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The Register ("El Reg" to its staff and readers) is a British technology news and opinion website. It was founded by John Lettice and Mike Magee in 1994 as a newsletter called "Chip Connection", initially as an email service. Mike Magee left The Register in 2001 to start The Inquirer, and later the IT Examiner.

The Register frequently uses sarcasm and satire in its articles, in the manner of the British satirical magazine Private Eye, and often provides an iconoclastic stance e.g. referring to Google as the world's largest text-ad broker and Second Life as "Sadville". Articles are listed on the home page with most recent at the top, three to a line, allowing easy access to breaking news. The Register occasionally runs articles satirising selected people e.g., Captain Cyborg (Kevin Warwick), and Jimbo Wales, a member of the Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees.

The Register has run Simon Travaglia's BOFH stories since 2000. Comment pieces are included along with the news, such as "Bootnotes" and "Opinion". Letters and "Flames of the Week" are often run, and as well as carrying its own content, licensed articles from other sites are included to augment their coverage. The Register does not aim to be popular with the powerful corporations – its tag line is: Biting the hand that feeds IT.



Channel Register covers computer business and trade news, which includes business press releases. Reg Developer covers news and articles for software developers. News and articles for computing and consumer electronics hardware is covered by Reg Hardware. Reg Research is an in-depth resource on all manner of technologies and how they relate to your business. Cash'n'Carrion is a shop for The Register merchandises. On 25 February 2002, The Register expanded its business to United States under The Register USA, using domain name, through a joint venture with Tom's Hardware Guide.[1] On 24 February 2003, that site was switched to the current domain name.[2] The Register US site was later expanded into an international news site. The Register has offices in London, Edinburgh, San Francisco and Mountain View in California.

Resignation of Mike Magee

Co-founder Mike Magee left the company amid some controversy after posting criticism of The Register management, complaining that The Register had become a "vehicle of software",[3] on 23 August 2001. This ran counter to Magee's own expertise and interest in hardware. The following morning, Magee posted an email from The Register management team that described Magee's criticism of The Register as "gross misconduct", concluding that Magee had effectively dismissed himself.[4] Magee went on to found The Inquirer which reported science and technology news with the same tongue-in-cheek style as The Register, but with a greater emphasis on hardware development.


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