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"The Shower Head"
Seinfeld episode
Seinfeld s7e16.jpg
Elaine accepting a cup for urinalysis.
Episode no. Season 7
Episode 126
Written by Peter Mehlman & Marjorie Gross
Directed by Andy Ackerman
Original airdate February 15, 1996
Guest stars

Jay Leno

Season 7 episodes
Seinfeld – Season 7
September 1995 – May 1996
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List of Seinfeld episodes

"The Shower Head" is the 126th episode of NBC sitcom Seinfeld. This was the 16th episode for the 7th season. It aired on February 15, 1996.


Kramer and Jerry are not pleased with the new "low-flow" shower heads that the building's maintenance department has installed. Elaine is surprised to find out that opium was present in the urine sample she gave at her physical in preparation for her trip to Africa. Mr. Peterman, once an opium addict himself, tells Elaine that she will not be able to accompany him to Africa after all. Kramer goes to Elaine's office to ask her if he can use her shower, and is mistaken by Peterman as a drug addict when Kramer begs for the "good stuff". Jerry is frustrated by the fact that his parents aren't moving back to Florida and George is elated because his parents are considering moving to Florida. George's parents decide to go to annoy the Seinfelds, seeing the Seinfelds' conviction that there are no available condos in Del Boca Vista as a challenge; this scene alludes to the episode The Maestro, wherein Jerry and Kramer attempted to prove that there were indeed available villas in Tuscany. However, the Seinfelds find out and decide to stay, causing the Costanzas to stay.

Jerry's Uncle Leo complains about an overcooked hamburger and says the cook is anti-Semitic, which Jerry jokes about on The Tonight Show. Leo's girlfriend laughs at this, Leo calls her anti-Semitic, and they break up. Elaine discovers her opium results were from her eating poppyseed muffins. After she is about to retake the test and believes she accidentally ate poppyseeds in a chicken dinner, and still desperate to go to Africa, she asks Jerry's mom to take a urine sample for her. Elaine is later shocked to find that the urine sample proved that Jerry's mom has osteoporosis and is menopausal.

Kramer and Newman track down new showerheads from a shadowy Serb selling them from a van in much the same manner as guns. The one Kramer buys is actually for washing elephants at the circus, and the pressure is too high as a result, causing him to be knocked over by the spray.


  • Kramer comes into Jerry's apartment after taking a bath.

Jerry: Hey Kramer, my parents are gonna have to move back to Florida, isn't that great?,
Kramer(Halfheartedly): Yeah, well I'm real happy for ya.
Jerry: Hey, you're not giving it to me, man. What's wrong?
Kramer: I just took a bath, Jerry. A bath?
Jerry: No good?
Kramer: It's disgusting. I'm sitting there in a tepid pool of my own filth. All kinds of microscopic parasites and organisms having sex all around me.
Jerry: Well, you used to sit in that hot tub.
Kramer: Jerry that was super-heated water, nothing could live in that.

  • Frank: This is Frank Costanza. You think you can keep me out of Florida? We're moving in lock, stock, and barrel. We're gonna be in the pool! We're gonna be in the clubhouse! We're gonna be all over that shuffleboard court. And I dare you to keep me out!

Jerry: I know this doesn't seem like work to any of you, if you could perhaps conduct your psychopath convention down the hall, I could just get a little personal space.


  • Although the amount of opiates in Opium Poppy seeds is not enough to produce a narcotic effect in cooking or consumption, the television show MythBusters demonstrated that one could test positive for narcotics after consuming 4 poppy seed bagels. The show Brainiac: Science Abuse had subjects that tested positive with only 2 poppy seed bagels.
  • Kramer claims in this episode that baths disgust him, yet in the Season 5 episode "The Wife", he claims that he takes baths exclusively. He is also seen bathing in Jerry's tub in Season 3's "The Keys".
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus was infamous on the set for bursting into giggles whenever Michael Richards would perform his trademark bits of physical humor. In one scene in this episode, Peterman throws Kramer out of Elaine's office and slams the door shut after him, causing Kramer to hit his head on the door and crumple to the ground, disoriented, as the door swings back open. Knowing she'd never be able to make it through this scene without laughing, Louis-Dreyfus kept her eyes fixed solely on the filing cabinet next to the door instead of on Richards, and managed to keep a straight face throughout the whole take.


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