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The Remnant is a newspaper published twice a month in the United States of America from a traditional Catholic viewpoint. It is not affiliated with any particular group, although it is sympathetic to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and the Society of St. Pius X. The name The Remnant is a reference to the remnant of Isaiah.


The aftermath of Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) brought many changes in the Catholic Church, several of which occurred in the Mass and the Sacraments. This led to a dispute between many Catholics. The Remnant was a result of a dispute between Walter Matt and Alphonse Matt, with Walter opposing the changes and Alphonse supporting them. Walter Matt left The Wanderer, which was left under the guidance of Alphonse, to start The Remnant in 1967, two years before the most sweeping changes were instituted. In Mr Matt's words, his "reaction to what he saw took the form of a Catholic newspaper called The Remnant."

The Remnant considers itself as the "leading journal of the counterrevolution, which seeks to restore the traditions of the Church to their rightful place and honor in the Church--especially the Latin Tridentine Mass." It serves as a forum for Catholics who, in their words, oppose "that which in any way contradicts the infallible teachings and immutable traditions of the Catholic Church."

The Remnant is now edited by Mr. Matt's youngest son, Michael J. Matt. Many leading traditionalists, including Thomas Woods, Brian Mershon and Christopher Ferrara, write for the paper on a regular basis. Columns by Dr. John C. Rao, a professor at St. John's University, are another regular feature. So were columns by Michael Davies for many years before his death in 2004 and by Thomas Droleskey prior to adopting the sedevacantist position and taking a job with The Four Marks monthly located in Ballantine, MT. It has recently become a very vigorous defender of the pontificate of Benedict XVI as The Remnant writers believe he has vindicated them on issues that have divided them from other Traditionalists and from conservative Catholics associated with The Wanderer, EWTN and Catholic Answers. Technically, this is not a reversal as it has always defended the papacy. It does, however, see many reasons for its cautiously optimistic view of the present pontificate as many things are only now being presented in light of tradition. See below.


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