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The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody title card.jpg
Main title card
Format Family / Teen sitcom
Created by Danny Kallis
Jim Geoghan
Starring Cole Sprouse
Dylan Sprouse

Brenda Song
Ashley Tisdale
Phill Lewis
Kim Rhodes
Theme music composer Gary Scott (music)
John Adair &
Steve Hampton (lyrics)
Opening theme "Here I Am" performed by Loren Ellis and The Drew Davis Band
Ending theme "Here I Am" (instrumental)
(used in season one and some episodes of season two)
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 87[1] (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Danny Kallis
Irene Dreayer
Pamela Eells O'Connell
(seasons 2-3)
Jim Geoghan (season 3)
Camera setup Videotape, Multi-camera
Running time 22-23 minutes
Production company(s) Disney Channel Original Productions
It's a Laugh Productions (season 2+)
Original channel Disney Channel
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original run March 18, 2005 (2005-03-18) – September 1, 2008 (2008-09-01)
Status Ended
Followed by The Suite Life on Deck
External links
Official website

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is an American sitcom created by Danny Kallis and Jim Geoghan. The series premiered on Disney Channel on March 18, 2005 with 4 million viewers, making it the most successful premiere for Disney Channel in 2005. It was one of their first five shows available on the iTunes Store. The series was nominated for an Emmy Award three times and was nominated for Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards three times.

The series is set in the Tipton Hotel in Boston and centers on Zack and Cody Martin (Dylan and Cole Sprouse), trouble-making twins who live at the Tipton Hotel.[2] The series' other main characters are the ditzy hotel heiress London Tipton (Brenda Song), the candy counter girl Maddie (Ashley Tisdale), the hotel's manager, Mr. Moseby (Phill Lewis), and the boys' single mother Carey (Kim Rhodes), who is a performer in the hotel's nightclub.[2] The series is the third Disney Channel Original to have more than 65 episodes, after That's So Raven and Kim Possible.[3] Reruns air on both the Disney Channel and Disney XD.

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody was the first Disney Channel series to feature a tag scene (the final scene of a sitcom episode, featuring the closing credits running over it) at the end of each episode. This began during the show's second season; the first few episodes produced for that season did not include a tag scene (though these episodes were shown out of order with the episodes that had tags). Prior to 2006, all Disney Channel series featured the episode's final scene and the closing credits shown separately.[citation needed]



The show centers upon Zack and Cody Martin, twin brothers who live in the Tipton Hotel in Boston where their mother, Carey, sings and performs in the hotel lounge.[2] Also residing at the hotel is the hotel owner's daughter, London Tipton, who is impolite and ditzy. Maddie, whose real name is Madeline Fitzpatrick, is the hotel's down-to-earth candy-counter girl.[4] Mr. Moseby, the strict, dutiful, and serious manager is often a foil to Zack and Cody's schemes.[4] The show is often set at the Tipton Hotel, but various other settings like Zack and Cody's school, Cheevers High School,[5] and Maddie and London's private school, Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow Catholic School[6] are used.

Most episodes focus on two stories: The first one is commonly centered on Zack and Cody while the other story is usually centered on London and Maddie. Other staff of the Tipton sometimes appear in both of the stories. All of the stories involve both Zack and Cody.




Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Phill Lewis, and Kim Rhodes appeared in all 87 episodes of the series. Brenda Song missed two episodes and Ashley Tisdale missed twelve episodes throughout the series.

Character Actor
Cody Martin Cole Sprouse
Zack Martin Dylan Sprouse
London Tipton Brenda Song
Maddie Fitzpatrick Ashley Tisdale
Mr. Moseby Phill Lewis
Carey Martin Kim Rhodes

Actors with recurring roles

The following is a list of cast members who have appeared in significant roles as recurring characters throughout the series. Each of the cast members listed have appeared in between 6 and 45 episodes and the list is ordered according to the number of episodes credited (highest number first).[7] A complete list of all characters who have appeared more than once is included at List of recurring characters in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Character Actor Season(s)
Esteban Ramirez Adrian R'Mante 1-3
Arwin Q. Hawkhauser Brian Stepanek 1-3
Bob Charlie Stewart 1-3
Muriel Estelle Harris 1 & 3
Lance Fishman Aaron Musicant 1-3
Barbara Brownstein Sophie Oda 1-3
Millicent Kara Taitz 3
Patrick Patrick Bristow 1-3
Bartholomew Adam Tait 2-3
Norman the Doorman Anthony Acker 1-3
Janice and Jessica Camilla and Rebecca Rosso 2-3
Nia Moseby Giovonnie Samuels 3
Mary Margaret Monique Coleman 1-2
Max Alyson Stoner 1-2
Kurt Robert Torti 1-3
Irene the Concierge Sharon Jordan 1,2,&3
Corrie Vannessa Hudgens 1-2

Special appearances

Actor/Actress Special Appearance
The Cheetah Girls As themselves in the season three episode "Doin' Time in Suite 2330"
Chris Brown As himself in the season three episode "Doin' Time in Suite 2330"
Miley Cyrus As Hannah Montana in the season two episode "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana"
Zac Efron As Trevor in the season two episode "Odd Couples"
Tony Hawk As himself in the season three episode "Foiled Again"
Jesse McCartney As himself in the season one episode "Rock Star in the House"
Kay Panabaker As Amber in the season three episode "First Day of High School"
Raven-Symone As Raven Baxter in the season two episode "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana"
Jaden Christopher Syre Smith As Travis in the season three episode "Romancing the Phone"
The Veronicas As themselves in the second part of "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood"


  • Cody Martin (Cole Sprouse) – Cody is the calm, mature, and smarter twin. He is a "straight A" student (except in wood shop), making him better, academically, than his brother Zack, who gets "D"s. In the first season of the show it was revealed that Cody is ten minutes younger than Zack.[8] Janice and Jessica seem to like Cody more. Cody has an on-again, off-again girlfriend named Barbara. Cody has attended a Week in Washington program and math camp. Cody is the more gentle twin compared to his brother and somehow always gets talked into going along with Zack's schemes. In The Fairest of Them All, he dressed as a girl to win money.
  • Zack Martin (Dylan Sprouse) – Zack is typically the non-studious, outgoing, immature twin, who usually dresses in skater clothes. At school, he is a straight "D" student, although he does well in wood shop. In the first season of the show it was revealed that Zack is ten minutes older than Cody,[8] which he uses against Cody, normally telling him, since he's older, to do some sort of job that he doesn't want to do. Or in some cases, give him "brotherly" advice because, "I'm the older twin." He has a crush on Maddie, but after the first season, this was shown less. He has also taken advantage of teachers and has faked conditions like dyslexia (in Smart and Smarterer).
  • London Tipton (Brenda Song) – London is the Paris Hilton-like daughter of Wilfred Tipton, the owner of the Tipton Hotel. London is a dim-witted, spoiled, rich teenager with her own private suite at the Tipton Hotel in Boston, complete with a large wardrobe with several divisions (each with their own talking mirror) and a kitchen. London loves fashion; she only wears designer clothes and hates plaid, especially the plaid Catholic school uniforms. She does not have a nanny, or any other adult, to help her but relies on the Tipton Hotel Staff for any assistance or guidance. In the episode Forever Plaid, due to her poor attendance at her old school, she transferred to the same Catholic girls' school, "Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow," that Maddie attends. In the episode First Day of High School, London transfers to Zack and Cody's public school, "Cheevers High," due to being expelled from all of the private schools she had previously attended. She dislikes her step-moms (previous and current) and usually talks to Mr. Moseby and Maddie about her problems. When happy she always claps her hands repeatedly while saying her catchphrase, "Yay me!" She also has her own web show called "Yay Me! Starring London Tipton" that exists both within the program and in the real world.[9] London often refuses to go to school and even skipped detention twice. Though it seems like London may lead the ultimate rich-girl life, her childhood was not perfect. In the episode Arwinstein, she states she is allergic to lobster, although in one episode she asked Maddie for a lobster dinner. However, it is possible that she developed an allergy to lobster after the earlier episodes and before the later ones. It is also revealed in one episode that she must think about what she does before doing it. For example, she was walking through the lobby while thinking "left, right, blink, breathe" in the episode Super Twins (although this may be Zack's dream).
  • Maddie Fitzpatrick (Ashley Tisdale) – Maddie is the teenage candy-counter girl at the Tipton Hotel, who throughout the series holds several other jobs/positions including a cashier at the Cluck Bucket, manager on the Camp Tipton Daycare Center, and counselor for her school's summer camp program - Camp Heaven on Earth. She also visits Antarctica during the series to help save the penguins. While she comes from a lower class family, Maddie is very hard-working, outspoken, and intelligent. But in several episodes she is shown as being very selfish and a bigger opportunist than London, though she always loses out when this side of her personality is shown. Like Esteban, it is shown she has an incredibly long name; in the episode "Pilot Your Own Life," it is revealed to be Madeline Margaret Genevieve Miranda Catherine Fitzpatrick.[10] She attends private school at "Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow" and later attends "Cheevers High." Maddie is London's closest friend, though London often treats her like a servant, as in the episode Footloser, usually bribing her with money. Maddie also babysat Zack and Cody throughout season one. Zack has a huge crush on her in Season One, however the crush isn't shown as much during the other two seasons. She is a strong supporter of environmental causes. She is left-handed. It is revealed that she has asthma. She appeared sporadically throughout Season 3.
  • Mr. Marion Moseby (Phill Lewis) – Mr. Moseby is the uptight manager of the Tipton Hotel, who speaks with a humongous vocabulary and an urbane vernacular, and is often annoyed by Zack and Cody's schemes. His repeated catch phrases, "Good luck with that" or "Pish posh" have become his trademark. Though he acts as though he does not care about the boys, he actually has a great deal of affection for them. For example, when Mr. Moseby took the boys to a baseball game, he caught a ball for Cody, ultimately making Mr. Moseby "the most hated man in Boston." In the episode "The Ghost of 613," it is revealed that he started out at the Tipton as a bellhop back in the 1970s, and had a "voluminous 'fro," Mr. Moseby is more of a father to London than her own, because Mr. Tipton is seldom around. Moseby was always a fatherly figure to London. Moseby even taught London how to walk, her ABCs, and tried to teach her how to drive. He cares for London and treats her like his own. He also helps London with any problems she is having. He was also known as the "Meanager." Has an older brother named Spencer, who is a little person (played by Dana Michael Woods), who is very wealthy and lactose intolerant. His Mothers' name is Beulah Moseby, who favors Spencer, but still likes Marion. Grandmother is Rose Moseby (who is played by Phill Lewis) who visits him in the episode "Nugget of History." Has a 16 year-old niece named Nia Moseby (played by Giovonnie Samuels) who comes to stay with him during the third season and temporarily replaces Maddie as candy counter girl, while she is in Antarctica. A running gag of the series is that Mr. Moseby often makes a fool of himself in front of people (eg: hitting a baby doll that wouldn't stop crying against a chair when a woman with a baby walked by), or making a sarcastic comment about himself (that the customers think is true, and not sarcastic). Another running joke is that he often just barely catches a vase on the center table of the lobby from falling, although he fails to do that in the series' finale. In his schooling he was captain of the cheerleading squad; his experience with cheering coming in useful in a cheer-off. He also was a junior putt putt champion and taught Zack how to succeed in playing mini-golf. Mr. Moseby also took ballet lessons and is a very good dancer. When he practiced and participated in Esteban's dance school, he was temporarily partnered with Carey, but found it hard to dance with her since she is much taller than him. He also takes advantage of Zack and Cody in some cases, like in the episode "Heck's Kitchen" he treats them with room service so they will find a food critic.
  • Carey Martin (Kim Rhodes) – The single working mother of Zack and Cody is the hotel's lounge singer. She and her sons traveled to several cities before arriving at the Boston Tipton, which she called the "best gig we've ever had." She was married to Kurt Martin, but they divorced after the twins were born for unstated reasons. The character of Arwin has made it known on several occasions that he has a crush on her. Whenever Carey kisses Arwin he faints. When Zack and Cody have an argument, she tells them stories about her ex-boyfriends, much to their dismay.


