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The Strawberry Alarm Clock
Running time 4 hours
Country Ireland
Languages English
Home station FM104
Hosts Niamh Crowley & Jim McCabe
Starring Terry Fahy
Recording studio Macken House, North Wall, Dublin
Air dates 1995 to -
Website The Strawberry Alarm Clock

The Strawberry Alarm Clock is a PPI award winning breakfast programme on FM104, an Independent Local Radio station in Dublin. It is presented by Jim McCabe and Niamh Crowley. It broadcasts weekday mornings from 6-10am, with "Best Of The Strawberry Alarm Clock" Saturdays from 9am-12pm. The show podcasts weekly through It is currently sponsored by Blanchardstown Centre.



The show began in 1995, and was originally presented by Timmy Ryan, Justin McKenna and Joan Lea. Colm Hayes took over from Timmy Ryan in 1996, and the show quickly became a success. In 2000 Justin McKenna left the radio business while Joan Lea moved to drivetime programme "The Jam". Jim Nugent joined Hayes and they became known as the duo "Colm & Jim-Jim", however the pair left FM104 on January 12th 2007 and moved to 2FM where they now present 2FM's morning show The Colm & Jim Jim Brekfast Show. Andy Matthews took over the show on an interim basis on 15 January 2007, however he was replaced by the new team of Jim McCabe and Niamh Crowley from 13 February 2007.

Niamh previously hosted the show with Colm and Jim until 2004. Other female presenters include Edel Daly, Taragh Loughrey Grant and Sandra Mason.

The show has created numerous parody songs which have become instant hits, most notably Sexy Joe (Sexy Back), Pyjamaaaa (Pjanoo) and I Hate Henry (Take On Me). There have also been numerous sports songs to celebrate rugby, football and GAA games.

The current television advert for the show features a young man running naked through Dublin, as if he was in a dream, confirmed by the catchphrase at the end "You haven't woken up until you`ve woken up to The Strawberry Alarm Clock, on FM104!!"

Features On The Show

Kids In The Car

This involves a kid on their way to school coming on air to play various games. This varies from identifying celebrity photographs, telling jokes, a silly quiz and eye spy.

Pop Life

This is a music quiz on Friday mornings. Two listeners come on air to compete and win a CD prize pack. The quiz involves identifying clips of music played in reverse.

Uncovered Unplugged

Uncovered Unplugged is the live music segment. This usually happens after 9am when a band or artist come into studio, performing one original track and one cover version. As part of FM104's "Help A Dublin Child" appeal, a charity CD was released in November 2007 featuring the best Uncovered Unplugged tracks of the year. This CD reached number two in the Irish compilation charts.

The Word

The Word is a daily quiz where 3 listeners come on air to guess the missing words in a sentence. The prize fund increases each morning. On three occasions in the past, The Word has been played from 7am to 7pm on FM104. In September 2004, the prize fund reached over €60,000.

Strawberry Love

Originally starting out as "Summer Of Love", this feature became popular with listeners and was made a permanent feature on the show. Listeners text in with a description of a stranger they see every day and who they would like to date. Other listeners help identify the person. The show then tracks them down to arrange a date. Each week a bunch of flowers is delivered to the "Strawberry Love".

Where's The Phone?

With cash up for grabs, listeners have to guess the location of a phone call made to somewhere in the world by identifying the accent of the person answering the phone.

The Strawberry Wind Ups

FM104's 'World Famous Wind Ups' happen every Wednesday after 8am. Usually recoded by the show's prankster Terry Fahy, they involve members of the public being set up by friends, while others feature companies receiving strange calls. Previous calls have included call centers being put on hold to random people, wedding couples reduced to tears and Chelsea Football's CEO Peter Kenyon being fooled into thinking he was talking to Steve Staunton.

Characters On The Show

The show features several unique characters, such as:


Tomo is a Dublin Taxi Driver who calls the show every Friday to chat with Jim and Niamh. Tomo is famous for his catchphrase "Are You Parking Or Driving?", which he is heard shouting at passing motorists while on the phone to Jim & Niamh. Tomo recorded a special Dubs song for the 2007 GAA Football semi-final. This was a parody of Hellogoodbye's "In Your Arms", and was called "Sam In Your Arms".


Pierre is a camp male model who features regularly on the show. Pierre's bits on the show include prank phone calls, sketches of popular TV shows and parody songs of various chart hits. Pierre also presented the Big Brother update every morning. In September 2007, Pierre recorded a series of songs about different parts of Dublin. These songs featured as a bonus cd to the "Uncovered Unplugged" album.


During the Strawberry Alarm Clock Ski holiday to Andorra 2008, we met Chad. An Australian Ski instructor who loves women. He followed the team home and now offers advice to men of Dublin in dealing with 'their women'.

Previous/Occasional Characters On The Show

Psychic See-More

Psychic See-More is the resident psychic on The Strawberry Alarm Clock. Unlike most psychics, See-More has yet to correctly predict anything. Listeners who come on air for a psychic reading are usually left confused as See-More bluffs his way through the persons problems. In October 2008, Psychic Seemore led the Strawberry team to a live Halloween special at Charleville Castle.

Tommy Tabloid

Tommy Tabloid is a Fleet Street hack who joins Jim & Niamh every week reporting the real dirt behind the headlines, while occasionally mentioning his wife Tallulah. Tommy usually ends his call to the show while coughing loudly.


Damien is the work experience guy on The Strawberry Alarm Clock. He regularly interviews guests to the show and then posts them to the Strawberry Blog. Damien's interviews include Keith Duffy, James Blunt, The Coronas and Elliot Minor. Damien also tries to track down old celebrities as a weekly challenge.

Crusty Coughlan

Crusty is a "folk'n'ballad" singer from the midlands. She can usually be found looking for work as a singer but has also applied for jobs as a voiceover and an actor. Crusty's favourite food is "chicken in a basket".

Brian Cowen

Taoiseach Brian Cowen features each week on the "Life Of Brian". Brian chats with Jim & Niamh about the more obscure things in his life.

Uncle Ned

Niamh's Uncle Ned calls the show every Thursday with tales of his country life.

Big Mama

Big Mama, who chats with celebrity guests on the show. Guests are interviewed in Big Mama's Strawberry Bed. Previous stars include Keith Barry, Simon Delaney and Keith Duffy.

Mad Mike

Former FM104 Presenter Mike Hogan featured on the show until Summer 2007. Along with doing outdoor stunts for the show, Mike would play his funny bits on the show every morning.

Dangerous Deano

Dangerous Deano played his funny bits every morning and was also the show's on street presenter.

Stan & Eddie

Out of work and out of luck, Stan & Eddie try to take over the world every week. Unfortunately their attempts usually end up in disaster.

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