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"The Pledge Drive"
Seinfeld episode
Seinfeld s6e3.jpg
Jerry, Kramer and Uncle Leo at the pledge drive.
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 89
Written by Tom Gammill & Max Pross
Directed by Andy Ackerman
Original airdate October 6, 1994
Guest stars

Danny Tartabull, Tom Wright, Brian Reddy, Kelly Coffield, Rebecca Staab

Season 6 episodes
Seinfeld – Season 6
September 1994 – May 1995
  1. "The Chaperone"
  2. "The Big Salad"
  3. "The Pledge Drive"
  4. "The Chinese Woman"
  5. "The Couch"
  6. "The Gymnast"
  7. "The Soup"
  8. "The Mom & Pop Store"
  9. "The Secretary"
  10. "The Race"
  11. "The Switch"
  12. "The Label Maker"
  13. "The Scofflaw"
  14. "The Highlights of 100, Part 1"
  15. "The Highlights of 100, Part 2"
  16. "The Beard"
  17. "The Kiss Hello"
  18. "The Doorman"
  19. "The Jimmy"
  20. "The Doodle"
  21. "The Fusilli Jerry"
  22. "The Diplomat's Club"
  23. "The Face Painter"
  24. "The Understudy"
List of Seinfeld episodes

"The Pledge Drive" is the 89th episode of NBC sitcom Seinfeld. This was the 3rd episode for the 6th season. It aired on October 6, 1994.



Elaine's boss Mr. Pitt eats a Snickers bar with a knife and fork, starting a trend that seems to sweep the city. Jerry and Elaine deal with a couple (Dan and Noreen) who sound similar on the phone. Jerry cashes checks long since written by his grandmother, causing her account to become overdrawn. When Jerry's grandmother tries to call him about the checks, Elaine answers the phone and assuming it's Dan (a "high-talker") tells off Jerry's grandmother telling her to drop dead. Jerry works on a public television fundraiser and convinces George to bring Yankee Danny Tartabull to the taping. When Dan attempts to confront Jerry about the allegations, Jerry again mistakes Dan's voice for Noreen's, leading Kramer to think that Dan has a thing for Jerry. George meanwhile delays Tartabull to chase down a driver who supposedly gave him the middle finger.


  • Uncle Leo: Stop the show!!
  • Elaine: Um, what does Nana sound like?
    Jerry: Like a grandmother, why?
    Elaine: Well...
    Jerry: Oh, you hung up on my Nana?!
    Elaine: I don't know, maybe.
    You told Nana to drop dead!
  • Dan: Is Jerry in there?
    Kramer: Well, he can't be disturbed now.
    Dan: Well this situation is driving me crazy. He's all I think about. I can't get him out of my mind.
    Kramer: I'm sorry. I mean, I know what it's like to be in love. Ties you up in knots. And Jerry is a very sexy man.
    Dan: What?
    Kramer: Look, I'm not judging you. In fact, we here at PBS, we have many programs celebrating your lifestyle. Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City, Gender Bending and Swinging in San Francisco. Before Stonewall about those Dark Ages when you couldn't come out of the closet, lest you be persecuted because of your, you know.
    Dan: No, I don't.
  • Street Tough: Looking for something, lady?
    Nana: Isn't the Chemical Bank on this block?
    Street Tough: The bank? It burned. It's gone!
    Nana: Oh dear.
    Street Tough: Now what you wanna do is go down to Forty-ninth street, that's the main customer service branch. Ask for Mr. Fleming. He'll help you.
  • Jerry's Girlfriend: Is this my card?! In the trash??
    Jerry (while staring directly at the card):


One day after the episode first aired, Ian Abercrombie was having lunch in a restaurant; while he was waiting for his coffee, the waiter put a plate with a Snickers bar on his table. Apparently, the whole restaurant was in on the joke.[1]




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