The 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike resulted in no new episodes being shown starting in early February 2008. Instead, Disney Channel re-aired the first thirteen episodes of the series. After the strike ended, new episodes began airing on April 19, 2008. The show eventually ended for good with its series finale and a total of three seasons on September 1, 2008.[11]

Season Ep # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 1 26 March 18, 2005 January 27, 2006
Season 2 39 February 3, 2006 June 2, 2007
Season 3 22 June 23, 2007 September 1, 2008

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana

On July 28, 2006, That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana premiered. It is the very first Disney Channel crossover special. It featured the casts of That's So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and Hannah Montana. It is divided into three parts: "Checkin' Out," "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana," and "On the Road Again?"

Checkin' Out: The special started with the That's So Raven episode "Checkin' Out." When Raven Baxter checks into the Tipton Hotel, she meets Zack, Cody, and Mr. Moseby along with pretending to be a famous fashion photographer.

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana: When Raven finds out her flight back home is canceled, she stays and befriends Maddie Fitzpatrick. Maddie then tries to make London Tipton wear the dress that Raven designed. Meanwhile, Zack and Cody are planning their mother's surprise birthday party, but Raven has a vision that Cody will be attacked, and warns him that he should be careful when he hears bells and sneezing.

On the Road Again?: After checking in to the Tipton, Hannah befriends Maddie, so Maddie met her father and she recognized him as Robby Ray. Miley knew she must do something to get her father's Robby Ray identity back, because she believes that because of Hannah Montana, Robby had to give up his career as a singer.


Tipton Hotel

The Tipton Hotel is where Zack, Cody, Carey, and London all live, and where the majority of the other characters in the series work. It is the main setting for the series. The Tipton Hotel is located in Boston, MA.

The S.S. Tipton

In the episode Let Us Entertain You, Zack, Cody, and Carey spent a week vacationing on board the S.S. Tipton. It is also the setting of the sequel series, "The Suite Life on Deck". The first time the S.S. Tipton is referenced is in the episode, "To Catch a Thief." While Maddie talks to London on the phone a life preserver with the words "S.S. Tipton" can be seen in the background.

Buckner Middle School[12]

The twins' Middle School. The school's mascot is a badger.

In the scene outside of the school where a few students are walking between two buildings shows "The Mall" area that's located in Lincoln Park High School, in Chicago, Illinois. Some of the students that attend Buckner were Max, Bob, and Agnes. Carrie would come sit outside of the detention area while Zack was being punished. She said when she was outside the principal's office at Cheevers High that, "Thanks to Zack, I knitted 32 sweaters and an afghan."

The name comes from former-Boston Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner.

Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow Catholic School

Maddie and Mary Margaret (Monique Coleman) attended this private school in season one. Later in season two, Corrie (Vanessa Hudgens) and Leslie (Kaycee Stroh) were added to the minor cast, with London also attending the school in season two. In season three, London, Maddie, and Leslie no longer attend Our Lady. External shots of Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow Catholic School are of University College at the University of Toronto in Canada.

Paul Revere Mini Mart

Zack and Cody work at the Paul Revere mini mart for the manager, Wayne Wormser. The mini mart's motto is, "The savings are coming! The savings are coming!" It is across the street from another mini mart with a patriotic name and theme, The Betsy Ross Stop and Shop, which is run by Wormser's business enemy and fierce rival.

Camp Heaven On Earth

The summer camp where Maddie works over the summer. The only part of the camp shown is the cabin in which Maddie and the young girls stay.

Cheevers High School

Where Zack, Cody, London, Maddie, and Nia attend along with other students including Barbara, Bob, and Mark. This setting was used in "Lip Synchin' in the Rain," "First Day of High School," "Orchestra," and "Benchwarmers." John Marshall High School (Los Angeles, California) is shown in a snapshot as Cheevers High School.

Other places in Boston

Scenes also take place in several other places in Boston, including Fenway Park, a movie theater, Maddie's home, the local shopping mall, a bowling alley (The same bowling alley was used to film a scene from the Hannah Montana episode, "People Who Use People"),[13] a miniature golf course, Kurt's apartment, Mr. Moseby's home, the Goose Lodge, Liberty Park, a home where Maddie and her friends painted for a poor family for community service, and Arwin's apartment.

Theme song and opening sequence

The show's theme song, "Here I Am," was written by John Adair and Steve Hampton (who also wrote the theme for the show's spinoff The Suite Life on Deck, as well as for fellow Disney Channel series Phil of the Future and Wizards of Waverly Place, and the ABC Kids series Power Rangers: RPM), with music composed by Gary Scott (who also composed the music cues to signal scene changes and promo breaks, which are styled similarly to the theme), and is performed by Loren Ellis and the Drew Davis Band (who also performed the theme to Phil of the Future, and whose performance is uncredited).

The opening title sequence to the show begins with a shot of the Tipton Hotel's ground floor exterior, which then zooms to a window on what is presumed to be the 23rd Floor of the hotel (where Zack, Cody and Carey's suite is), which then displays clips from various episodes (which were updated for each season), with five clips featuring each cast member being shown after the computerized Tipton hotel exterior shoots from window to window. The sequence then closes with the show's title logo (a door plaque with the words "The Suite Life" with a piece of paper with the words "of Zack and Cody", made to look as if drawn by differently colored crayons, attached to it), which was accompanied by the Disney logo atop the title logo for the third season (all Disney Channel sitcoms made from 2007 onwards feature the Disney logo above the title logo). Starting with season two, the cast members and creators' names were displayed with a yellow glow around the text.

Sequel series

The Suite Life on Deck is a continuation series of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, that debuted on Disney Channel on September 19, 2008, set on a cruise ship with Zack, Cody, and London attending a semester-at-sea program, while Mr. Moseby manages the ship. Debby Ryan joins the cast as Bailey Pickett, who becomes Zack and Cody's friend (and Cody's crush) and London's friend and roommate.[14] While an attempted spin-off, Arwin!, was not picked up by Disney Channel,[15] The Suite Life on Deck skipped the pilot process and went straight to series.

