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The Punisher
PlayStation 2 version of The Punisher
Developer(s) Volition, Inc.
Amplified Games (mobile)
Publisher(s) THQ
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Microsoft Windows
Mobile phone
Release date(s) Mobile:
April 12, 2004
North America:
January 18, 2005
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) ESRB: Mature
PEGI: 18+
OFLC RC (original rating)
Media DVD

The Punisher is a 2005 action game which stars the Marvel Comics antihero, The Punisher. After his family was murdered by the mafia, Frank Castle devoted his life to the punishment of criminals. Players take control of the vigilante hero to track down criminals and kill them. The game's story is a loose mixture of the 2004 film, as well as the 2000 mini-series, Welcome Back, Frank.

The Punisher is voiced by actor Thomas Jane; the same actor who portrayed him in the 2004 film.



Gameplay in The Punisher offers a combination of exploration, stealth and combat. When encountering an enemy, the Punisher can attack, or sneak up to perform a one-button "quick kill". Depending on the villain, the current location, and a player-determined level of aggression, one of numerous fatal assaults will be performed. The game's environments also feature interrogation "hot spots", where the vigilante can essentially torture his enemies, coercing them to share information that may help him in his quest.

The game features many cameo appearances from Marvel Comics characters, such as Iron Man, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Matt Murdock (the alter ego of Daredevil), Bushwacker, The Kingpin and Bullseye. Also present are several characters from the Welcome Back, Frank storyline, such as detectives Martin Soap and Molly Van Richtofen, the Punisher's neighbors Joan and Spacker Dave, Ma Gnucci, The Russian and General Kreigkopf.


The game begins with the Punisher being captured by police officers after killing several men. He is then transferred to Ryker's Island and interrogated by Detectives Molly Van Richtofen and Martin Soap. The remainder of the game occurs in moments of flashback during this interrogation.

First, the Punisher invades a crack house and kills its owner (dubbed Damage) by dropping him from several stories above the ground. After almost getting hit by a car upon his exit, the Punisher traces the vehicle to a chop shop. After killing every criminal there, he learns that it is owned by the Gnucci mafia family (led by Ma Gnucci) because Carlo Duka (the individual owner of the shop) is a Gnucci lieutenant. The Punisher kills Duka by dropping him in a car compactor where Duka is subsequently crushed. In a subsequent mission, the Punisher kills Bobby Gnucci (one of the sons of Ma Gnucci) at Lucky's Bar by shooting him several times.

Ma Gnucci hires Bushwacker to capture Joan, a neighbor of the Punisher. The Punisher traces her to the Central Park Zoo, where he rescues her. The next mission occurs in Grey's Funeral Home, at the mob funeral of Bobby Gnucci. The Punisher kills Eddie Gnucci (the other Gnucci son) by throwing Eddie out a window and Eddie is impaled on a gate spike. The Punisher then travels to the Gnucci estate to kill Bushwacker and Ma Gnucci herself. After fighting his way through Ma's remaining men, Punisher then fights Bushwacker who he defeats in a gunfight. To finish off Bushwacker, Punisher rips his weapon arm off and shoots him in the chest followed by Punisher dropping Bushwacker several stories above the ground. Castle then throws Ma through her mansion's top floor window.

During the Punisher's assault at the Gnucci residence, he learns that the Gnuccis are getting drug money from Russian mercenaries on New York City's waterfront. At the docks, he hears that General Kreigkopf plans to smuggle nuclear weapons into New York City. After attacking men on a cargo ship supposedly carrying the weapon (it was not on board) and being assaulted in his apartment by a huge man called the Russian, the Punisher attacks Grand Nixon Island, his next lead on the weapon's location. On the island, the Punisher meets Nick Fury, who helps him to defeat Kreigkopf and the Russian as well as prevent the launch of the nuclear device. Both escape before the missile detonates, destroying Grand Nixon Island.

Returning home, the Punisher discovers that the Kingpin has been taking over former Gnucci rackets. He raids the headquarters of the Kingpin's Fisk Industries, where he fights and defeats Bullseye by throwing him out a window from the top floor of the skyscraper. The Kingpin tells the Punisher that his real enemy is the Japanese Yakuza. The Punisher learns that this group of Yakuza are called the Eternal Sun, and they are trying to control remaining Gnucci and Russian crime operations.

