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The Simpsons Season 15
Series The Simpsons
Country of origin USA
Network Fox
Original run November 2, 2003 –
May 23, 2004
No. of episodes 22
Previous season 14
Next season 16

The Simpsons' 15th season (November 2003 - May 2004) began on Sunday, November 2, 2003 with Treehouse of Horror XIV. The season contains five hold-over episodes from the season 14 (EABF) production line. As of this season, there are over 1,000 cultural references.[1] Al Jean mentions the most frequently referenced film is Citizen Kane.[1] The most watched episode had 16.2 million viewers and the least watched had just 6.2 million viewers.


List of episodes

22 episodes

# Original title (top)
Alternate title (bottom)
Written by Directed by Original airdate Prod. code
314–01 "Treehouse of Horror XIV" John Swartzwelder Steven Dean Moore November 2, 2003 EABF21
Reaper Madness – Homer becomes the new The Grim Reaper after killing him during a Benny Hill-style chase, and enjoys taking lives, but becomes conflicted when Marge is next on his death list.
Frinkenstein – Prof. Frink wins the Nobel Prize in science, but is sad that his dead father isn't with him to share in his success, so Frink rebuilds him out of his father's real body and the body parts of other corpses.
Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off – Bart and Milhouse order a stopwatch from the back of a comic book that possesses the power to stop time.
Guest stars: Jerry Lewis, Dudley Herschbach, Jennifer Garner and Oscar de la Hoya 
315–02 "My Mother the Carjacker" Michael Price Nancy Kruse November 9, 2003 EABF18
Homer's mother returns, and after being cleared of all charges, is re-imprisoned on a technicality.
Guest star: Glenn Close 
316–03 "The President Wore Pearls" Dana Gould Mike B. Anderson November 16, 2003 EABF20
In this loose parody of the musical/movie Evita, Lisa is elected Student Body president, but is unaware that the school staff is using her for their own devices.
Guest star: Michael Moore 
317–04 "The Regina Monologues" John Swartzwelder Mark Kirkland November 23, 2003 EABF22
After making over $3000 from his own museum, Bart takes the family to London, where Homer is arrested for treason after crashing into the Queen.
Guest stars: Tony Blair, J.K. Rowling, Ian McKellen, Jane Leeves and Evan Marriott 
318–05 "The Fat and the Furriest" Joel H. Cohen Matthew Nastuk November 30, 2003 EABF19
Homer is humiliated when he appears on the news running from a bear that nearly attacks him at the city dump.
Guest star: Charles Napier 
319–06 "Today, I am a Clown" Joel H. Cohen Nancy Kruse December 7, 2003 FABF01
Krusty discovers that he never had a bar mitzvah as a child. He quits his show to have it as an adult, with the help of his father, Rabbi Krustofski. Meanwhile, Homer hosts a late-night talk show a la "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher" as a replacement for Krusty's show.
Guest stars: Jackie Mason and Mr. T 
320–07 "'Tis the Fifteenth Season" Michael Price Steven Dean Moore December 14, 2003 FABF02
Homer realizes how selfish he is after he spends all the family's Christmas money on a present for himself. He becomes the nicest guy in town, making Ned Flanders jealous. 
321–08 " Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays" Jon Vitti Bob Anderson January 4, 2004 FABF03
When a group of singles, seniors, childless couples, teenagers, and homosexuals band together to protest having to accommodate families (including paying property taxes used to teach children they do not have), Marge takes up the cause for the families, with some help from Bart and Lisa. 
322–09 "I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot" Dan Greaney
Allen Glazier
Lauren MacMullan January 11, 2004 FABF04
Homer builds a battle robot to win Bart's respect, and places it in a tournament against other robots. What Bart does not know, though, is that the robot is actually Homer in costume. Meanwhile, Snowball II dies and Lisa tries to find a replacement cat. 