Awards and nominations

Emmy Awards

Year Nomination
2006 Nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Choreography in the episode "Commercial Breaks"[16]
2007 Nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program[17]
2008 Nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program[18]

Kids' Choice Awards, USA

Year Nomination
2007 Nominated for "Favorite TV Show"[19]
2007 Cole Sprouse nominated for "Favorite TV Actor"[19]
2008 Nominated for "Favorite TV Show"[20]
2008 Cole Sprouse nominated for "Favorite TV Actor"[20]
2008 Dylan Sprouse nominated for "Favorite TV Actor"[20]
2009 Nominated for "Favorite TV Show"[21]
2009 Cole Sprouse nominated for "Favorite TV Actor"
2009 Dylan Sprouse won for "Favorite TV Actor"

Young Artist Awards

Year Nomination
2007 Won "Best Family Television Series (Comedy)"
2007 Guest star Sammi Hanratty nominated for "Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama)"
2007 Recurring guest-star Alyson Stoner nominated for "Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama)"
2007 Cole Sprouse nominated for "Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama)"
2007 Dylan Sprouse nominated for "Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama)"
2007 Guest star Sophie Oda nominated for "Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama)"

Kid's Choice Awards, UK

Year Nomination
2007 Won "Best Television Series"[22]
2007 Ashley Tisdale won for "Best Television Actress"[22]

Asian Excellence Awards

Year Nomination
2006 Brenda Song nominated for "Outstanding Newcomer Award"[23]

International release

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is broadcast on the following stations (and many others) around the world:

Country / Region Network(s) Series premiere Series title in country English meaning
Albania Albania Junior 2008 Jeta ne suite e Zak dhe Kodi The suite life of Zak and Code
Arab League Arab World Disney Channel
2005 Original Premiere The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
Argentina Argentina Disney Channel October 12, 2005 Zack y Cody: Gemelos en Acción Zack and Cody: Twins in Action
Australia Australia Disney Channel 15 April 2005[24] The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
Bulgaria Bulgaria Disney Channel 19 September 2009 Лудориите на Зак и Коди The Adventures of Zack and Cody
Brazil Brazil Disney Channel
Disney XD
October 12, 2005 Zack e Cody: Gêmeos em Ação Zack and Cody: Twins in Action
Canada Canada Family Channel September 3, 2005 The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
VRAK.TV (Quebec) August 27, 2007 La Vie de palace de Zack et Cody The deluxe life of Zack and Cody
Chile Chile Disney Channel
Disney XD
Canal 13 (Chile)
October 12, 2005 Zack y Cody: Gemelos en Acción Zack and Cody: Twins in Action
Colombia Colombia Disney Channel October 12, 2005 Zack y Cody: Gemelos en Acción Zack and Cody: Twins in Action
Croatia Croatia HRT Lagadni život Zacka i Codyja The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Czech Republic Czech Republic Disney Channel September 19, 2009 Sladký život Zacka a Codyho Sweet Life of Zack and Cody
Denmark Denmark Disney Channel September 16, 2005 Zack og Codys søde hotelliv Zack and Cody's sweet hotel life
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Disney Channel October 10, 2005 Zack y Cody: Gemelos en Acción Zack and Cody: Twins in Action
Finland Finland Disney Channel September 16, 2005 Zackin ja Codyn viiden tähden elämää The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
France France Disney Channel
NRJ 12
Disney XD
France 3
September 23, 2005 La vie de palace de Zack et Cody The deluxe life of Zack and Cody
Germany Germany Disney Channel
Super RTL
October 3, 2005
June 3, 2007
Hotel Zack & Cody The Zack & Cody hotel
Greece Greece ΕΡΤ (ΕRT)
Disney XD
Disney Channel
November 2008
October 3, 2009
November 7, 2009
Ζακ Και Κόντυ, Σκανδαλιές στο ξενοδοχείο Zack And Cody, Hotel Troubles
Hong Kong Hong Kong Disney Channel, TVB Pearl November 2008 The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody
Zack & Cody 同一酒店下
The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody
Zack and Cody in the same hotel
Hungary Hungary Disney Channel 19th September 2009 Zack és Cody élete The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody
India India Disney Channel February 2006 The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Republic of Ireland Ireland Disney Channel
Disney XD
7 May 2005
March 2008
31 August 2009
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Israel Israel Arutz HaYeladim June 25, 2007 החיים היפים של זאק וקודי The Sweet Life of Zack & Cody
Italy Italy Disney Channel
Italia 1
March 2007 Zack e Cody al Grand Hotel Zack and Cody at the Great hotel
Malaysia Malaysia Disney Channel September 2005 The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Small Check With The Top Life
Mexico Mexico Disney Channel October 12, 2005 Zack y Cody: Gemelos en Acción Zack and Cody: Twins in Action
Netherlands Netherlands Disney XD/Disney Channel (Netherlands & Belgium) June 1, 2008, October 3, 2009 Het hotelleven van Zack & Cody The Hotel Life of Zack and Cody
New Zealand New Zealand Disney Channel
September 2005 The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Norway Norway Disney Channel September 16, 2005 Zack og Codys søte hotelliv Zack and Cody's sweet hotel life
Panama Panama Disney Channel
September 2005 / January 2007 Zack y Cody: Gemelos en Acción Zack and Cody: Twins in action
Philippines Philippines Disney Channel September 2005 The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Poland Poland Disney Channel
Disney XD
December 2, 2006
October 7, 2008
January 10, 2009
Nie ma to jak hotel Hotel Sweet Hotel
Portugal Portugal Disney Channel 2005 Hotel Doce Hotel: As Aventuras de Zack e Cody Hotel sweet Hotel: The adventures of Zack and Cody
Romania Romania Disney Channel September 19, 2009 Zack & Cody, ce viata minunata Zack & Cody, what a great life
Russia Russia STS
Disney Channel Russia
February 9, 2009 Всё тип-топ, или жизнь Зака и Коди Everything's alright, or Life of Zack and Cody
Singapore Singapore Disney Channel September 2005 The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Zack and Cody's deluxe life
Slovenia Slovenia Kanal A November 15, 2008 Paglavca v hotelu Brats in a hotel
South Africa South Africa Disney Channel September 26, 2006
South Korea South Korea Disney Channel September 2005 잭과 코디, 우리집은 스위트 룸 Zack and Cody, our House is Suite Room
Spain Spain Disney Channel
Antena 3
September 12, 2006 Hotel dulce hotel: Las aventuras de Zack y Cody Hotel sweet hotel: The adventures of Zack and Cody
Sweden Sweden Disney Channel September 16, 2005 Zack & Codys ljuva hotelliv Zack & Cody's sweet hotel life
Switzerland Switzerland SF Zwei Hotel Zack & Cody The Zack & Cody hotel
Republic of China Taiwan Disney Channel 2005 小查與寇弟的頂級生活 The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Thailand Thailand Disney Channel September 2005 The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Turkey Turkey Disney Channel
Disney XD
2005 (dx 2009) Zack and Cody'nin lüks yaşamı Zack ve Cody's lux life
United Kingdom United Kingdom Disney Channel
Disney XD
7 May 2005
31 August 2009
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
United States United States Disney Channel
ABC Kids
Toon Disney
Disney XD
March 18, 2005
September 1, 2008
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Venezuela Venezuela Disney Channel
October 2005
May - June 2008
Zack y Cody: Gemelos en Acción Zack and Cody: Twins in action
Vietnam Vietnam Disney Channel September 2005 The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

DVD releases

DVD Title Release Date Episodes Featured Bonus Features
Disney Channel Holiday November 1, 2005 *Christmas At The Tipton (Season 1) Plus episodes from Phil of the Future, Lizzie McGuire, and That's So Raven.
Volume 1: Taking Over the Tipton October 24, 2006 *Rock Star In The House (Season 1)
*Kisses & Basketball (Season 1)
*Odd Couples (Season 2)
*French 101 (Season 2)
*Never Before Seen Episode: A Midsummer's Nightmare (Season 2)
*Behind The Scenes Featurette
That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana January 16, 2007 *Checkin' Out (That's So Raven, Season 4)
*That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana (The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Season 2)
*On The Road Again (Hannah Montana, Season 1)
*So You Think You Know Raven Challenge, Volume 2
*Never Before Seen Episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody (Health and Fitness, Season 2)
*Who Said by Miley Cyrus
Volume 2: Sweet Suite Victory January 26, 2007 *Band In Boston (Season 1)
*Election (Season 2)
*Not So Suite 16 (Season 2)
The Suite Life's Sweet Lift Challenge hosted by Brenda Song
Gag reel
Wish Gone Amiss November 27, 2007 *Gone Wishin' (Cory in the House, Season 1)
*Super Twins (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Season 3)
*When You Wish You Were the Star (Hannah Montana, Season 2)
*I Wish I May, I Wish I Might: A Guide to Making Wishes hosted by Jason Earles
Volume 3: Lip Synchin In the Rain June 17, 2008 *Lip Synchin' In the Rain (Season 3)
*The Arwin That Came to Dinner (Season 3)
*A Tale of Two Houses (Season 3)
*Orchestra (Season 3)
*'Twin-Tastic' - Get the 411 on everything twins
*Gag reel

All episodes of the show are available on iTunes and Zune.

