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For the TV series, see The Sleepover Club (TV Series).
The Sleepover Club
Sleepover logo.png
The Sleepover Club logo.
Format Family
Country of origin  England
No. of episodes 52

The Sleepover Club is a series of children's books by author Rose Impey, Fiona Cummings, Narinder Dhami, Sue Mongredien, and Angie Bates and a children's television programme based on the series. While the books are set in Cuddington, Leicester, England, the television show is set in the Australian beachside suburb of Crescent Bay (a fictional place). The programme revolves around five young girls who are part of a club in which they sleepover at each others' houses at least once a week. The book and the tv series are different to each other.

Along with the everyday issues that plague teen girls such as school projects, makeovers and boys, the members of the club also have to worry about their arch-rivals the M&Ms: Emma Hughes and Emily Berryman (in the TV series these are Matthew, Michael and Marco), who are intent on spoiling the girls' fun. In the books the girls are 10 years old whereas in the TV series they are in their early teens.

Series of books

  1. The Sleepover Club at Frankie’s
  2. The Sleepover Club at Lyndsey’s
  3. The Sleepover Club at Felicity’s
  4. The Sleepover Club at Rosie’s
  5. The Sleepover Club at Kenny’s
  6. Starring the sleepover club
  7. The Sleepover Girls Go Pop (A.K.A Sleepover Girls Go Spice)
  8. The 24-Hour Sleepover Club
  9. The Sleepover Club Sleeps Out
  10. Happy Birthday Sleepover Club
  11. Sleepover Girls on Horseback
  12. Sleepover in Spain
  13. Sleepover on Friday 13th
  14. The Sleepover Girls Go Camping
  15. Sleepover Girls Go Detective
  16. Sleepover Girls Go Designer
  17. The Sleepover Girls Surf the Net
  18. Sleepover Girls on Screen
  19. Sleepover Girls and Friends
  20. Sleepover Girls on the Catwalk
  21. Sleepover Girls go for Goal
  22. Sleepover Girls Go Babysitting
  23. Sleepover Girls Go Snowboarding
  24. Happy New Year, Sleepover Club
  25. Sleepover Girls Go Green (A.K.A Sleepover Club 2000)
  26. We Love You Sleepover Club
  27. Vive le Sleepover Club
  28. Sleepover Club Eggstavaganza
  29. Emergency Sleepover
  30. Sleepover Girls on the Range
  31. The Sleepover Club Bridesmaids
  32. Sleepover Club See Stars
  33. Sleepover Club Blitz
  34. Sleepover Girls in the Ring
  35. Sari Sleepover
  36. Merry Christmas Sleepover Club
  37. The Sleepover Club Down Under
  38. Sleepover Girls Go Splash
  39. Sleepover Girls Go Karting
  40. Sleepover Girls Go Wild!
  41. The Sleepover Club at the Carnival
  42. The Sleepover Club at the Beach
  43. Sleepover Club Vampires
  45. Sleepover Girls Go Dancing
  46. The Sleepover Club on the Farm
  47. Sleepover Girls Go Gymnastic
  48. Sleepover Girls on the Ball
  49. Sleepover Club Witches
  50. Sleepover Club Ponies
  51. Sleepover Girls on Safari
  52. Sleepover Club Makeover
  53. Sleepover Girls Go Surfing
  54. Sleepover Girls Go Treasure Hunting

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