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The Sixth Sense
Genre Drama/Mystery/Thriller
Created by Anthony Lawrence
Written by John W. Bloch
Don Ingalls
Anthony Lawrence
Robert Specht
Ed Waters
Directed by Jeff Corey
Alan Crosland, Jr.
Robert Day
Alf Kjellin
John Newland
Sutton Roley
Barry Shear
Starring Gary Collins
Catherine Ferrar
Percy Rodriguez
Composer(s) Billy Goldenberg
Robert Prince
David Shire
Country of origin  United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 25
Producer(s) Stanley Shpetner
Cinematography Enzo A. Martinelli
Running time 60 mins. (approx)
Original channel ABC
Audio format Monaural
Original run January 15, 1972 – December 23, 1972

The Sixth Sense is an American paranormal thriller television series starring Gary Collins and Catherine Ferrar. Based on the 1971 television movie Sweet, Sweet Rachel,[1] the series aired on ABC and was broadcast from January 1972 through December 1972.



Collins stars as Dr. Michael Rhodes, a professor of parapsychology who, along with his assistant Nancy Murphy (Ferrar), attempts to solve supernatural mysteries. Sandra Dee, William Shatner, Lee Majors, Cloris Leachman, Joan Crawford, Patty Duke, and Jane Wyman guest-starred in individual episodes.

The series, which aired on Saturday nights at 10 pm, faced tough competition against CBS' Mission: Impossible and NBC's Banyon. Despite struggling in the ratings, The Sixth Sense was renewed for a second season mainly due to the high profile guest stars it featured. However, ratings continued to decline and ABC canceled The Sixth Sense on November 14, 1972.[2] ABC aired the remaining episodes through December 1972.


For its syndication release, The Sixth Sense was edited down and packaged with Night Gallery hosted by Rod Serling.[3]

The series is currently airing on NBC Universal's horror cable channel Chiller.

Episode guide


Season 1

Episode # Original Air Date (US) Episode Title Plot
1-1 January 15, 1972 "I Do Not Belong to the Human World" Rhodes receives a psychic plea for help from a POW who's being tortured in a Viet Cong prison camp.
1-2 January 22, 1972 "The Heart That Wouldn't Stay Buried" An ailing neurosurgeon has a terrifying vision the he will die from the same mysterious disease which claimed the life of his son.
1-3 January 29, 1972 "Lady, Lady, Take My Life" An official at a research institute who opposed psychic experiments by staff scientists dies under mysterious circumstances. Was it a case of murder by telepathy?
1-4 February 5, 1972 "The House That Cried Murder" Gail Summer is drawn to a spooky old gothic mansion because of two visions: one of another woman drowning in a bathtub and another even more terrifying—herself drowned in a car.
1-5 February 5, 1972 "The Man Who Died at Three and Nine" Diplomat Paul Crowley comes under attack by a powerful psychic force. This force manifests itself in two ways: lapses of memory and visions of a woman drowning.
1-6 February 26, 1972 "Can a Dead Man Strike from the Grave?" Edwin Danbury is tormented by a vision of murder. The killer is an old man long since deceased and the victims are a young couple in love.
1-7 March 4, 1972 "With This Ring, I Thee Kill!" Rhodes fulfills the death wish of an old friend by looking into his daughter's impending marriage to a man she only met a month before.
1-8 March 11, 1972 "Witch, Witch, Burning Bright" Judith Eaton becomes convinced that her daughter, Damaris, is the avenging agent of an ancestor who was burned at the stake as a witch.
1-9 March 18, 1972 "Eye of the Haunted" Rhodes is plagued by apparitions of the woman he once loved---who was later murdered. Then the deceased woman's lookalike sister becomes the target of the killer.
1-10 April 1, 1972 "Echo of a Distant Scream" Visions of a ghost horse on a guest ranch begin haunting Paula Norris.
1-11 April 8, 1972 "Whisper of Evil" Rhodes races against time to find the sister of a woman in need of a kidney transplant. It appears as though the ailing woman has been having visions of her sister participating in a satanic ritual.
1-12 April 15, 1972 "Shadow in the Well" Rhodes comes to the aid of Lisa Wolf, who is frightened by an image of her recently drowned husband—whom Lisa believes she accidentally killed.
1-13 April 22, 1972 "Face of Ice" An amnesiac claims she had a vision of a man shooting down a motorcyclist. Then she and Rhodes discover that the shooter in the vision is her husband.

Season 2

Episode # Original Air Date (US) Episode Title Plot
2-1 September 23, 1972 "Coffin, Coffin, in the Sky"
2-2 September 30, 1972 "Dear Joan: We're Going to Scare You to Death" Extended version of an episode of the series The Sixth Sense. Joan Crawford (in her final acting role) plays a woman who stumbles upon a group of ESP enthusiasts who decide to use their abilities to scare her to death.
2-3 October 7, 1972 "Witness Within" A young woman begins to see visions in which she is attacked by a man.
2-4 October 14, 1972 "With Affection, Jack the Ripper" An experiment to determine if ESP can span time proves fatal.
2-5 October 28, 1972 "Once Upon a Chilling" A woman working at a foundation researching cryogenics sees frozen visions of her dead boss.
2-6 November 4, 1972 "Through a Flame Darkly" A woman has visions that lead her to believe a childhood friend is in trouble.
2-7 November 11, 1972 "I Did Not Mean to Slay Thee"
2-8 November 25, 1972 "And Scream by the Light of the Moon, the Moon" A woman returns to her childhood home only to be tormented by visions of her past.
2-9 December 2, 1972 "If I Should Die Before I Wake" When she returns to her old home, Ruth Ames begins to see visions, including that of her long dead daughter Mindy.
2-10 December 9, 1972 "Five Widows Weeping (AKA "Five Women Weeping)" The new wife of a wealthy family's scion sees vision of his death.
2-10 December 16, 1972 "Gallows in the Wind" A woman has visions of death during a hurricane.
2-12 December 23, 1972 "The Eyes That Wouldn't Die" When her sight is restored, Kathy sees visions of murder.


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