The Complete First Season was released to Germany on November 13, 2008.[25]

According to, all three seasons of the show will be released, however no release dates have been announced.

Other media


Like many Disney Channel Original Series, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody had a number of novels based on episodes of the series, as well as original books. The following list of novels is based on information from the Barnes & Noble website[26] and List of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody episodes.

# Novel title Published Based on episode
1 Hotel Hangout May 2006 Hotel Hangout
2 Double Trouble May 2006 Maddie Checks In
3 The Room of Doom August 2006 The Ghost of Suite 613
4 Zack Attack November 2006 Footloser
5 Check It Out February 2007 Hotel Inspector
6 Star Crazy November 2007 Rock Star in the House
7 Side By Side[citation needed] August 2008 Who's the Boss


The series has spawned three video games entitled The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Tipton Caper for the Game Boy Advance, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Tipton Trouble, and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Circle of Spies for the Nintendo DS.[27]

Disney Press has released several books based on the shows including The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Tipton Caper, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Tipton Trouble, and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Circle of Spies novels based on the television episode and the video game.[28] A calendar for the show, Disney The Suite Life of Zack and Cody 2008 Calendar[29] has been released. Merchandise based on the series are sold exclusively at, Wal-Mart, Sears, Macy's, and several other retailers. They include clothing (such as pajamas[30] and tee shirts),[31] bags (tote bags, backpacks, etc), bedding collection,[32][33] and toys.[34]


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The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is a family sitcom about two teenage identical twins, Zack and Cody Martin.


Season 1

Hotel Hangout [1.1]

London: Good news!
Maddie: Me, too!
London: Me first: I got a C+ in math!
Maddie: [confused] That's good news?
London: Yeah! Thanks to you, I passed. My daddy got me a plasma screen TV!
Maddie: Wow, all I get when I get an A+ is an extra slice of pie.
London: Is that your good news?
Maddie: No, I took your advice and broke up with Lance. I was blunt... I was direct... and if I do say so myself I was pretty darn mean!
London: So I learned something from you and you learned something from me!
Maddie: Yeah! And now you have a plasma TV and... I don't have a boyfriend.
London: So everybody's happy!

Maddie: I can't believe I'm going out with him again!
London: I can't believe I might have to wear plaid!
Maddie: Teach me to be mean!
London: Teach me to be smart!
Both: Help me!

The Fairest of Them All [1.2]

Maddie: I hate beauty pageants!
Carey: I know. I never won one, either.
Maddie: The point is, people award girls for being shallow, plastic robots. What kind of superficial airhead thinks that's cool?
[London enters wearing a beauty pageant sash.]
London: Isn't this cool?
Maddie: Oh, that kind.

Carey: [to Cody] Are you wearing lipstick?
Zack: Yeah, I put it on him. That's what the fight was about.
Carey: [to Zack] That wasn't very nice! [turns to Cody] And that's not your shade.

Maddie Checks In [1.3]

Maddie: You recycle?
Jason: Sure, bottles, cans, everything.
Maddie: Since when?
Jason: Since my father bought Oregon and started chopping down trees. You ever heard of Octicorp?
Maddie: The center of all evil?
Jason: That's Dad!
Maddie: Uh, I protest against them.
Jason: Me too!
Maddie: [excited] I got dragged off by a cop!
Jason: I got grounded for two weeks.

Jason: So uh.. I guess I should say goodbye. Or, uh... you could invite me into your suite?
Maddie: My sweet what? Oh, my suite! In the hotel where I live because I'm rich.

Hotel Inspector [1.4]

Zack: So, is the evil hotel inspector gone yet?
Inspector: No, she's right here.
Zack: Whoa! What's that on her face? [Carey covers Zack's mouth.]
Moseby: It's a beauty mark!
Cody: It has a hair on it! [Carey covers Cody's mouth.]
Carey: It's a good thing I don't have triplets! I would run out of hands!

Cody: Thanks for the Red Sox tickets, Mr. Moesby!
Zack: Yeah, we know they're usually reserved for guests, so-
Ilsa: Oh! Providing guest tickets to friends?
Mr. Moesby: They're not my friends.
Ilsa: Providing guest tickets to strangers?

Grounded on the 23rd Floor [1.5]

Maddie: I've arranged the counter. Now tell me, what draws your eye?
Zack: You do, sweet thang!
Maddie: Please. Some of this candy is older than you.

Carey: You have kids?
Moseby: No. And after seeing yours, not gonna happen!

The Prince & The Plunger [1.6]

Carey: Serge, you know, that poem you wrote me was so lovely, I wrote a little something for you. "Violets are Blue. Roses are Red. My boys were right. Go soak your head."

Cody: Did you see how those flowers made Mom smile?
Zack: Yeah, it's great. If she has a boyfriend, she'll be so busy being all girly with him, she'll leave us alone!
Cody: And she'll be happy...
Zack: And we'd be able to play that video game!
Cody: And she'll be happy.
Zack: And we won't have to make our beds!
Cody: And she'll be HAPPY!
Zack : You're so selfish! Can't you think of anything besides mom's happiness?

Footloser [1.7]

Zack: Mom, guess what? I'm gonna be on TV!
Carey: Oh, no. What did you set on fire?

Mr. Moseby: Esteban, I need you.
Esteban: When I am good and ready!
Mr. Moesby: What did you say?
Esteban: Now I am good and ready!

A Prom Story [1.8]

Zack: I'm a guy with mature interests.
Maddie: Such as?
Zack: Politics... culture... PG-13 movies...

Maddie: Uh, London, do you think you could talk to Moseby about getting the ballroom for our prom?
London: Sure.
Jeff: Thank you! You are awesome!
London: Oh, I love helping the poor and needy.
Mary: We are not a charity.
London: Have you seen what you're wearing?

Band in Boston [1.9]

London: I don't like this tangerine!
Maddie: No, that's a TAMBORINE! A tangerine is what the audience is gonna throw at you!

Max: Will you guys stop fighting?
Cody: We are not fighting, we are having a creative discussion.
Zack: We are too fighting.
Cody: Creative discussion!
Zack: Fight!
Cody: Discussion!
Max: I can't believe you guys are fighting about if you're having a fight!

Cody Goes to Camp [1.10]

Carey: You guys have never been apart, not ever.
Zack: Except for the first ten minutes when Cody wasn't born. Those were the days.

Zack: I know he's having a miserable time. We have twin telepathy. It's like my brain is receiving phone calls from him.
Carey: Well, you have a bad connection. Hang up.
Zack: Uh, uh. I can sense these things. Remember when Cody broke his leg and I sensed it?
Carey: That's because you're the one who fell on his leg and broke it.

To Catch a Thief [1.11]

Maddie: Have you two totally lost it?
Cody: You're the one talking to a dog.
Maddie: And she agrees with me. You've lost it.

Eddie: Hey, check it out! Look at all those jewels. That'll buy us a month in Hawaii.
Nick: Or if we budget our money carefully, four weeks.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel [1.12]

[After learning that there is no treasure]
Esteban: Now I'll never own this hotel.
Maddie: And I'll never be the President.
Cody: I'll never win the Nobel Prize.
Zack: I'll never marry Maddie.
London: On the bright side, I'm still rich. Yay, me!

Carey: Have you seen my kids?
Moseby: No. Have you seen my employees?
Carey: No.
Moseby: I have a bad feeling about this.
Carey: Me, too, but let's stay calm. I'm sure my kids are fine and your hotel is in one piece [hears explosion] or pieces.

Poor Little Rich Girl [1.13]

Mr. Moseby Your father has to stay incognito.
London Where is Cognito?
Mr. Moseby: In hiding.
London Where is Hiding?

London: Just because I have no money, the bank stops being nice to me?
Mr. Moseby: Shocking, isn't it?

Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet [1.14]

Muriel: My doctor says I should stay away from chocolates... and younger men.
London: Aren't you supposed to be working?
Muriel: What's your point?

London: So Todd really wanted to kiss me?
Maddie: No, he wanted to kiss the plant!
London: Why would he want to kiss the plant?
Maddie: He doesn't. He wants to kiss you!
London: So Todd really wanted to kiss me?
Maddie: It's a special night. Don't make me slap you.

Rumors [1.15]

Maddie: How would you feel if people were spreading rumors about you?
London: Hey, every time I'm in the paper, my social life just gets better and better.
Maddie: Yeah? Well, my social life is going down the tubes because Chuck heard your lie and dumped me!
London: Oh, honey, I heard a rumor he was gonna dump you anyway.

London: I want whoever it was to be thrown into the Tipton dungeon.
Moseby: We don't have a dungeon, but I can have him fired.
London: From a cannon?

Big Hair & Baseball [1.16]

Patrick: Here are your menus. Would you like some crayons?

Carey: [singing] I recommend the Crême Brulée!
Patrick: [singing] I recommend you go away!