The Punisher then visits Stark Towers, a facility owned by Tony Stark (Iron Man), after learning that the Eternal Sun are attempting to steal some high tech weapons and armor. The Punisher decides to assault the Takagi building, the home of the Eternal Sun leader, Takagi. He discovers that Jigsaw has infiltrated the gang, and is gaining followers. While Jigsaw is being imprisoned in Ryker's Island, the Eternal Sun is already planning to bust him out. After escaping the Takagi building, the Punisher allows himself to be captured by the police and taken to Rykers Island, to confront Jigsaw there, at which time, the flashbacks catch up to the story, and the remainder of the game takes place in the present.

During the interrogation, the prison erupts into a riot. The Punisher escapes from his cell, and starts fighting his way through the inmates and remaining Eternal Sun members the Punisher left alive. He reaches the rooftop and meets Jigsaw face to face, ultimately defeating him despite the stolen Iron Man armor Jigsaw was wearing. As the Punisher leaves in a helicopter, he throws Jigsaw out, killing him.

In the post-credits scene, the Kingpin is plotting his revenge against the Punisher for the embarrassment he caused him as a medical worker is loading Bullseye onto the stretcher.

Main characters

  • The Punisher - The main character of the game, an extremely violent and jaded vigilante. Actor Thomas Jane returned to voice the character.
  • Jigsaw - Archenemy of the Punisher. The Jigsaw character is different from his comic book incarnation. He is presented as John Saint, the disfigured son of the movie villain, Howard Saint.
  • Detective Martin Soap - A police detective & friend of the Punisher, helped him escape from custody at Ryker's Island prison.
  • Lieutenant Molly Von Richtofen - A police investigator interrogating the Punisher.[1]
  • Spacker Dave - The Punisher's neighbor, and technical genius who helps him during the raid on Stark Towers.
  • Joan - The Punisher's next door neighbor. She is kidnapped by Bushwacker in the Central Park Zoo as bait for The Punisher.
  • General Kreigkopf - A disgraced ex-US Army General. Kreigkopf is planning to launch a nuclear missile at New York City because of his hatred of America.
  • Takagi - The original leader of the "Eternal Sun" yakuza gang before Jigsaw took it over.
  • Bushwacker - A former CIA agent. One of his arms is a gun.
  • The Russian - A hitman hired by General Kreigkopf.
  • Ma Gnucci - The matriarch of a mob syndicate. Her sons serve as her lieutenants in her operations.
  • Black Widow - Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., helps the Punisher take down the Russian mercenaries.
  • Nick Fury - Leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., aids the Punisher on Kreigkopf's island.
  • Matt Murdock - The appointed lawyer for the Punisher, he is the secret identity of Daredevil, but does not appear as the superhero.
  • Iron Man - Owner and CEO of Stark Industries. He appears in the Stark Tower level fighting the Yakuza forces trying to take over the building.
  • Bullseye - Attacks the Punisher during the raid on the Kingpin's headquarters.
  • The Kingpin - Runs most of the illegal activities in New York. The Kingpin does not appear to have a vendetta against the Punisher until the end of the game.

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The Punisher (2005) (VG)

[Opening cinema narration]

  • My whole family died in a mob hit... I should have died too, but I lived. I finally figured out why. The ones who killed my family, the Saints, and all the other scum, they’ve given me a reason to live. I’m back...and it’s their turn to die...

  • Frank Castle: [throwing the Russian out the window] Dasvidanja.

[sees that the Russian is still alive and has run away]

  • Frank Castle: That's not good.

  • Frank Castle: [after rhino impales thug through cage bars] Nice rhino. Good team-up.

  • Bushwhacker: You bastard! What are you doing?
  • Frank Castle: Disarming you.

[rips off Bushwhacker's robotic arm, shoots him out the window with it]

  • Frank Castle: [narrating] I don't smile much. Don't smile ever. But if I did, this would be one.

  • Lieutenant Molly Von Richtofen: Quite a time you've been having lately eh, Castle... how may people have you killed in the last few weeks?
  • Frank Castle: Not sure... There were a lot of explosions.

  • Kingpin: [just after Bullseye is defeated] So Bullseye has failed me again.
  • Frank Castle: Tossed him out the window.
  • Kingpin: You're planning the same faith for me?
  • Frank Castle: No. You, I'd have to roll.

  • Frank Castle: [after driving enemy into a table saw] Measure twice, cut once.

  • Det. Martin Soap: It's just like Ulysses fighting that lion in Roman legend: cut off one head, and two more appear!
  • Molly: Soap, that's Hercules fighting the Hydra, and it's a Greek legend.
  • Det. Martin Soap: Yeah, whatever, it's still a good metaphor.
  • Frank Castle: Analogy.
  • Det. Martin Soap: Whatever!

