shocked and heartbroken, Imhotep willingly casts himself into the chasm; meanwhile, as she flees, Anck-su-namun accidentally falls into a pit of flesh-eating scarab beetles. The family climbs to the top of the pyramid and meet up with Izzy. They escape unharmed and with a massive diamond that Jonathan pulled from the top of the pyramid. The film ends with the group setting off into the sunset, a grateful Ardeth bidding them farewell from afar, and Jonathan and Izzy arguing over who should keep the diamond as they leave.



The film was a box office hit in 2001, earning more money than the first movie. Previously, Stephen Sommers directed Deep Rising, The Jungle Book, as well as The Mummy. His next film was Van Helsing in 2004.

Critical reaction was mixed. The Mummy Returns currently holds a 47% "Rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 131 reviews.[1] Metacritic reported, based on 31 reviews, an average rating of 48 out of 100.[2]

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film two stars (out of four), saying that "The mistake of The Mummy Returns is to abandon the characters, and to use the plot only as a clothesline for special effects and action sequences."[3] James Berardinelli of ReelViews gave the film two and a half stars (out of four), calling it "hollow, lightweight entertainment—not unpleasant, but far from the summer's definitive action/adventure flick.[4]

Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times gave the film a positive review, praising its "constant plot turns, cheeky sensibility and omnipresent action sequences."[5] Todd McCarthy of Variety praised "the nonstop action of the final hour," saying that it "bursts with visual goodies."[6]

Joe Morgenstern of the Wall Street Journal gave the film a negative review, saying that it "has all of the clank but none of the swank of the previous version."[2] Charles Taylor of was also not impressed, calling The Mummy Returns "everything the first Mummy was fun for not being."[7]

Box office

The Mummy Returns proved to be even more successful than the first installment; on its opening day the film earned $24,134,667. The films grossed $202,019,785 in the United States and Canada box offices and $230,993,489 elsewhere, totaling in $433,013,274 worldwide.[8]


The soundtrack to The Mummy Returns was released on May 1, 2001 by Decca Records. It contains the score composed and conducted by Alan Silvestri, and the song "Forever May Not Be Long Enough" by the rock band Live. The version featured on the soundtrack differs slightly from the album version of the song.

Video game

The Mummy Returns video game was released on the PlayStation 2 on October 4, 2001 and Game Boy Color on May 11, 2001. On the PlayStation 2 version, the player can choose to play as Rick, with the game ending similar to the movie, or Imhotep, with him taking control of Anubis's army.


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The Mummy Returns is a 2001 film about the sequel to The Mummy in which the mummified body of Imhotep is shipped to a museum in London, where he once again wakes and begins his campaign of rage and terror.

Directed by Stephen Sommers. Written by Stephen Sommers


Richard 'Rick' O'Connell

  • Knowing my brother-in-law, he probably deserves whatever you're about to do to him. But this is my house, and I have certain rules about snakes and dismemberment.
  • [witnessing Imhotep's resurrection] You know, a couple of years ago, this would have seemed really strange to me.
  • [about the mummified soldiers] Oh no, not these guys again!
  • [Evelyn is trying to block the door to keep the mummy soldiers out] Honey, what are you doing? These guys don't use doors.
  • [after seeing a hieroglyph of a warrior bearing his tattoo and the staff] Ok, NOW I'm a believer!
  • [to the Scorpion King] Go to hell and take your friends with you!

Evelyn Carnahan-O'Connell

  • Those knickers are not mine
  • RICK!!!!

Jonathan Carnahan

  • I say chaps, look at that. Shrunken heads. I'd love to know how they do that. [Everybody looks strangely at Jonathan] Just curious.
  • If you see anyone come running out screaming, don't worry - it's just me.
  • Step aside Alex, I'm a professional!


  • [on seeing Rick] YOU!
  • [to Alex] I hope your parents had a good ride.


  • [to Rick] Every time I hook up with you, I get shot. Last time I got shot in the ass. I'm in mourning for my ass!
  • This thing is filled with gas, dammit. Not hot air, gas. Where am I supposed to find gas around here? Bananas? Mangos? Tarzan's arse?
  • Whoa whoa whoa! She's faster than she looks. And she's quiet, real quiet. Perfect for sneaking up on people, which is a very good thing. [lowers voice] Unless we go with your approach: barging in face-first, guns blazing and getting your friends shot in the ass!
  • Well, that's not good.

Ardeth Bay

  • There's a fine line between coincidence and fate.
  • If a man does not embrace his past, he has no future.
  • It was ... my first bus ride
  • Why can't you people ever keep your feet on the ground?

Alex O'Connell

  • Get a room!
  • My dad is going to kick your ass!
  • [after accidentally destroying the temple's interior, therefore rescuing his parents from almost drowning] Mum...Dad...I can explain everything.
  • Your asking me I'm only eight years old for cripes sake.
  • I havent lost it mum, I just cant find it, there's a difference.


  • Anck-su-namun: Put your mask on. Let's not scar that pretty face!
  • Lock-Nah: NOW, can I kill him?


Rick: This is bad Evy.
Evy: We've had bad before.
Rick: This is worse.

Jonathan: I told you! I told you!
Meela: And your point is?
Jonathan: My point is, I told you so your wouldn't kill me.
Meela: When did we make that arrangement?

Rick: Ok, you're here, the bad guys are here, Evy's been kidnapped. Let me guess...
Ardeth Bay: Yes, they once again removed the creature from his grave.
Jonathan: I don't mean to point fingers, but isn't your job to make sure that doesn't happen?

Ardeth Bay: Wherever this man is, your wife will surely be.
Alex: Hey, I know him. He's the curator. He works at the British Museum.
Ardeth Bay: Are you sure?
Rick: You better believe him. He spends more time there than he does at home.