Rock Star in the House [1.17]

London: Don't worry. I'll get us in there to see him rehearse. After all, he's a celebrity. I'm a celebrity. We're first celebrities once removed.
Moseby: You go in there and you'll be removed.

Cody: I've gotta win this science award. Then I can get into M.I.T. and invent a nanobot that eats oil spills and be able to retire comfortably while taking care of my aging mother and paying my brother's bail money.
Arwin: Zack's in jail?
Cody: Not yet.

Smart and Smarterer [1.18]

Zack: You should know that there's some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that I got D's in Math, English, and Social Studies.
Carey: And what's the good news?
Zack: I'm out of bad news.

London: [picking up a chess piece] Maddie, what are these do-hickeys? Are they expensive, and do I want to buy them?
Maddie: No, these are chess pieces. It's a game that's been played for 5000 years.
London: Well, then, someone should have won already.

The Ghost of Suite 613 [1.19]

Esteban: It is up to us to help the ghost cross over to a better place.
Maddie: You mean the St. Mark Hotel, where they pay extra?
Esteban: This is not a joking matter.
Maddie: Obviously you've never seen my paycheck.

Maddie: There's no such thing as ghosts.
London: Wrong, as usual. I've seen this ghost. It was so scary, I dropped my new purse. And left it there!
Maddie: With money in it?
London: Oh, just the regular $1,000 bill every kid gets for allowance... [Maddie, Zack and Cody suddenly bolt for the elevator.] Hey! Just 'cause I don't need it doesn't mean it's not mine.

Dad's Back [1.20]

Zack: Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm going home to Mother.
Kurt: That's exactly what your mother said when she left me, and a few other things I can't mention.

Kurt: Come on, have a sense of humor!
Carey: Well, I married you, didn't I?
Kurt: There it is!

Christmas at the Tipton [1.21]

Moseby: Esteban, the hotel limo is just out front. See if the driver can make it to the airport. Free of charge, of course.
Zack: You would really do that for us, Mr. Moseby?
Moseby: Of course, Zack. I want you boys to have the best Christmas possible even if it means being far, far, far away from my hotel!

Maddie: [after receiving London's gift] But I wanted a car... that would keep all of me warm.
London: I made it with my own two hands.
Maddie: It looks like you made it with your own two feet!
London: I thought you'd be happy that I put so much effort into it. You're always accusing me of being superficial.
Maddie: And you had to pick Christmas to become deep?

Kisses and Basketball [1.22]

London: It's just there are so many beautiful things out there to buy. How can you possibly resist them?
Maddie: I have no money.
London: Well, some of us aren't that lucky.

Maddie: All right, all right. I'll help you. Give me your credit cards. [holds out her hand to accept them. London gives her one.] Mmmhmm... [London gives her another.] Mmmhmm...[London pulls a wallet full of credit cards out of her purse and gives it to Maddie. Maddie takes them and they all fall out.]
London: Take care of my babies. They like to be taken out twice a day.

Pilot Your Own Life [1.23]

Teen Trend Lady: Good, London, good. Now give us a snobby look.
London: I have about twenty different ones. Which one do you want?
Teen Trend Lady: One that says "Only I can afford these clothes!"
London: Ooh! Number seven! One of my favorites!
Teen Trend Lady: Perfect. Now, that is a wrap!
London: Actually, it's a really shiny scarf!

Carey: You're using my son as a spy?
Maddie: Oh, like you're using him for anything better.

Crushed [1.24]

Agnes: You're my Little Rebel. Agnes Likes!
Zack: But... [Agnes puts finger on Zack's lips.]
Agnes: Shh. Don't speak. Your eyes speak for you.
Zack: I wished they'd shut up!

Cody: Agnes, what Zack is trying to say is, you came on a little strong.
Zack: No, what Zack is trying to say is [opens door] "Leave."

Commercial Breaks [1.25]

[Everyone sings.]
Esteban: Welcome to the Tipton!
Maddie: Where everything is sweet!
Patrick: Try joining us for dinner. May we offer you a seat?
Carey: Next time stay at the Tipton! The Tipton puts you on top! When you stay at the Tipton, the good times they never stop! Because you're the star when you travel far. The food is always gourmet!
Everyone: At the Tipton; it's your place to stay!
Zack and Cody: We're livin' large at the Tipton. The Tipton's our place to play! Room service, movies and ice cream!
Maddie: In Paris, New York or Bombay!
Everyone: Hang your hat! By our welcome mat! We want you to have it your way, your way! At the Tipton, at the Tipton, at the Tipton: Your place to stay!
Zack and Cody: And bring the family!
Everyone: The Tipton is the place to stay!
Moseby: Check in!

Zack: We persevered, and hoped, and dreamed for the failure of others!
Cody: And they didn't let us down!
Carey: That's my boys!

Boston Holiday [1.26]

Zack: Try this hot dog.
Sanjay: In this country you eat dogs?
Zack: No, a hot dog is made of... well, nobody really knows for sure.

Zack: I have a plan.
Cody: [to Sanjay] Don't listen to him. That's what he always says right before we get grounded.
Zack: No, this plan is sure-fire.
Cody: Correction. That's what he always says right before we get grounded.

Season 2

Odd Couples [2.27]

Trevor: [talking about a painting] This is either a work of staggering genius or it was painted by a cat.
London: How does he hold the brush?

[Inside Cody's closet]
Bob: Isn't this awesome?
Jeremy: It's like a little house.
Warren: It's elegant yet casual.
Bob: It's sophisticated yet tasteful.
Zack: I think it's stupid yet stupid.

French 101 [2.28]

London [to a purse snatcher]: You can't have this purse! It doesn't match your outfit!

[Bob comes into the lobby and sees Cody chasing Zack.]
Bob: Where are they going?
Moseby: With any luck, the Bermuda Triangle

Day Care [2.29]

London: You never gave up on me when I was learning the alphabet!
Moseby: But that took 14 years!
London: And now I know my ABDs.

Esteban: [sings] Rock-a-bye, chicken, in the tree top. Watch out for the farmer. Your head he will chop.
Zack: Don't you know any lullabies that don't involve decapitating poultry?

Heck's Kitchen [2.30]

Cody: Zack, stuff the chicken with vegetables!
Zack: What if she doesn't like them?
Cody: She's dead.
Zack: Well, then, that'll make it easier!

Cody: London, get out there and toss a salad.
London: At who?

Free Tippy [2.31]

Moseby: [talking to Mr. Tipton on cell phone] No, sir, that's Mrs. Delacourt.
Mrs. Delacourt: [talks into phone] Of the Boston Delacourts. We own the larger island next to yours. By the way, your yacht looks a tad ratty!

Maddie: [about the replacement brooch] London, that is not the point. This one doesn't have sentimental value.
London: That's right. It has dollar-mental value.

Forever Plaid [2.32]

Sister Dominick: You and your friend Maddie have just bought yourselves two hours of detention.
Maddie: But I've never gotten detention in my entire life.
London: Neither have I.
Maddie: That's because you never go to school!
London: And now you know why.

Carey: You're gonna write those girls an apology and an essay on why peeping is wrong. Five hundred words each.
Zack: Five hundred words? Couldn't you just ground us?
Carey: One thousand.
Zack: One thousand!
Carey: Two thousand. You wanna go for three?
Cody: Quit while we're behind. You don't even know three thousand words.

Election [2.33]

Cody: Promise me that nobody will get hurt.
Maddie: I can't make that promise!
Cody: Oddly, I'm OK with that.

Zack: Hey, Maddie, I'm running for class president!
Maddie: Great! What's your platform?
Zack: "Vote for Zack."
Maddie: No, that's your slogan. Your platform covers the issues you care about. What do you care about most?
Zack: I care about the people who vote for Zack!

Moseby's Big Brother [2.34]

Carey: Having a younger sibling can be tough. I remember torturing my younger sister.
Moseby: I didn't know you had a sister.
Carey: Yeah. She doesn't talk to me any more.

Cody: It's about doing your homework, eating your broccoli when Mom isn't looking!
Zack: You offered it to me!
Cody: Yeah, because that's what brothers do for each other! But it's never reciprocal!
Zack: Huh?
Cody: Reciprocal means it would be nice if you did something for me for a change!
Zack: I did! You offered me money and I took it!

Books & Birdhouses [2.35]

Cody: Take an easy class? Like wood shop?
Zack: What makes you think wood shop is easy?
Cody: Duh, you're taking it.

Zack: Do you think wood grows on trees?

Not So Sweet 16 [2.36]

Maddie: Great news!
Esteban: The revolution has begun in my country and they want to put my grandmama back on the throne?

Carey: London, when you said you wanted me to sing to the guests, I thought it would be in the main room, not the bathroom.
London: I want my guests to be entertained at all times.
Carey: Well, now my career is literally in the toilet.

