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The Oz Kids is a 26 episode television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation based on The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum's classic children's novel, and its various sequels. and was first broadcast on September 13, 1986 on ABC. The main characters of this series are Dot and Neddie (the children of Dorothy), Boris and Bela (the children of the Cowardly Lion), Tin Boy (the son of the Tin Woodman), Scarecrow Jr. (the son of the original Scarecrow), Jack Pumpkinhead, Jr. (son of the original Jack Pumpkinhead), Frank, (the son of the Wizard), and Andrea, daughter of Glinda.

Similar to series like Muppet Babies, the faces of the grown-ups are never shown.



  • Dot: Dorothy's daughter, Neddie's sister.
  • Neddie: Dorothy's son, Dot's brother.
  • Scarecrow, Jr.: Scarecrow's son.
  • Tin Boy: The Tin Woodman's son.
  • Boris: The Cowardly Lion's son, Bela's brother.
  • Bela: The Cowardly Lion's daughter, Boris' sister.
  • Frank: The Wizard's son.
  • Andrea: Glinda's daughter.
  • Jack Pumpkinhead, Jr.: Jack Pumpkinhead, Sr.'s son.


Movie episodes

  1. Toto, Lost in New York
  2. The Nome Prince and the Magic Belt
  3. Who Stole Santa?
  4. Christmas in Oz
  5. Virtual Oz
  6. Underground Adventure
  7. The Monkey Prince
  8. The Return of Mombi
  9. Journey Beneath the Sea


  • Christmas in Oz contained a cameo of the main cast from The Brave Little Toaster.
  • The wizard's son's name "Frank" is a nod to the author L. Frank Baum, who wrote the original story and Frank Morgan who played the Wizard in the 1939 version of The Wizard Of Oz.

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