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Not to be confused with the Renegade TV show (1992-97)
The Renegades
The Renegades TV Show 1982.jpg
Patrick Swayze in 1983.
Format Drama
Created by Executive Producers
Lawerence Gordon
Charles Gordon
Directed by
Roger Spottiswoode Production Executive
Joel Silver
Starring Patrick Swayze
Kurtwood Smith
James Luisi
Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes Pilot - 2 Hrs
6 episodes[1]
Original channel ABC
Original run 4 March 1983 – 8 April 1983

The Renegades was a short-lived ABC TV show from 1982 about a gang that is given the option of going to jail for their crimes or becoming a special police undercover unit. The star of The Renegades, and leader of the gang, was The Bandit played by Patrick Swayze.[1] The gang's police handler is Captain Scanlon played by Kurtwood Smith. Kurtwood Smith went on to play the father in the That '70s Show.



In this drama, undercover investigators are recruited from the streets to prevent arms smugglers from getting their weapons to street gangs.[2]



  • Episode 1 - Back to School
  • Episode 2 - The Demon Dragsters
  • Episode 3 - The Big Time
  • Episode 4 - On the Pad
  • Episode 5 - Film at Eleven
  • Episode 6 - Target: Marciano

Broadcast history

After the success of the movie The Warriors, Hollywood looked to take the youth gang concept and market it to TV. In 1981, Swayze did a TV show, Return of the Rebels, about an ageing motorcycle gang who get together to help a friend who owns a popular campground that is being threatened by a band of arrogant groupies. However the show didn't catch on and was quickly cancelled.

Brother team Lawerence and Charles Gordon tried to market Swayze's rebel look, combine the gang concept with a police angle and came up with The Renegades. It too didn't do well and due to weak rating ABC pulled the show. The cancellation didn't hurt the people behind the camera. Roger Spottiswoode the director went on to make the 48 Hrs. film. The producers of the show Lawerence and Charles Gordon went on to further success creating the Die Hard, 48 Hrs., and Hellboy franchises.[3] Lawerence served as President of 20th Century Fox from 1984 to 1986. The brothers then formed Largo Entertainment with his brother and producer Charles Gordon, which was backed by the Japanese company JVC. This was revolutionary as it was the first time a Japanese company had seriously invested in a film enterprise.


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