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The Rugrats Movie

Movie Poster
Directed by Igor Kovalyov
Norton Virgien
Produced by Gabor Csupo
Arlene Klasky
Written by David N. Weiss
J. David Stem
Starring Elizabeth Daily
Christine Cavanaugh
Kath Soucie
Cheryl Chase
Cree Summer
Tara Strong
Music by Mark Mothersbaugh
Editing by John Bryant
Kimberly Rettberg
Studio Klasky Csupo
Nickelodeon Movies
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) November 25, 1998 (1998-11-25)
Running time 80 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $24 million
Gross revenue $140,894,675
Followed by Rugrats in Paris: The Movie

The Rugrats Movie is a 1998 American animated film, produced by Klasky Csupo and Nickelodeon Movies and distributed by Paramount Pictures. Based on the animated Nickelodeon series, Rugrats, this film introduced Tommy's baby brother Dil Pickles, who was named after Didi Pickles' cousin, and appeared on the original series the next year. In theaters, the CatDog short "Fetch!" was featured before the movie, though the CatDog short "Winslow's Home Videos" was featured before the movie on VHS, DVD and the Cartoon Network version. The film marks the first film distributed by Nickelodeon Movies to be based on a Nicktoon, to be animated, and to receive a G rating from the MPAA. This was also the last Nickelodeon Movie to be released in the 1990s, and to be credited as Nickelodeon on the film's Nickelodeon Movies logo, and the first Nickelodeon Movie to win a 1999 Kids' Choice Awards.



The movie starts off with Tommy and his friends, Chuckie, Phil and Lil in a tomb raider spoof, which parodied Indiana Jones. Tommy almost grabbed the treasure, which was actually a bowl of ice-cream, when a large boulder came rolling towards them. However, the boulder was actually Didi's baby bump. The gang ran, but hit the glass door. Meanwhile, outside the house, all the Pickle's relatives and friends join together to celebrate the upcoming child. The Rugrats are expecting the arrival of Tommy's new sibling, whom everyone believes will be a girl. Although Tommy is enthusiastic about the idea, Angelica warns him that once the new baby arrives, his parents will forget him. However, a singing competition with Angelica and Susie causes Didi to go into early labor. She is rushed to a hospital where she gives birth to Dil Pickles. Right at the start, however, the brothers do not get along. Dil cries endlessly, seemingly for no reason at all, and when not crying, keeps all of Tommy's toys to himself (to the point that the first word Dil learns is "Mine!"). Didi leaves Tommy in the middle of his bedtime story to sing Dil a lullaby, leaving him feeling that maybe Angelica was right. The next day, Stu gives Tommy a pocketwatch holding a photo of him and his brother Dil, and tells him he now has responsibility ("Sponsitility" as Tommy puts it) to look after Dil.

Meanwhile, the Banana Brothers' Circus board on a train. The Brothers argue who should watch the monkeys and who gets the coffee. The two men go get coffee together, but the monkeys drive off with the train and then crash into the forest.Phil and Lil believe Tommy is not happy with Dil, and so decide to take him back to the "hopsicle" (hospital) using Stu's invention, the "Reptar Wagon" to get his money back for Dil. Angelica accidentally kick-starts the Wagon, sending the Rugrats on a hectic ride around the city, eventually ending up in the back of a matress lorry. Angelica soon discovers her beloved doll, Cynthia, has gone missing, and realizing the babies must have it, ventures out with Spike to find them. Stu and Grandpa Lou discover the disappearance of the babies and Angelica, and briefly believe they may have been taken during the delivery of the "Reptar Wagon" to Japan. As a result they race to the airport, and end up stuck behind the lorry the babies are in. Stu's attempt to pass the lorry result in it driving off the cliff and crashing into the forest. Angelica and Spike meet a similar fate not long later.

