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The NewStandard (TNS) was an independent, nonprofit, ad-free news service. After nearly 3.5 years on line, The NewStandard discontinued publication on April 27, 2007.[1] It should not be confused with the Central Ohio newspaper publication that shares almost the same name, The New Standard, or its publisher, New Standard Publications.


Publishing Focus

TNS provided investigative journalism and current-events news coverage in three domestic US sections: Work & Money, Civil Liberties & Security, and Health & Environment.

In the tradition of populist reporting, The NewStandard provided coverage of national and international events, trends, and issues from a "bottom up" perspective. In doing so, The NewStandard continued a rich tradition that harkens back to journalism's roots: skeptical examination of political and socio-economic power systems while providing a voice to the voiceless in modern society.

Organizational structure

The organization's foundation rested on its management structure and financial model, both of which are unique among capitalist media, particularly in Western countries. The NewStandard was managed by PeoplesNetWorks, a collective operating within the principles of Participatory economics (parecon), yielding a news organization whose inherent values were "equity, solidarity, diversity, and participatory self-management," providing successful, real-world application of parecon theory.

Financial Structure

Financial support came entirely from its readership, with strict guidelines driving interactions between donors and management and editors. No advertising was accepted under any conditions, resulting in a media company completely free of capitalistic profit motive. The NewStandard and PeoplesNetWorks operated in the public interest under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.


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