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This Science of Life  
Title Page of 1934 Edition
Author H. G. Wells,Julian S. Huxley, and G. P. Wells
Country  United Kingdom
Language English
Genre(s) Non-Fiction
Publisher The Waverley Publishing Company
Publication date 1929
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 1514

The Science of Life is nine books in three volumes written by Julian Huxley and G. P. Wells, edited by H. G. Wells and published by The Waverley Publishing Company Ltd[1] in 1929-30, describing all major aspects of biology as known in the 1920s. The full details of its publishing record are as follows:

Wells H.G., Huxley Julian S. and Wells G.P. 1929-30. The Science of Life: a summary of contemporary knowledge about life and its possibilities. First issued in 31 fortnightly parts published by Amalgamated Press, 1929-30, bound up in three volumes as publication proceeded. First issued in one volume by Cassell in 1931, reprinted 1934, 1937; popular edition, fully revised, 1938. Published as separate volumes by Cassell 1934-37: I The living body. II Patterns of life (1934). III Evolution—fact and theory. IV Reproduction, heredity and the development of sex. V The history and adventure of life. VI The drama of life. VII How animals behave (1937). VIII Man's mind and behaviour. IX Biology and the human race. Published in New York by Doubleday, Doran & Co. 1931, 1934, 1939; and by The Literary Guild 1934. Three of the Cassell spin-off books were also published by Doubleday in 1932: Evolution, fact and theory; The human mind and the behavior of Man; Reproduction, genetics and the development of sex. [2]

Of historic interest is Book Three - The Incontrovertible Fact of Evolution,[3] comprising five chapters; I The fact to be proved, II The evidence in the rocks, III The evidence from plant and animal structure, IV The evidence from the variation and distribution of living things, V The evolution of Man. Considering that this was written less than five years from the Scopes Trial, it is a bold, comprehensive account of the scientific knowledge of evolution at the time.

The reference given is the most complete available, but there may have been other publishers and dates, and some books may have been given alternative titles. There are editions in some other languages.


  1. ^ not verified, but probably a subsidiary of Amalgamated Press.
  2. ^ Baker J.R. and Green J-P. Julian Huxley: Man of science and citizen of the world 1887-1975. UNESCO 1978, bibliography p76-77.
  3. ^ this title is not verified, but is evidently a version of Evolution, fact and theory.


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