  • Frank Castle: [after electrocuting a death row inmate] Only place in New York where you can still smoke indoors.

  • Frank Castle: [after pushing a chop shop worker into a circular saw] Good worker, kept his nose to the grindstone.

  • Frank Castle: [after tossing a Yakuza goon into a meat grinder] Never got his name. I'll just call him Chuck.

  • Frank Castle: [after electrocuting a guy with a handful of wires] Bet he was a little short.

  • The Russian: [after knocking out Nick Fury] It's clobbering time! Favorite saying of Thing. Rock man of the Fantastic 4. Big superhero in Russia

  • General Kreigkopf: [to troop] If you don't arm that nuke in 30 seconds, I'M GOING TO USE YOU AS A CONDOM!

  • Thug: I'll go straight, I promise!
  • Frank Castle: Bones, promises, both break. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Keep that promise.

  • Carlo Duka: [Frank Castle kicks down the door leading to Carlo Duka's office with a shotgun in hand. Carlo Duka is startled and scared as he jumps up from his desk] But... But... But...
  • Frank Castle: Add a noun and a verb and you've got a sentence.
  • Carlo Duka: Your supposed to be dead!
  • Frank Castle: I've heard that before.

  • Thug: I just got married!
  • Frank Castle: Honeymoon's over. [Kills him.]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Consider this your wedding present.

  • Thug: It's your funeral!
  • Frank Castle: Not this time. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Don't make it yours.

  • Russian Merc: You think this is a game?
  • Frank Castle: You lose. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] You're the grand prize winner.

  • Thug: I just wanna go home!
  • Frank Castle: In a box. [Kills him]

[If you let him live, by knocking him out] Then go.

  • Thug: I've got kids!
  • Frank Castle: So did I. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Next time I see you, they'll be orphans.

  • Thug: I'm just a soldier!
  • Frank Castle: That's no excuse. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] You're in the wrong army.

  • Thug: Have mercy!
  • Frank Castle: Death is a mercy. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] I do.

  • Bullseye: I don't miss, y'know. Too bad you can't say the same.
  • Frank Castle: Hard to miss a guy with a target in his forehead.

  • Frank Castle: [seeing Ma Gnucci has a library full of books] I didn't know Ma could read. Probably 200,000 copies of "The Godfather."

  • Thug: Hey, you think Daredevil could take Sonny Corleone?
  • Thug 2: You dumbass lush, Daredevil is a comic book character!

  • Det. Martin Soap: My favourtie bar and Bobby Gnucci has to hold court here tonight! Shit!
  • Det. Martin Soap: [after leaving the bathroom at Lucky's Bar to see everybody has been slaughtered] Dammit, Castle, this was my favorite bar.

  • Mortician: All this blood, I'll never get it out from between the floorboards. [he sees the Punisher] It's you! The Punisher! Don't shoot! I'm the mortician, I own this establishment. I'd like to thank you for all you've done for my family over the years. Your handiwork has put my three kids through college! Well, if you'll excuse me, I have a mess to clean up. [When Punisher begins to leave] I'm sure you have more people to punish.

  • Black Widow: Be careful, they will be expecting you
  • Frank Castle: Then they will be expecting to die.

  • Russian merc: I'm dying!
  • Frank Castle: [If you let him live by knocking him out] We all are.

[If you kill him] Not anymore.

  • Russian merc: You're outnumbered!
  • Frank Castle: Even the odds a little. [Kills him]

  • Thug: I'm innocent!
  • Frank Castle: So were they. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Stay that way.

  • Thug: I have a family!
  • Frank Castle: Everybody does. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Then go back to them.

  • Mob member: I'm gonna be a daddy!
  • Frank Castle: No, you're not. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Be a good one.

  • Russian merc: Why don't you kill me?
  • Frank Castle: Wish granted. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Not now, maybe soon.

  • Mob member: I ain't ready for a coffin!
  • Frank Castle: It's ready for you. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] It's still waiting for you.

  • Mob member: You're gonna burn in Hell!
  • Frank Castle: I've been to Hell, now I'm back. [Kills him]

  • Thug: I was just following orders...!
  • Frank Castle: [If you let him live by knocking him out] Think for yourself next time.

[If you kill him] Orders are no excuse.

  • Yakuza member: Its my Birthday!
  • Frank Castle: [If you let him live by knocking him out] Don't make it your last.

[If you kill him] Last one.

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