Twins at the Tipton [2.37]

Zack: I wanna make fun of Cody before his date, and it's always nice to have backup.
Bob: Actually, I'm here because there is no date... Irma postponed it.
Zack: When?
Bob: When I say postponed, I mean dumped!
Zack: She dumped him? That'll crush him! We'll have to break it to him gently. [Cody walks in.] Welcome to the club!
Cody: What club?
Zack: The-Guys-Who-Aren't-Dating-Irma Club.
Bob: That's your idea of gentle?
Zack: Hey, I didn't hit him.

Kirk: I'd like a chocolate bar, please.
Maddie: You can have anything you want!
Kirk: I'd like a chocolate bar.

Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee [2.38]

Zack: It's my motto: "Aim low and avoid disappointment."
Cody: I thought your motto was "Sleep and eat."
Zack: It's my other motto, and it's not as easy as it seems. Sometimes you eat too much and you can't sleep. Sometimes you sleep too much and miss the meals.
Cody: Boy, your life is such a delicate balance.
Zack: You have no idea!

Carey: What have I told you, Zack? "Neither a borrower nor a lender be."
Zack: Well, I'm halfway there. I never lend.

Bowling [2.39]

Carey: You locked him in the hallway with no clothes.
Zack: But two weeks of no TV is cruel and unusual punishment.
Carey: Don't push it. And if you do it again, I'll ground you so long they'll write country music songs about it.

Carey: What is it with you? I tell you not to do something, and you promise not to do it, and you do it anyways!
Zack: Life, it's all a learning experience.

Kept Man [2.40]

Zack: Me and Cody were going to see Killer Koala.
Theo: Saw it. He was framed by the platypus.

Zack: I've learned two things today. It's that, one, you can't buy friendship; and two, city bus drivers take pity on you when you're half naked.

The Suite Smell of Excess [2.41]

Maddie: I bet you also think that a woman's place is in the kitchen!
Esteban: Only after she gets back from the grocery store!
Maddie: Oh, that attitude is so typically male! I'll have you know, women are capable of doing anything!
Esteban: How about talking quietly?

Esteban: Why must all women shop so much! Nine shopping bags!
London: One for every day of the week!

Going for the Gold [2.42]

Irv: [walks over to Carey] The name's Weldon. Irv Weldon. And I like to be shaken, not stirred.
Arwin: Oh, that Weldon is as smooth as porcelain.

Moseby: Well, most things worth getting require hard work. Which is an experience, shall I say, you have been deprived of.
London: How so?
Moseby: Whenever you want something, you just call daddy and he gets it for you.
London: It's not as easy as it looks. Daddy has a lot of different numbers.

Boston Tea Party [2.43]

Maddie: [about George Washington] He's the guy on the $1 bill.
London: They make a $1 bill?

Maddie: Give me liberty-
Cody: Or give me death!
Zack: Is there a third choice?

Have a Nice Trip [2.44]

Moseby: What happened?
Zack: Why do you always look at me?
Moseby: Force of habit. What was it, the rascally elves?

Cody: Where would she have learned to con people like that?
Zack: I'm thinking she was home schooled.

Ask Zack [2.45]

Cody: How do you know Darlene is talking about you? Oh, yeah, she said "obnoxious."
Cody: I've got great news! I just got appointed Editor of the school paper!
Zack: We have a school paper?
Cody: Yeah. You know, there's free copies outside the Library.
Zack: We have a Library?
Cody: Okay, I don't blame you for not reading the Revere Express. It stinks, but Ms. Cohen expects me to turn it around, the same way I turned around the Math Lab.
Zack: We have a Math Lab?

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana [2.46]

What the Hey [2.47]

Maddie: I just heard the good news.
London: Yes, I just bought my 1000th pair of shoes.
Maddie: No! Your father's getting remarried!
London: You call that news?

Moseby: Oh dear, did I just hear you say there's another new Mrs. Tipton?
London: Uh-huh.
Moseby: I wish I would've known. I would have bought them an extravagant gift, although the warranties on my last two gifts lasted longer than the marriages.

A Midsummer's Nightmare [2.48]

Mr. Forgess: Hey, Bob, I'm happy to see you here. I didn't know you had an interest in Shakespeare.
Bob: I don't. My mom said it was this or oboe lessons.

Cody: I'm Bottom?
Zack: That part must stink!
Cody: But that's the character who gets turned into a donkey.
Bob: A donkey named Bottom? Definitely stinks!
Cody: Oh, yeah? What part did you get?
Bob: Well, whatever it is, it's got to be better than Bottom.
Agnes: You're Puck, the fairy.
Bob: A fairy? I hate my Mom!

Lost in Translation [2.49]

Cody: It's International Week at school, and I've learned to say things in ten different languages!
Zack: And I've learned to snore in ten different languages.

Carey: You have to figure out what you're going to do.
Zack: Don't worry. I've got International Day covered.
Carey: Bringing in a slice of Swiss cheese doesn't count.
Zack: What if I put it on a German kaiser roll?

Volley Dad [2.50]

Cody: I don't think Harvey's right for Mom. And you're just happy because he's rich.
Zack Ta-ta, no! I-I-I think he's a kind, caring man who — who happens to have a mansion with five bathrooms. We could all go at once, and still have one toilet left over!

Cody: Our fridge is the size of R2D2!

Loosely Ballroom [2.51]

Jessica: [to Zack] Your theory on the origin of the universe is fascinating.
Janice: Really, really fascinating.
Cody: I can't take this. The theory of the origin of the universe is the "string" theory, not the "string-cheese" theory.

Cody: Esteban, now you have enough money to pay for your little sister's quinceañera.
Esteban: Oh, yes. And I would like to thank everyone from the heart of my bottom!
Zack: Bottom of my heart.
Esteban: That, too!

Scary Movie [2.52]

Zack: [to Cody] Why is she still here?
Carey: To remind you not to see anything inappropriate, like Bullet Sandwich or Zombie Mom.
Cody: Fine, but when you pick us up, no hugging and no calling us "my little men."
Carey: Why don't you just rip my heart out?
Zack: I think that's how Zombie Mom ends.

Cody: Even though I found the plotline was thin and the blood-drinking scene quite gratuitous, it scared the snot out of Janice. And she held on to me the whole time.
Zack: Yeah, great flick.
Cody: I could tell you liked it by your screaming.
Zack: I wasn't screaming. I was cheering. [Cody moves to turn the light off.] Don't you turn off that light!
Cody: Or what, you'll "cheer" again?

Ah, Wilderness! [2.53]

Cody: We haven't even had our first meeting yet, and you're already breaking the rules?
Zack: Look, I didn't join up just to follow a bunch of dopey rules. I joined so I could tie knots, climb things and start campfires.
Moseby: Basically, all the stuff you do in my lobby.

Warren: This is no picnic, ma'am.
Bob: It is a tough, macho journey into the deep dark unknown.
Zack: TAXI!

Birdman of Boston [2.54]

Zack: [after the mother hawk flies away] Who is going to hatch the egg?
Cody: I will.
Zack: Okay, but you'd better squat real low.

Moseby: I talked to the zoo, and they're willing to take the baby hawk as an honored guest.
Patrick: Oh, brilliant solution. Everyone's happy.
Maddie: I know Cody, and he'll never put his baby in a cage.
Moseby: Oh, well, maybe the zoo will also take the twins. Oh, happy day!

Nurse Zack [2.55]

Dr. Chip: So, who's the patient?
Carey: That would be me, the woman lying in bed, sneezing her guts out.
Dr. Chip: Actually, you can't really sneeze your guts out. I wrote a paper on it.
Cody: What grade did you get?
Dr. Chip: That's not important!

Zack: For Cody, two hundred single-ply napkins.
Cody: I wanted two-ply.
Zack: [throwing box in Cody's direction] Glue them together. [the box hits Cody's head.]
Cody: Ow...
Zack: Here's an ice pack. [prepares to throw it]
Cody: Never mind!
Carey: Honey, why don't you just walk the stuff to him?
Zack: It's not my fault all he can catch is a cold.

Club Twin [2.56]

Maddie: Hey, guys. So, how'd the summer job hunt go?
Cody: I tell ya, it's tough to secure employment in an economic climate where interest rates are climbing and large cap stocks are fluctuating wildly.
Zack: Plus, we got turned down by Taco Schmaco.
Maddie: Well, Señor Schmaco does like employees to see over the counter.

Cody: Zack, you told me you booked two dancers who looked like they were from the '60s, not two dancers in their sixties!
Zack: They looked hot here in this picture.
Cody: Didn't you notice the brontosaurus in the background?

Risk It All [2.57]

Cody: [talking like Elvis] Don’t cry, little lady. You're getting tears on my blue suede shoes.

London: Whatcha doing?
Maddie: [typing angrily] I'm composing an irate letter to Mr. Moseby in an attempt to express my inner angst and achieve emotional catharsis.
London: Whatcha doing?
Maddie: Typing.

A Nugget of History [2.58]

History Teacher: You seem a little batty!
Mosbey's Grandmother: Oh, I'm batty; this bat is batty! [pulls a bat out of a bag and chases Zack's teacher]

Maddie: London, someone's at the drive-thru. Use this script to take their order.
London: [presses button] Hello. Can you take your order, please? [Gibberish is heard through the speaker.] Huh?
Maddie: They said they want a Cluck Muncher Meal. Press that button. Use the script!
London: [presses button and reads from script] Would you like anything else? Suggest whatever's getting cold... Oh.

