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The Salt-N-Pepa Show, which premiered on October 14, 2007 on VH1, is a reality show documenting the events from the life of Salt-n-Pepa, several years after their breakup. The show just recently ended its second season.


Season one

Two themes emerged from the first episode: Pepa's lingering bitterness from how Salt abruptly departed the group years ago, which Salt attempted to soothe with an apology; and a cultural conflict between the ladies, as Salt's strong Christian commitment leads her to renounce the duo's raunchy lyrics and dance moves from their former performing days, whereas Pepa wants to continue performing, like the "old" days. The remainder of the episodes show the duo as they explore the idea of reuniting.

Number Title Synopsis Original Air Date
1 Pushin' It Salt and Pepa agree to meet to talk about possibly performing songs at Shaquille O'Neal's birthday party. Salt reluctantly agrees to consider reuniting. Salt objects to performing lyrics and dances that compromises her beliefs. The duo perform at Salt's church. Salt apologizes to Pepa for her abrupt departure from the group. October 14, 2007
2 Whatta Manhunt Salt and a matchmaker attempt to find Pepa the perfect man. Pepa also finds her own date, who turns out to have many shortcomings. After an unsuccessful search, Salt tries to match Pepa with Mark, a youth pastor at her church. October 21, 2007
3 Houseguests From Hell While Pepa's apartment is being renovated, she stays at Salt's house. Pepa arrives with many pieces of luggage and spends the night partying – and loudly – with Salt's husband. She also crashes Salt's prayer meeting. Mayhem ensues. October 28, 2007
4 Spinderella, Cut It Up One Time Salt and Pepa reunite with their DJ, "Spinderella" (Deidra "DeeDee" Roper). The three of them get ready to appear on the Tyra Banks Show. Beforehand, Spin' vents some frustrations to Salt and Pepa, feeling that they treated her more like a hired hand than as a full-fledged co-member of the group. Salt and Pepa don't appear to deny the claim, but they respond that by bringing Spin' along to publicity events and the like, they felt they were helping her develop in her career. November 5, 2007
5 Pep's In Charge Salt and Pepa produce a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for Lifebeat, a music industry group that works on AIDS prevention. The Lifebeat representative asks the ladies if they would do a brief performance at a gathering to celebrate the release of the PSA. Salt is reluctant to do so because of her time commitments, but when Pepa insists that she can take care of all the preparations, Salt then agrees to perform. Pepa's choices are too sexually oriented for Salt. The act is toned down for the Lifebeat performance. November 12, 2007
6 Jena 6 The ladies travel to Louisiana for the Jena Six protests. On the tour bus, the ladies educate their children about the meaning behind the march. November 26, 2007
7 Hair It Is The ladies consider endorsing hair weave products. December 3, 2007

Season two

Season two began airing on VH1 on February 11, 2008.

Number Title Synopsis Original Air Date
8 Let's Get This Party Started Salt invites Pepa to help her plan a "boys" party for her 16 year old daughter. They disagree on everything: guest count, theme, content, and so on, to the point where Pepa finds herself disliking the shopping trip. When Pepa sneaks behind Salt's back for a makeover, Salt is none too pleased. Fortunately, the party, with only a few dozen guests, turns out to be a hit. February 11, 2008
9 Three's A Crowd Spinderella invites Salt and Pepa to join her at a DJ gig in Atlantic City, but is shocked and hurt when the first ladies of Hip Hop say they have other plans. Salt and Pep reluctantly give in and hit the road to Atlantic City. What is supposed to be a bonding weekend for all three girls quickly becomes a game of odd man out. The ladies realize that a duo works, but three's a crowd! February 18, 2008
10 The Retreat Salt and Pepa need to work on their relationship and communication skills, so they seek the help of professional life coach, Iyanla Vanzant. The ladies struggle with their past relationship problems as Iyanla tests their alliances, trust, and love for each other. The camp they went to was Pocono Plateau in Cresco, Pa. February 25, 2008
11 Write and Wrong March 3, 2008
12 Weight a Minute March 10, 2008
13 Boys on the Slopes March 17, 2008
14 The (Not So) Big Easy March 24, 2008


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