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The Rebel
Format Western
Created by Andrew J. Fenady
Nick Adams
Starring Nick Adams
Country of origin  United States
No. of episodes 76
Running time 30 minutes
(per episode)
Original channel ABC
Original run October 4, 1959 – June 18, 1961

The Rebel is an American Western television series that ran originally on the ABC network from 1959 to 1961.



The series is about the adventures of young Confederate Army veteran Johnny Yuma (played by Nick Adams). Haunted by his memories of the war, Yuma roams the American West in search of inner peace. Yuma keeps a journal of his adventures and fights injustice where he finds it with the help of a double-barreled shotgun having a sawed-off stock and barrel.


Nick Adams was the star and sole regular actor of this series. He was also involved in the show's design, inception, and writing, along with producer Andrew J. Fenady. The only other recurring character was Elmer Dodson (played by John Carradine), the newspaper editor in Johnny Yuma's hometown.

Guest stars included John M. Pickard, formerly of Boots and Saddles, who appeared three times, including the role of Sheriff Pruett in "Run, Killer, Run".

Series highlights

The first episode, "Johnny Yuma", is set in early 1867. It shows Johnny Yuma returning to his hometown, the fictional Mason City, Texas, two years after the war ended. His father Ned Yuma was the town sheriff. The town editor, Elmer Dodson, encourages Johnny to keep up his journal as he travels.

The episode "Yellowhair" has Yuma captured by the historical Kiowa chief Satanta, whose fictional adopted white daughter is played by Carol Nugent, the wife of actor Nick Adams.

In "Vicious Circle", Yuma identifies the Confederate unit he served with as the 3rd Texas, but doesn't indicate the branch of service. Other episodes show him with saddlebags stenciled with CSA and an old uniform jacket with yellow collar and cuffs, indicating his regiment was likely the 3rd Texas Cavalry.

After the show's original broadcast run on ABC finished in June 1961, it was picked up by NBC and rerun as a summer replacement series from June to September 1962.

Theme song

The show’s theme song, The Ballad of Johnny Yuma, was composed by Richard Markowitz, with lyrics by Andrew J. Fenady. It was recorded for the original broadcasts by Johnny Cash, but wasn't released as a single until after the show went off the air in June 1961. Sometime during the show's run in syndication, the theme song was replaced by instrumental music, also by Richard Markowitz.

Popular culture

Two episodes of the sitcom Seinfeld referenced the first line of the Johnny Yuma theme song. In the episode "The Heart Attack" Jerry retorts to Kramer that Johnny Yuma is a Rebel.

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