Miniature Golf [2.59]

Zack: I got beaten by a girl! It's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me!
Cody: More embarrassing than the time in gym class when your shorts fell down?
Zack: That was you.

Carrie: Zack, I can't believe you're being that shallow.
Cody: Face it, Mom. He's as shallow as a kiddie pool.
Zack: At least I'm not scared to swim in one.

Health and Fitness [2.60]

Cody: What's wrong, Chef Paolo?
Chef Paolo: It's the results of my blood test.
Zack: It can't be that bad.
Chef Paolo: They found bacon bits!

Chef Paolo: [reading a note from Cody] Chef Paolo, here's your midnight snack: one chocolate chip. If you learn to enjoy things in moderation, you can live healthier. [takes a small bite from the chocolate chip] I will save the rest for later... It's later!

Back In The Game [2.61]

Maddie: You guys are all... oh, I can't say it or I'll have to go to confession!

Zack: Oh, hey, Jamie. Here to play some basketball?
Jamie: No. The wheelchair exit's out there.
Zack: Oh, you mean the skateboard ramp?

The Suite Life Goes to Hollywood [2.62 to 2.63]


Carey: Boys, what's going on here?
Zack: There's a dead body in that bag!
Lou: Are these your kids?
Carey: Are you guys cops?
Bud: No.
Carey: Then, yes.

Zack: Bye, Maddie. [hugs her]
Cody: Bye, Maddie. [hugs her]
Carey: Bye, Maddie. [hugs her]
Zack: [pulling Carey away and hugging Maddie again] Bye, Maddie.
Carey: Zack, remember how we talked about people's personal space?
Zack: Yeah, but I like Maddie's space the best.


Mr. Moseby: I can't believe we got kicked out-
London: Of my own hotel. I'm calling Daddy!
Maddie: It's not your hotel. Hello, it's a set! It's make-believe.
London: Make me believe what?
Maddie: That you have a brain!

I Want My Mummy [2.64]

Skippy: I'll get there and back before you can say butterscotch!... But say it real slow.

Maddie: By the way, what exactly does this "curse" do to you?
Esteban: Let's just say you will live your life in agonizing poverty.
Maddie: I get that now.
Esteban: And your skin melts off, your hair bursts into flames and your eyes pop off.
Maddie: Eww! That would so put a damper on prom!

Aptitude [2.65]

Patrick: Mr. Moseby, my podium is falling apart and I want a new one. I picked out a lovely one from Podium Emporium. It's mahogany, with a little holder for my spectacles!
Mr. Moseby: Oh, it is beautiful! However, we can't afford it!
Patrick: I'm prepared to quit!
Mr. Moseby: I'm prepared to replace you!
Patrick: I hate when you do that!

Zack: 24% compounded yearly means 2% compounded monthly?
Carey: Zack, you just did math in your head!
Zack: Wow! I did! You know, if they just put dollar signs in front the numbers, math would be a whole lot easier.

Season 3

Graduation [3.66]

Barbara: I'm taking five AP classes.
Cody: I'm taking six. [Barbara steps on Cody's toes.]
Barbara: Oww!
Cody: Steel-toed boots.

Summer of Our Discontent [3.67]

Mrs. Bird: Mark, in the multiple choice test you circled A, B, C and D in each one.
Mark: I just couldn't decide on one letter.
Mrs.Bird: I can: F!

Carey: Zack, you can't fail summer school! You're running out of seasons!

Sink or Swim [3.68]

Lance: So, London, are you ready for your swimming lessons?
London: Shh! Lower your voice.
Lance: [deeper voice] London, are you ready for your swimming lessons?

Lance: [sees the swimming pool] Wow, rich people have big bathtubs.

Super Twins [3.69]

Zack: You know, this Weather Warrior game stinks! You can't win with the lame superpowers they give you.
Bob: Not me. Captain Coldfront sneezes ice. I just snotted out half of Cityopolis!

London: [thinking] Left, right, left, right, blink, breathe — ooh! Twinkly light bulb! [losing air] Breathe! [starts skipping] Skip, skip, skip.

Baggage [3.71]

Cody: [complaining about a noisy party in the room above] Isn't that inconsiderate?
Zack: Yeah, it sure is. They didn't invite me.
Cody: You can't go! We need our sleep. We are finely tuned athletes in training.
Zack: We put cans... in bags!
Cody: But quickly!

Wayne: [wearing Betsy Ross' dress] This dress is killing me.
Carey: No, I think you're killing it.
Cody: [also wearing Betsy Ross' dress] Do these stars make me look fat?
Carey: I don't know. I'm still blind from looking at Wayne.

Sleepover Suite [3.72]

London: Zack! I can't sleep. I need my white noise machine.
Zack: And you're telling me this because...?
London: Sound like a tropical rain forest!
Zack: [makes tropical sounds]
London: Too apeman. Make wave sounds!
Zack: Woosh! Woosh!
London: More... French Riviera.
Zack: Le woosh! Le crash!

Cody: Zack, keep London in the bath.
Zack: Great. I'll go grab my snorkel.
Cody: Nice try, dork-el.

The Arwin that came to Dinner [3.73]

Arwin: Carey, wait. Aren't you gonna read a bedtime story? Mother always used to do that.
Zack: Yeah, Mom used to do that with us, too. Then we turned six.
Arwin: You're never too old for a classic. [takes out a book]
Carey: The Little Engineer That Could. Ahh, let me guess. It's about a hotel engineer that thought he couldn't fix something and then he could.
Arwin: You saw the movie!

Carey: Arwin, don't you want to take a break and... go home?
Arwin: No, I should really stay and fix this.
Carey: But it wasn't broken when you got here.
Arwin: [yanks out cord from under sink] It is now!

Lip Synchin' in the Rain [3.74]

Carey: Here, sing this [plays C note on harmonica] ♪ Do re me fa so la ti doh ♪
London: How am I supposed to remember all that?
Carey: Well... you could...uh, think of things that remind you of each note. [plays C note on harmonica] ♪ Do ♪
London: Ooh, that's easy! Dough means money!
Carey: ♪ Re, me ♪
London: Ooh. Yay, me! [claps]
Carey: ♪ Fa, so ♪
London: If something's far, I say "So?" because I have a private jet.
Carey: ♪ La ♪
London: "Law" is something you get to break if you're rich.
Carey: ♪ Ti ♪
London: My favorite vowel!
Carey: ♪ Do ♪
London: Yay! More money!
Carey: 'Kay. Now let's try putting it all together.
London: Dough! Yay, me! [claps] Far, So? Law, T [high-pitched and off-key] ♪ Dough! ♪ [glass on the table shatters] Mazel tov!

Director: Okay, Maddie. Are you ready to bop the top? Because remember: we're all in this together.
Maddie: Okay, you're pushing it to the limit.

First Day of High School [3.75]

London: Fill this with candy! Maddie asked me to send it to her. She's spending a semester with her Aunt Artica.
Nia: Antartica is not a person. It's a continent.
London: You mean, like ketchup and mustard?

Of Clocks and Contracts [3.76]

Cody: London, there isn't enough money in the world to make me do your project for you.
London: Maybe not in your world; but in my world, I have enough money to buy your world.

Cody: Well, why don't you conduct an experiment that conducts the principles of gene splicing?
London: Ooh, I can do that. I mean, I usually buy my jeans with holes already in them, but I can slice them myself.
Cody: Argh. This is like talking to a potato... We'll make a potato clock.
London: Why would a potato need to tell time? Ooh, I got it: so it knows when it's done!

Team Tipton [3.78]

Arwin: I love group hugs, especially with other people.

Zack: Sorry, but in my defense: I didn't know it was a bagpipe. I thought it was the new super octopus, the one with eight arms on.
Cody: In my defense: I'm not Zack.

Orchestra [3.79]

Zack: Is this band class?
Cody: It's called an orchestra!
Zack: Looks more like a dork-estra.

Moseby: My job isn't yelling at people.
London: So you just do it for fun?
Moseby: NO!

A Tale of Two Houses [3.80]

Hector: Esteban, I have great news. There has been a peaceful change of government in our country and your family's back in power!
Esteban: You mean grandfather Geraldo Mario Juan Carlos Jose Diego Luka Pepe Bombaro Lupe Luigi Abarto Francisco Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez has taken the throne again?
Hector: No. The other one.
Esteban: Oh, you mean Fred?

Moseby: London, the best thing for Esteban to do is keep that money in the bank. Save it for a rainy day.
Esteban: Ooh. That is a good point.
London: But if it's a rainy day, he can just take his helicopter to someplace dry.
Esteban: Ooh. That is a good point, too.

Tiptonline [3.81]

London: [singing to tune of "London Bridge is Falling Down"] London Tipton's really great, really great, really great! London Tipton's really great. And she deserves the opposite of hate. Which is love! Everyone, sing along!

Mr. Moesby: I really should quit... I haven't slept in a fortnight. Plus, I just said fortnight!

