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The Punisher
Punisher game flyer.png
Sales flyer for the arcade game
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom
Designer(s) Akiman (Akira Yasuda)
Composer(s) Yōko Shimomura
Isao Abe
Shun Nishigaki
Platform(s) Arcade
Sega Mega Drive
Release date(s) Arcade
April 22, 1993
Mega Drive/Genesis
NA June 1, 1994
EU 1995
Genre(s) Beat 'em up
Mode(s) Single player
2 player Co-op
Input methods 8-way joystick
2 buttons
Cabinet Upright
Arcade system CPS-1 + QSound

The Punisher is a 1993 arcade game released by Capcom which stars the Marvel Comics anti-hero, The Punisher, and co-starring Nick Fury as the second player's character. The Punisher is a beat 'em up where Punisher and Fury are on a mission to thwart the New York crime lord Kingpin, engaging on various foes and final bosses mostly in hand-to-hand combat.



The gameplay follows the same side-scrolling beat'em up formula Capcom established in Final Fight. Much in the same way that Capcom's Cadillacs and Dinosaurs did before, there's a distinctive feature of this game which is the frequent use of several firearms (Ingram, M-16, flamethrower), along with the traditional melee and thrown (including baseball bats, hammers, knives, Japanese swords and shuriken), as well as improvised weapons (such as lead pipes or fire extinguishers). There are also several sections of the game in which the characters automatically draw their handguns in order to shoot their enemies. Some elements of the background can be destroyed, sometimes for a bonus reward.

Unlike in Final Fight, Punisher and Nick Fury's size, abilities, and tactics are essentially interchangeable; they both use the same basic punch, throw, and special piledriver and "megacrush" attacks. Several established Marvel Comics villains appear thorought the game such as the Mafia captain Bruno Costa, Bonebreaker, Bushwhacker, Jigsaw, and the Kingpin himself as the final boss. Common enemy characters the player confronts during the course of the game include street thugs, old-school mobsters, mercenaries, sexy female ninjas, and the cyborgs resembling T-800s.

Home version

Cover artwork of the Mega Drive version (PAL version)

A single home version of the game was released for Sega Genesis in North America in 1994 and for the European Mega Drive in 1995. This version, while published by Capcom, was developed by Sculptured Software. There were several changes to the game in the Genesis version, including some content censorship (for example the animation of cigar smoking by Fury being removed from the game, the female women no longer wearing skimpy costumes, and the boss Scully is not being shot following his interrogation). In addition, many of the previously breakable background objects were rendered unbreakable, due to the limitations of the hardware at the time.[1]

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