After Dil poops in his diaper, the Rugrats are forced to change it, which goes horribly after Dil pees everywhere in the process, and causing a frog to jump on Chuckie. The rest of the adults discover the disappearance of their children, Drew Pickles nearly murdering his brother in the process,and Stu falls right into a cacti ditch. Didi, Betty, Drew, Howard, Charlotte, and others head out into the forest to find the babies, while Stu, Chas, and Grandpa try to figure out another way of searching. They are hampered by a nosy news-reporter named Rex Pester (Tim Curry). Back at the forest, Phil and Lil blame Dil for all their troubles they are having. Tommy quickly attempts to defend his brother, but Dil grabs one of his diaper straps and rips it off, making his brother's diaper fall down entirely, humiliating Tommy in front of his friends. Tommy then proceeds to have a short speech, still while his diaper is down, and his friends staring in awe. After Tommy picks up his diaper, Chuckie notices a house in the distance, which is really the ranger station, and Tommy declares they should go to "find the Wizard who lives there" like in his storybook, who can help them get back home. But while running, he falls into a pawprint, made by a wolf, which they hear howl. They dash into the Reptar Wagon and speed down a hill. Then, they splash into the river because of Dil's absent-minded hands, and then Chuckie nearly drowns in the river. While this happens, two park rangers passing by think that the Reptar Wagon is a dragon, and one of them becomes very worried about the dragon in the park. After the Reptar Wagon reaches land, pulled by the babies, Tommy, Phil, and Lil blame themselves of how they got lost, until Chuckie finds a giant clown picture on the Banana Brothers Train.

The babies have now discovered the monkey train, and have a number of problems, including being pursued by a horde of circus monkeys and a hungry wolf (nicknamed Scar Snout by fans). Chuckie is hurt multiple times and breaks his glasses, but Tommy is too pre-occupied by Dil to notice. Phil and Lil accidentally allow Dil to be kidnapped by the monkeys, and try to pass a baby monkey off as Dil. Tommy believes his brother was turned into a monkey but they reveal their ruse once he decides to use their wish to get home to change Dil back. After being insulted by his friends, Tommy goes off to find his brother. Tommy finds Dil, but his brother refuses to behave, drinking all of the milk and keeping the big blanket all for himself, prompting Tommy to finally snap, and shout at him, all the while Dil laughing his head off at Tommy. He nearly abandons him but a storm frightens Dil, and he finally realises how selfish he has been. Wracked with guilt, Dil hugs Tommy and willingly gives him half of the blanket. The two brothers bond at last. After the storm is over, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil come looking for Tommy and Dil, and save them from the monkeys. They also run into Angelica and Spike, but the group gets trapped on a rope bridge, and just as the monkeys come by, so does Scar Snout. The kids start to panic and the monkeys start to run away in fear of the wolf's presence, but Spike comes to the rescue, fighting Scar Snout to defend the kids. Eventually Spike "sacrifices his life" by pulling himself and Scar Snout into the river below.

Stu flies in using "Dactar", a pterosaur shaped mechanical glider that both he and Drew earlier deemed useless but crashes into Rex Pester's helicopter, and crash-lands in front of the babies. They mistake Stu for the "Lizard" and after discussing whether or not they should wish to go home, they decide they want Spike back. Stu collapses, and Spike appears beneath the bridge unharmed. The parents, accompanied by forest rangers, arrive, and are re-united with their children as well as Spike now reunited with the Pickles for good. Rex Pester is attacked by the monkeys, who are also re-united with their circus owners. Tommy and the rest of the Rugrats welcome Dil into their group with open arms.


The Rugrats Movie was released on November 20, 1998, and reached #1 at the box office with a gross of $27,321,470 in 2,782 theaters averaging to about $9,821 per theater, ahead of Enemy of the State, and became the first non-Disney animated movie to gross $100 million in the United States and Canada, and the only such movie not made by DreamWorks until 20th Century Fox's Ice Age achieved the feat. The film was followed by 2000's Rugrats in Paris: The Movie and 2003's Rugrats Go Wild. It grossed in worldwide results, $140,894,675, making it a very large box office success, considering its modest $24 million budget. Despite the commercial success, the film earned mixed reviews. It has a "rotten" rating of 56% on the Rotten Tomatoes website. It also remained the highest grossing animated film based on a TV show until 2007 when it was outgrossed by The Simpsons Movie. The success of the film brought more animated films based on TV shows to theaters including Doug's 1st Movie, South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut and Pokemon: The First Movie.

Guest stars

(left to right) Tommy, Phil, Dil, Chuckie, and Lil in the Reptar Wagon, which was voiced by rapper Busta Rhymes.

