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"The Other Side"
The Outer Limits episode
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 5
Production no. 1
Original airdate 18 October 1999
Guest stars

Ralph Macchio, Susanna Hoffman, Michael Sarrazin, Scott Swanson, Aaron Smolinski, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Trevor White, P. Lynn Johnson

Episode chronology
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"The Grell" "Joyride"
List of The Outer Limits episodes

"The Other Side" is an episode of The Outer Limits. Its first United States airdate was 18 October 1999.


Opening narration

For all our medical advances, the human brain remains vast and largely uncharted. What revelations lie ahead for those who would explore this undiscovered country and what unknown dangers will they encounter on their journey?


Closing narration

Our greatest achievements do more than heal the sick and give strength to the weak, they also lead us from the darkness to a place of hope and light.

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