Ardeth Bay: [to Alex] By putting on the bracelet, you have started a chain reaction that could bring about the next apocalypse.
Rick: [to Ardeth] Hey, you, lighten up. [to Alex] You, big trouble. [to Jonathan] You, get in the car.

Alex: Come on! come on! [Jonathan breaks the key off in the ignition] YOU BROKE IT! YOU BROKE IT!
Jonathan: Be quiet Alex! If there's going to be any hysterics, they'll come from me!

Rick: (unwillingly) Oh, I hate mummies.
[Rick, Evy and the others are being pursued by the mummified soldiers]
Ardeth Bay: Glad to see me now?
Rick: (enthusiatic) Just like old times, huh?

Alex: Hey. The Book of the Dead.
Meela: What a bright little child. Your mother must be missing you terribly. If you wish to see her again, you better behave.
Alex: Lady, I don't behave for my parents, what makes you think I'm going to do it for you?
Meela: Because your parents don't put poisonous snakes in your bed... while you're sleeping.

Evelyn: No harm ever came from opening a chest.
Rick: Yeah, no harm ever came from reading a book, remember how that one went?

[seeing Rick's tattoo]
Ardeth Bay: If I were to say to you that, "I am a stranger traveling from the East, seeking that which is lost"...
Rick: ... Then I would reply that, "I am a stranger traveling from the West, it is I whom you seek." How did you...?
Ardeth Bay: Then it is true. You have the sacred mark.
Rick: What, that? No, that got slapped on me when I was in an orphanage in Cairo.
Ardeth Bay: That mark means you are a protector of man. A warrior for God. A Medjai.
Rick: Sorry. You've got the wrong guy.

[Jonathan pulls up in a double decker bus]

Rick: [Confused] What's the matter with my car?
Jonathan: I was forced to find an alternative means of transportation.
Jonathan: Well...[points at Alex] It was his idea.
Alex: Was not!
Jonathan: Was too!
Alex: Was not!
Rick: Just go!
Jonathan: Was too!
Alex: Was NOT!
Jonathan: Oh, jeez...

[Bus pulls away with mummified monkeys chasing behind, which climb over Rick's car and destroying it in the process]

Rick: No, no, not my car! [menacingly] Oh I hate mummies!

Izzy: Remeber that bankjob in Marakesh?
Evy: Bank job?
Rick: It's not how it sounds.
Izzy: Erh it's exactly how it sounds, I'm flying high hiding in the sun, white boy here flags me down, so I fly in low for the pickup, next thing you know I get shot! I'm laying there in the middle of the road with my spleen hanging out and I see HIM waltzing off with some bellydancer girl!
Evy: Bellydancer girl? Izzy, I think you and I should talk.
Izzy: As long as I don't get shot.

Izzy: O'Connell, if you give me that gold stick there, you can shave my head, wax my legs, and use me for a surfboard.
Rick: Didn't we do that in Tripoli?

Alex: Are we there yet?
Lock-Nah: No.
Alex: Are we there yet?
Lock-Nah: No.
Alex: Are we there yet?
Lock-Nah: No. No, no no no no NO!
(Lock-Nah slams his knife into the table between Alex's fingers)
Alex: Whoa! That was amazing! Perfect aim!
Lock-Nah: What are you talking about? I missed!

Lock-Nah: When the time comes, I shall truly enjoy killing you.
Alex: But until that time, you better be a little nicer to me. Now where's my water?
[Lock-Nah shoves the pitcher of water into Alex's hands]
Alex: No ice?

Evy: Jonathan?
Jonathan: Yes?
Evy: That's my husband and son down there. Make me proud.
Jonathan: Today's that day, Evy.

Rick: You know, it's not easy, being a dad.
Alex: Yeah. But you do it real good.

[Jonathan and an enemy soldier run into a clearing with stones while fleeing pygmies]
Jonathan: See that?! We're safe, we're safe! See those sacred stones, they'll never cross those!
Enemy Soldier: You are sure?
Jonathan: Yes of course I'm sure!
[A pygmy notices them and attacks, spearing the solder in the chest]
Jonathan: [Screams then looks at the solder, shocked] Sorry, my mistake!

Alex: Efday shokran...efday shokran...Uncle Jon! I don't know what this last symbol is!
Jonathan: What does it look like?
Alex: It's a bird - a stork!
Jonathan: I know that one! I know that one!
Alex: Then what is it?
Jonathan: [fighting with Meela]Ah...ah...!
Jonathan: [after throwing off Meela] Amenophus!

Jonathan: Pull me up! Pull me up!
[He sees the huge diamond on top of the pyramid]
Jonathan: Wait, wait. Let me down. Let me down!
Rick: It's not worth your life, you idiot!
Jonathan: Yes, it is! Yes, it is!

Izzy: Uh, that's half mine, you know.
Jonathan: What?
Izzy: [indicating the diamond] That's half mine!
Jonathan: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Izzy: What? You took my gold stick! I know you took my gold stick!
Jonathan: No, I have no id - I swear on the head of my wife I have no idea what you're talking about.
Izzy: You haven't! You- you ain't got a wife!
Jonathan: I haven't got your gold stick either!


  • Adventure Is Reborn.
  • The most powerful force on earth is about to be unleashed by the two people who should know better.
  • He will rise again.


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The Mummy Returns
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Developer(s) Blitz Games
Publisher(s) Vivendi
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Action-adventure
System(s) PlayStation 2
ESRB: Teen
Preceded by The Mummy
Series The Mummy
This guide is for the PlayStation 2 version. For the Game Boy Color version, see The Mummy Returns (Game Boy Color).

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