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The Scary Guy

The Scary Guy
Born Earl Kenneth Kaufmann
December 29, 1953 (1953-12-29) (age 56)
New Hope, Minnesota, United States
Occupation Professional speaker

The Scary Guy (born December 29, 1953) is a United States based motivational speaker who campaigns worldwide to eliminate hate, violence, prejudice and bullying in schools and corporations. In addition to being a tattoo shop owner, philosopher, comic, entertainer, inspirational speaker and performance artist, his nose, eyebrows and ears are pierced and tattoos cover 85 percent of his body.[1] The Scary Guy legally changed his name from Earl Kenneth Kaufmann in 1998 to The Scary Guy and now focuses on teaching children and adults love and acceptance of all people.[2] His mission is to eliminate hate, violence and prejudice worldwide. His audiences consist of both youth and adults, within schools and corporations worldwide. He tries to explain, that if someone calls you a 'rotten word' it's their problem not yours. And you choose to accept what they say.[3]



Scary was born December 29, 1953, as Earl Kenneth Kaufmann, and grew up in New Hope, Minnesota, United States, graduating in 1972 from Cooper High School.[1] He was a voice major at Macalester College in Saint Paul.[4]


Scary uses a variety of techniques to get his point across including, humour, shock and rhetorical questions. He picks people out of the audience to show you the characteristics of the favourite names he had as a child such as Blond, Bald, Short, Tall and 'Geek'. He invites them to try and do his 'seven day and seven night challenge' which is to not insult another person and only use their name for that period. If you do insult them, you must apologize. He then says that he has not properly insulted anyone for seven years. He also tells you that to go to sleep with a clear mind you should hug sixteen people a day and that your parents count as two and your siblings count as three.

To get through to school children he mainly uses humour to make them laugh with funny faces, funny words and insulting people not to hurt them but to make them and everyone laugh. If you volunteer to help him or he 'picks' on you then he will give you a poster with him on it. He also gives you one if you hug him at the end.

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