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Big Finish Productions audio play
Album cover
The Reaping
Series Doctor Who
Release number 86
Featuring Sixth Doctor
Peri Brown
Writer Joseph Lidster
Director Gary Russell
Producer(s) Gary Russell
Jason Haigh-Ellery
Production code 6ZC
Set between ...ish and The Mysterious Planet
Release date September 2006

The Reaping is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.



Peri and the Sixth Doctor return to 1984 four months after Peri left her stepfather and mother in Lanzarote. As Peri tries to explain to her mother where she has been, the Doctor discovers an old enemy has laid a trap for him…



  • Kathy Chambers' story is resolved in the Fifth Doctor audio drama The Gathering.
  • Despite the fact that Claudia Christian plays Nicola Bryant's mother, she is almost three years her junior.
  • Commander Zheng, a character who first appeared in the Fifth Doctor audio drama Spare Parts, has a brief cameo.
  • Janine Foster, Peri's mother, and Mrs. Van Gysegham were both mentioned in the Planet of Fire, in which Peri made her debut.
  • In addition to Planet of Fire, the events of The Caves of Androzani - specifically the Fifth Doctor's regeneration - and Attack of the Cybermen are also referenced.
  • The dimensionally transcendental time machine the Cybermen find of a burned world far in the future is a possible reference to the Time War.

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