Production crew

Crew position
Sequence Directors Zhenia Delioussine
Paul Demeyer
Storyboard Artists Dino Athanassiou
Panagiotis Rappas
Vitaly Shafirov
Toni Vian
CGI Animators Alisa Loren Klein
Mark Lefitz
Jim Ovelmen
Anmators (Class- Key Chew- Po Commercials) Becky Bristow
Thomas E. Decker
Eduardo Olivares
Bonita Versh
Animators (Grimsaem Animation Co. Ltd.) Lee Byeung-Kwan
Lee Gi-Dong
Kwon Hyuk-Jae
Kim Jae-Jung
Kim Jae-Woung
Yang Jin-Chul
Im Kyeung-Man
Min Kyung-Suk
Jung Kyung-Sup
Kim Kyung-Yoen
Shim Sang-Sul
Lee See-Chang
Cho Seung-Ki
Yang Sun-Jin
Kang Won-Ghu
Chun Young-Hwan
Character Designers Arlene Klasky (original)
Gabor Csupo (original)
Peter Chung (original)
Igor Kovalyov (Baby Dil & The Reptar Wagon)
Steve Fellner (additional)
Konstantin Valov (additional)
Voice Directors Charlie Adler
Norton Virgien
Workbook Directors Mark Marren
Steve Loter (additional)
Wes Smith (additional)
Executive Consultant Paul Germain
Production Executive Jay Y. Moh
Lead Technical Directors Steve A. Mills
Celine Petker
Technical Directors Mike Giles
Alexandra Goldrich
Sang-wook Park
System Engineer Jaime Diaz
Punch-up Writer Monica Piper
Lead Checker Diane Matranga
Checkers Sean Dempsey
Karen Hansen
Glenn Higa
Lin-Z Rogers
Carol Yao
Kurt Reinholtz
Denise Wogatzke
Negative Cutter Theresa Repola Mohammed
Color Timer Jim Passon

Production cuts

  • Two songs were cut from the film during production. The first sequence revolved around Stu and Didi in a nightmare sequence where Dr. Lipschitz berates their parenting through song. The other sequence occurs as the Rugrats are pushing the Reptar Wagon through the woods, debating what to do about Dil in army chant style. These two scenes were cut from the theaterical version and the VHS, DVD, However, they were already animated at the time, and the scenes are shown on CBS and Nickelodeon TV airings of the film. These scenes were present in the print novelization.


  • The film was released in theatres with a CatDog short titled "Fetch", in which Cat wins a radio contest and attempts to answer the phone as Dog chases down his tennis ball. (This short was later broadcast during a CatDog marathon and was also occasionally shown between programs on Nicktoons TV in the 2002-03 season.) However, the video release contained a different CatDog short, "Winslow's Home Videos".
  • Slap T. Pooch from Nickelodeon's animation showcase Oh Yeah! Cartoons appeared in the Nickelodeon Movies logo sequence to this film.


The Rugrats Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Soundtrack by Various Artists
Released November 3, 1998
Recorded 1998
Genre Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock
Length 42:03
Label Nickelodeon/Interscope Records
Professional reviews
Rugrats soundtrack chronology
The Rugrats Movie
Rugrats in Paris

The film's original motion picture soundtrack was released on November 3, 1998 from Interscope Records.


Track listing

1. "Take Me There" - Mýa and BLACKstreet featuring Mase and Blinky Blink - 4:05

2. "I Throw My Toys Around" - No Doubt featuring Elvis Costello - 3:03

3. "This World Is Something New To Me" - Dawn Robinson/Lisa Loeb/B-Real/Patti Smith/ Lou Rawls/Laurie Anderson/Lenny Kravitz/Beck/Jakob Dylan/Phife Dawg/Gordon Gano/Iggy Pop - 1:57

4. "All Day" - Lisa Loeb - 3:29

5. "Dil-A-Bye" - E.G. Daily featuring Tara Strong - 3:42

6. "A Baby Is A Gift from a Bob" - Cheryl Chase featuring Cree Summer - 1:57

7. "One Way or Another" - Cheryl Chase - 3:17

8. "Wild Ride" - Kevi - 2:43

9. "On Your Marks, Get Set, Ready, Go!" - Busta Rhymes - 3:40

10. "Witch Doctor" - Devo featuring Ross Bagdasarian Sr. - 3:33

11. "Take The Train" - Rakim/Danny Saber - 4:05

12. "Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Yum!" - E.G. Daily featuring Christine Cavanaugh, Kath Soucie and Tara Strong - 2:17

13. "Take Me There (Remix)" - Mýa and BLACKstreet featuring Mase and Blinky Blink - 4:00 (Hidden Track)

iTunes track listing

1. "All Day" - Lisa Loeb


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