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Bill Slowsky in front of his computer, attempting to download a file using his DSL connection.

"The Slowskys" are a national television advertising campaign for Comcast Cable's broadband Internet service. The ads feature an animatronic turtle couple, Bill and Karolyn Slowsky. The ads are based on the idea that DSL, which Comcast claims is slower than their service, is only fast enough for people who like things very slow. In the television ads, the two turtles are usually shown together explaining why they are so happy with DSL service, and that if they got Comcast, it would be far too fast for them.

The characters were created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners of San Francisco, produced by RSA, puppeteered by Stan Winston. was a character blog on which everything slow is celebrated. Recently however, the blog was taken down and replaced by a peaceful, permanent flash widget that included their commercials.

A knockoff of The Slowskys by Canadian cable provider Shaw Communications is called The Snailskis [1].

Comedian Andrew Donnelly is the voice of Bill Slowsky and actress (and former member of The Groundlings) Rachael Harris provides the voice for Karolyn.

Later on, when the Slowsky fad reached its peak, the Slowskys Website created a fictional campaign in which the Slowsky couple traveled around their block in an old fashioned political circuit. On top of their vehicle, multiple bullhorns would amplify the Slowsky's voices so that people could hear them. The advertising video showed the Slowskys in the vehicle, and with Bill screaming "BE STILL WITH BILL!", much to Karolyn's annoyance, with "Hail to the Chief" playing in the background[2][3]. The party even offered membership cards[4] and requested slogans for their platform.[5]


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