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The Sacred Blacksmith
The Sacred Blacksmith vol01.jpg
The cover of The Sacred Blacksmith volume 1 as published by Media Factory featuring Cecily Cambell
(Seiken no Burakkusumisu)
Genre Fantasy
Light novel
Author Isao Miura
Illustrator Luna
Publisher Media Factory
Demographic Male
Imprint MF Bunko J
Original run November 22, 2007 – ongoing
Volumes 8
Author Isao Miura
Illustrator Kōtarō Yamada
Publisher Media Factory
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Monthly Comic Alive
Original run March 27, 2009 – ongoing
Volumes 2
TV anime
Director Masamitsu Hidaka
Writer Masashi Suzuki
Studio manglobe
Licensor Canada United States Funimation Entertainment
Original run October 3, 2009December 19, 2009
Episodes 12
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The Sacred Blacksmith (聖剣の刀鍛冶 Seiken no Burakkusumisu?, lit. "The Sacred Sword Blacksmith"), is a Japanese light novel series by Isao Miura, with illustrations by Luna. As of August 2009, six volumes have been published by Media Factory under their MF Bunko J label. A manga adaptation by Kōtarō Yamada started serialization in the seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive on March 27, 2009. The first tankōbon was published June 23, 2009. An anime adaptation started since October 3, 2009, directed by Masamitsu Hidaka, under the Manglobe studio.[1][2]



44 years ago, a great war known as the Valbanill War raged in the land. One of the war's most dangerous weapons was the Demon Contract, where humans sacrifice their bodies to become powerful demons. Realizing the damages the contracts have caused the land, the surviving nations made peace and banned the use of the Demon contracts.

Cecily Cambell is a 3rd generation Knight from Housman, one of the cities of the Independent Trade Cities, a democratic federation of cities. As her grandfather was one of the founders of the Independent Trade Cities, she is proud of her heritage and wishes to protect her city as a knight, like her father and grandfather before her. One day, she fights a mad veteran of the war causing trouble in the market, and, inexperienced and overmatched, faces defeat. But she is saved by a mysterious blacksmith named Luke Ainsworth. Cecily is impressed by Luke's katana, a weapon she has never seen before, and asks him to make one for her. Her involvement with Luke will bring her to an adventure she never expected.


Cecily Cambell (セシリー・キャンベル?)

Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura

A 3rd generation knight from The Knight Guards of Housman, the Third City, of the Independent Trade Cities. Her grandfather, a former nobleman who became a knight was one of the founders of the Independent Trade Cities during the Valbanil War which since then, the Cambell family have served as knights protecting the city's independence. When her father died of an illness, Cecily took up the role of the head of house, and thus became a knight.
When the anime begins, she is portrayed as inadequate and doesn't fight well. Cecily later improves significantly. However, the manga and light novels depict her as a strong, smart girl with great leadership skills; the viewers are shown this in an early chapter when she leads a group of knights and mercenaries against a band of thieves and monsters. This version of Cecily learns from her mistakes quickly and is a skilled sword fighter. In both versions, she is prideful person and takes offense of any negative remark from Luke. As the series progresses, she develops romantic feelings toward Luke.
Luke Ainsworth (ルーク・エインズワース?)

Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto

The titular character is a blacksmith of great skill and renown and is also a talented swordsman. Possessing dark brown hair and blue eyes, he is arrogant, private and often insensitive to others. He lives with Lisa, who aids him in his work and often accompanies him on his business. He comes to know Cecily after saving her repeatedly from certain death. Luke wields a Japanese katana and employs a unique sword-fighting style, which is uncommon in a land where most people use a longsword and shield. He also possesses extraordinary blacksmith skills, as well as the magical ability to forge a katana in the midst of a battle.
When Cecily sees his katana cut a sword in two, the same sword that shattered her own, she desires one of her own and persistently asks him to forge one for her. While he often comments on her pride and hotheaded personality and her large breasts, he comes to like and admire Cecily. Her will to protect the city and everyone within it reminds him of Lisa Oakwood, the love of his youth who was slain before his eyes by Valbanil.
Lisa (リサ?)

Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki

A cute little girl who usually accompanies Luke. She has a polite and sweet personality. Lisa is a demon who has blonde hair, purple eyes and elven ears. She has magical powers like talking to animals or creating fireballs. Cecily believes that Lisa Oakwood made the contract herself to stay by his side. Lisa has the blood of Valbanil, a creature who lives in the volcano in the forest and who slew Lisa Oakwood. She loves Luke and her life revolves around him entirely.
Aria (アリア?)

Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi

The demon sword of wind, she takes the shape of either a beautiful, young woman or a rapier. In her human form, she is typically light-hearted, romantic and very feminine. Her memories reach back to the Valbanil War and she was apparently born of a demon contract on a battlefield in that war. Through her experiences with Cecily, she becomes aware of other demon swords like her and becomes driven to learn why they are different. Her beauty and power provoke a strong desire to possess her in many around her. While she enjoys combat, sometimes goading Cecily into action, her past is filled with murder and treachery; carnage always follows close behind her. Cecily is the first to possess her who is opposed to wanton killing. She becomes fascinated with Cecily and the two form a powerful bond which enables both to become stronger. Her transformation into a sword is invoked with the chant "Awaken, Grasp the Truth, Control the Wind and Slay God" ("Nemuri wo Hodoke, Shinzitsu wo tsukame, Kaze wo kono te ni, Kami wo Korose").
Hannibal Quasar (ハンニバル・クェイサー?)

Voiced by: Yōsuke Akimoto

Leader of the knights and veteran of the Valbanill War.
Hugo Housman (ヒューゴー・ハウスマン?)

Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue

Patty Baldwin (パティ・ボルドウィン?)
A friend of Cecily, she works for the city.

Voiced by: Michiru Yuimoto

Reginald Drummond (レジナルド・ドラモンド?)
A powerful and aggressive knight of Housman, he wields a zweihander.

Voiced by: Hideki Tasaka

Siegfried (シーグフリード?)
A cloaked figure who is responsible for most of the conflict in the series. At the end of Episode 8, it is revealed that he gave Charlotte the demon swords, and told her to steal Aria. It is eventually revealed that Siegfried is the head of the Imperial Army; thus when Cecily attempts to confront him, he feigns ignorance as to ever having met her before. He also possesses a demon sword.

Voiced by: Ryōtarō Okiayu

Charlotte E Firobisher
An illegitimate child of the Emperor who is a seemingly spoiled and selfish girl, though in fact she is content doing basic chores her bodyguards taught her. A constant source of conflict is her duty to her mother's dying wish, which is to be recognized as a legitimate child of the Emperor, and her wish to be happy. Eventually she defects to the "Militant Nation" and betrays the Empire as she is condemned to death by the Emperor, revoking her "E".

Voiced by: Kaori Fukuhara

A Demon Sword of the Black Flame, who, like Aria, can take human form. She was with Charlotte. Most likely Siegfried's follower, but yet unconfirmed. She turns into a sword by chanting "Awaken, Cloak in Darkness, Finish thee and Slay God" (Nemuri-o Hodoke, Yami-o Matoe, Ketsumatsu wo Anata ni, Kami-o Korose).

Voiced by: ?


Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro


Voiced by: Minori Chihara


Voiced by: Mikako Takahashi

Lisa Oakwood
Luke's childhood friend that wanted to be a knight and protect everyone in the city. Unfortunately, she died trying to protect Luke from Valbanill and in result, a new demon called Lisa was created. While it has not been confirmed, Cecily believes that Lisa Oakwood was the one that created the current Lisa to stay by Luke's side forever in her place.

Voiced by: Hinako Sasaki

A Maid that serves the Cambell Family. She is very strong, since she won easily over Doris, Margot and Penelope. She is also very loyal towards the Cambell's and doesn't allow any ill speaking towards the family. She is also pretty stubborn, she has done many things that Cecily doesn't want despise any objections she says.

Voiced by: Nozomi Masu

Lucy Campbell
A calm and gentle woman. She wishes that Cecily would be more feminine. She has more authority over Fio than Cecily. She acted as a mother figure to Charlotte while she and her bodyguards stayed in the Campbell house.

Voiced by: Ai Orikasa

A Demon Sword of Thunder. She is a quiet, sad girl. Her owner is a knight who lost his daughter after the Valbanill war when a demon attacked his home. After that, the knight lost his sanity and from his hatred towards Valbanill, Elsa the demon sword was born. She has the same name as his daughter. Siegfried uses both of them.
After his defeat, she slays him with a misericorde, fulfilling the promise made by his real daughter and dying herself from her wounds she receive fighting Cecil and Aria. She transforms into a sword by chanting: "Awaken, The Time is Nigh, Thunder's Judgment and Slay God." ("Nemuri-o Hodoke, Toki wa Kitareri, Ikaduchi no Sabaki wo, Kami-o Korose")

Voiced by: Ryoko Shintani

Theme songs

Opening Theme

Justice of Light by Mayumi Gojō

Ending Theme

Miracle Happy Day (みらくるハッピーディ?) by Aki Toyosaki


There are twelve episodes. The series has finished broadcasting.


The light novels have sold over 780,000 copies.[3] Chris Schmitt wrote "Sacred Blacksmith has a very odd take on the fantasy genre, mixing moe character designs similar to K-On! with some deep, and sometimes dark, fantasy elements."[4]


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