323–10 "Diatribe of a Mad Housewife" Robin J. Stein Mark Kirkland January 25, 2004 FABF05
Marge writes a romance novel with characters based on Homer and Ned. Meanwhile, Homer gets fired from the power plant again and becomes an ambulance driver.
Guest stars: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Thomas Pynchon and Tom Clancy 
324–11 "Margical History Tour" Brian Kelley Mike B. Anderson February 8, 2004 FABF06
Marge tells the kids the story of famous people in history: Homer as Henry VIII, Lisa as Sacagawea (with Lenny and Carl as Lewis and Clark), Bart as Mozart 
325–12 "Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore" Julie Chambers & David Chambers Matthew Nastuk February 15, 2004 FABF07
Milhouse moves to Capital City, which causes a lonely Bart to bond with Lisa. Meanwhile Homer goes into panhandling to buy an anniversary gift for Marge.
Guest star: Isabel Sanford, Nick Bakay, William Daniels and Dick Tufeld 
326–13 "Smart and Smarter" Carolyn Omine Steven Dean Moore February 22, 2004 FABF09
An IQ test proves Maggie to be smarter than Lisa. Shocked that she is no longer "the smart one", Lisa runs away from home.
Guest star: Simon Cowell 
327–14 "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner" Deb Lacusta & Dan Castellaneta Nancy Kruse March 14, 2004 FABF08
The Simpsons go on a late-night attic search after Bart and Lisa begin hearing voices -- and find Marge's ex-prom date Artie Ziff, who's on the run for cheating the shareholders of his company.
Guest star: Jon Lovitz 
328–15 "Co-Dependent's Day" Matt Warburton Bob Anderson March 21, 2004 FABF10
Homer and Marge's bond becomes stronger when they both get drunk on wine, but soon the bond unravels when Homer blames Marge for crashing the car and Marge gets sent to rehab. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa complain to Randall Curtis (a George Lucas-esque sci-fi movie director) about his latest film.
Guest star: Brave Combo 
329–16 "The Wandering Juvie" John Frink &
Don Payne
Lauren MacMullan March 28, 2004 FABF11
After setting up a huge wedding scam, Bart is sent to juvenile hall. He meets a girl called Gina, and they break out together and go on the lam.
Guest stars: Sarah Michelle Gellar and Charles Napier 
330–17 "My Big Fat Geek Wedding" Kevin Curran Mark Kirkland April 18, 2004 FABF12
After hearing that Skinner is getting cold feet about their wedding, Edna leaves Skinner at the altar and hooks up with Comic Book Guy. Skinner tries to win Edna back with Homer's help.
Guest star: Matt Groening 
331–18 "Catch 'Em If You Can" Ian Maxtone-Graham Matthew Nastuk April 25, 2004 FABF14
Homer and Marge take a vacation away from the kids, but decide to go to Miami instead of going to see an uncle. Bart, Lisa and Grampa find out and follow them. Chaos ensues as they chase Marge and Homer across the country. 
332–19 "Simple Simpson" Jon Vitti Jim Reardon May 2, 2004 FABF15
Homer becomes "Pie Man", a masked vigilante who delivers a pie in the face of justice to evildoers. However, after attacking Mr Burns, Burns hires him as a personal hitman, until Homer is ordered to attack the Dalai Lama.
Guest star: Nichelle Nichols 
333–20 "The Way We Weren't" J. Stewart Burns Mike B. Anderson May 9, 2004 FABF13
Homer and Marge recall the story of their first kiss at summer camp when they were children, where Homer betrayed Marge by standing her up on their second date. 
334–21 "Bart-Mangled Banner" John Frink Steven Dean Moore May 16, 2004 FABF17
After receiving an injection from Dr. Hibbert, Bart becomes deaf, which makes him impervious to being bullied...until he accidentally moons the American flag during a donkey basketball game, prompting everyone in town to accuse The Simpsons of being unpatriotic. 
335–22 "Fraudcast News" Don Payne Bob Anderson May 23, 2004 FABF18
Lisa publishes her own newspaper, which becomes under threat of takeover after Mr. Burns buys all the media outlets in town. This causes her to start an all-out war with Mr. Burns for the right to tell the truth. 


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