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The Real Hustle
Real hustle.JPG
Format Reality/Documentary/Crime & Justice
Starring Alexis Conran
Paul Wilson
Jessica-Jane Clement
Country of origin  United Kingdom
No. of series 8
No. of episodes 71 (to 14 January 2010) (List of episodes)
Running time 29 mins
Original channel BBC Three
Original run February 9, 2006 – Present
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The Real Hustle is a BBC television series made by Objective Productions and written by Alex Conran and Paul Wilson. The show demonstrates confidence and magic tricks, distraction scams and proposition bets performed on members of the public by presenters Conran, Wilson and Jessica-Jane Clement.

Several episodes of the series state that all "victims" have been genuinely hoodwinked, and that any money lost is returned to them after filming. However, the BBC's website [1] states that the participants are either set up by their family or friends, or are told that they are participating in a different television programme.



The show began as a spin-off of the BBC show Hustle, due to the original show's popularity. However, the series is now considered completely separate and the relationship between the shows is rarely mentioned. Beginning with series 5, each series has been given a subtitle; for example series 5 was titled "The Real Hustle: Las Vegas" where many of the scams were filmed in the city itself, including in casinos. The 6th series began on BBC Three on Thursday 9 October at 10:30 pm and was subtitled "High Stakes". Series 7, entitled "The Real Hustle on Holiday", began airing on 21 May 2009. Series 8, "The Real Hustle Undercover" has now started on BBC3. Series 1 and 2 were narrated by Dean Lennox Kelly, with series 3 to series 5 narrated by Steven Jackson. Series 6 was narrated by Craig Kelly and series 7 is being narrated by Paul Nicholls.

In the title sequence of the show, the pseudonyms of the presenters are given as Ian Steele, Rob Marks and Sue Windle. While the boys often call themselves these names, Jess often doesn't reveal her fake surname, and calls herself Suzie instead of Sue. She has also been known to call herself Tracy Rutherford.

In 2009, Channel 9 in Australia announced plans to screen an eight part Australian version of the series hosted by Gyton Grantly. The Australian series is reported to also feature Clare Werberloff, famous for her fictional account of a Kings Cross shooting, in the Jessica-Jane Clement role. The male roles are yet to be announced but Channel 9 have suggested magicians James Galea, comedian Lawrence Leung and 'honest con man' Nicholas Johnson may be involved.

Example of scams

  • A deposit is taken on a car multiple times from different people who turn up to buy it.
  • A computer keyboard is replaced with one containing a key logger and bank details are obtained
  • A skimmer device is placed on a cashpoint with a pinhole camera inside it, recording the information on the user's cards magnetic strip along with their PIN; the data is then put on the magnetic strip of an e-top up card which is used to withdraw money from the victim's account
  • The Black money scam at a market stall
  • A fake hollow cash point is installed on a busy street, in which one of the hustlers hides and records the information on the user's cards magnetic strip along with their PIN obtained from the user typing on the keypad.


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