Foiled Again [3.82]

Mr. Moseby: This never has a good answer, but what are you doing?
Cody: Our science project. Zack and I have to find and identify microbes in our home environment!
Zack: [on a couch reading a magazine] That’s right, so let the boy do our work.
Mr. Moseby: Maybe you should work on leaving.

Zack: Did you know there are more germs on a telephone than a toilet seat?
Cody: I used the phone today! And a toilet!!
Zack: They’re gettin’ you from both ends. Oh! And you don’t even want to know about your pillowcase.
Cody: What! What about my pillow case!
Zack: It has a million little dust mites. Party over here, party over there, let’s all eat Cody’s hair!
Cody: I gotta go shampoo! [runs out]
Carey: Stop torturing your brother.
Zack: Look who’s talkin’. You almost made liver.

Romancing the Phone [3.83]

Maddie: London, for the last time: a Thousand Dollar Bar does not cost $1000.
London: Then Nia owes me a lot of change.

Moseby: Whoa, can you spell desperate?
London: How many chances do I get?

Benchwarmers [3.84]

[A cheer.]
E = mc squared,
When your squad cheers, no one cares.
Elements, compound, acid, base.
When the geek squad cheers, we are up in your face.
Yay! Break it down.

Doin' Time in Suite 2330 [3.85]

London: You know what's gonna look good on my college application? A cheque for the new library!

Maddie Okay. To win that award, we're gonna need someone famous. Someone huge. Someone no one has ever gotten before.
London: I know! Bigfoot!
Maddie: London, Bigfoot is a legend.
London: That's why he'd make such a great guest!
Maddie: No, no. I mean, he's a mythical creature. A figure of the imagination. A biological impossibility.
London: He can just borrow my huge pair of Italian loafers! He'll do it.

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The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
Format Children's television series
Situation comedy
Created by Danny Kallis
Jim Geoghan
Starring Cole Sprouse
Dylan Sprouse
Brenda Song
Ashley Tisdale
Phill Lewis
Kim Rhodes
Opening theme "Here I Am"
Country of origin
No. of episodes 88
Executive producer(s) Danny Kallis
Irene Dreayer
Running time 22 minutes (30 with commercials)
Original channel Disney Channel
Original run March 18, 2005 – present
Followed by The Suite Life on Deck
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The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is a television series on Disney Channel. Because the series has already ended, it got followed by The Suite Life on Deck.



  • Dylan Sprouse as Zack Martin A troublesome twin.
  • Cole Sprouse as Cody Martin The smarter one of the twins.
  • Brenda Song as London Tipton Mr Tipton's spoiled daughter.
  • Ashley Tisdale as Maddie Fitzpatrick The candy counter girl at the Tipton.
  • Phill Lewis as Mr. Moseby The Tipton's easily annoyed manager.
  • Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin The twins' mother.
  • Adrian R'Mante as Esteban A Latin American bellhop.
  • Brian Stepanek as Arwin An eccentric engineer.
  • Estelle Harris as Muriel An old maid.
  • Aaron Musicant as Lance A strange lifeguard obsessed with sea-life


First Season

Episode#1.01.Hotel Hangout (03/18/05)

Episode#1.02.The Fairest of Them All (03/18/05)

Episode#1.03.Maddie Checks In (03/25/05)

Episode#1.04.Hotel Inspector (04/01/05)

Episode#1.05.Grounded on the 23rd Floor (04/08/05)

Episode#1.06.The Prince & The Plunger (04/15/05)

Episode#1.07.Footloser (04/22/05)

Episode#1.08.A Prom Story (05/06/05)

Episode#1.09.Band in Boston (05/20/05)

Episode#1.10.Cody Goes to Camp (06/06/05)

Episode#1.11.To Catch a Thief (06/18/05)

Episode#1.12.It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel (07/17/05)

Episode#1.13.Poor Little Rich Girl (07/22/05)

Episode#1.14.Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet (07/22/05)

Episode#1.15.Rumors (08/14/05)

Episode#1.16.Big Hair & Baseball (08/28/05)

Episode#1.17.Rock Star in the House (09/18/05)

Episode#1.18.Smart & Smarterer (10/10/05)

Episode#1.19.The Ghost of 613 (10/14/05)

Episode#1.20.Dad's Back (11/26/05)

Episode#1.21.Christmas at the Tipton (12/10/05)

Episode#1.22.Kisses & Basketball (01/01/06)

Episode#1.23.Pilot Your Own Life (01/06/06)

Episode#1.24.Crushed (01/13/2006)

Episode#1.25.Commercial Breaks (01/20/06)

Episode#1.26.Boston Holiday (01/27/06)

Second Season

Episode#2.01.Odd Couples (02/03/06)

Episode#2.02.French 101 (02/10/06)

Episode#2.03.Day Care (02/17/06)

Episode#2.04.Heck's Kitchen (02/24/06)

Episode#2.05.Free Tippy (3/3/06)

Episode#2.06.Forever Plaid (03/20/06)

Episode#2.07.Election (03/21/06)

Episode#2.08.Moseby's Big Brother (3/22/06)

Episode#2.09.Books & Birdhouses (03/23/06)

Episode#2.10.Not So Sweet 16 (03/24/06)

Episode#2.11.Twins At The Tipton (03/31/06)

Episode#2.12.Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee (04/14/06)

Episode#2.13.Bowling (04/28/06)

Episode#2.14.Kept Man (05/19/06)

Episode#2.15.The Suite Smell of Excess (06/02/06)

Episode#2.16.Going for the Gold (06/10/06)

Episode#2.17.Boston Tea Party (06/30/06)

Episode#2.18.Have A Nice Trip (07/07/06)

Episode#2.19.Ask Zack (07/15/06)

Episode#2.20.That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana (07/28/06)

Episode#2.21.What the Hey (08/05/06)

Episode#2.22.A Midsummer's Nightmare (08/11/06)

Episode#2.23.Lost In Translation (08/19/06)

Episode#2.24.Volley Dad (09/08/06)

Episode#2.25.Loosely Ballroom (09/22/06)

Episode#2.26.Scary Movie (10/13/06)

Episode#2.27.Ah, Wilderness (11/10/06)

Episode#2.28.Birdman of Boston (11/24/06)

Episode#2.29.Nurse Zack (12/08/06)

Episode#2.30.Club Twin (01/07/07)

Episode#2.31.Risk It All (01/27/07)

Episode#2.32.Nugget Of History (02/23/07)

Episode#2.33.Miniature Golf (03/02/07)

Episode#2.34.Health & Fitness (03/16/07)

Episode#2.35.Back In The Game (4/6/07)

Episode#2.36.The Suite Life Goes Hollywood (1) (4/20/07)

Episode#2.37.The Suite Life Goes Hollywood (2) (4/20/07)

Episode#2.38.I Want My Mummy (05/18/07)

Episode#2.39.Aptitude (06/02/07)

Third Season

Episode#3.01.Graduation (06/23/07)

Episode#3.02.Summer of Our Discontent (06/30/07)

Episode#3.03.Sink or Swim (07/8/07)

Episode#3.04.Super Twins (07/13/07)

Episode#3.05.Who's the Boss? (07/22/07)

Episode#3.06.Baggage (07/22/07)

Episode#3.07.Sleepover Suite (07/28/07)

Episode#3.08.The Arwin That Came To Dinner (08/05/07)

Episode#3.09.Lip Synchin' in the Rain (08/12/07)

Episode#3.10.First Day of High School (08/26/07)

Episode#3.11.Of Clocks and Contracts (9/15/07)

Episode#3.12.Arwinstein (10/06/07)

Episode#3.13.Team Tipton (10/27/07)

Episode#3.14.Orchestra (11/10/07)

Episode#3.15.A Tale of Two Houses (11/17/07)

Episode#3.16.Tiptonline (12/15/07)

Episode#3.17.Foiled Again (02/01/08)

Episode#3.18.Romancing the Phone (04/19/08)

Episode#3.19.Benchwarmers (07/19/08)

Episode#3.20.Doin' Time in Suite 2330 (08/09/08)

Episode#3.21.Let Us Entertain You (08/16/08)

Episode#3.22.Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit (09/01/08)


Disney Channel Holiday

  1. Christmas at the Tipton

Volume 1: Taking Over the Tipton

  1. Rock Star in the House
  2. Kisses and Basketball
  3. Odd Couples
  4. French 101


  1. Never before-seen episode A Midsummer's Nightmare
  2. Hanging with Dylan and Cole Sprouse and Jesse McCartney

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana'

  1. That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana


  1. Never before-seen episode Health & Fitness Wish Gone Amiss

Released on DVD November 27, 2007

  1. Super Twins

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Lip Synchin' In the Rain' (2007) [S3 E9]

Will be released on DVD June 17, 2001.

  1. Lip Synchin in the Rain
  2. First Day of High School
  3. Tiptonline
  4. Benchwarmers
  5. Foiled Again

Video Games

  1. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Tipton Trouble (September 19, 2006)
  2. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Tipton Caper (October 24, 2006)
  3. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Circle of Spies (October 9, 2007)


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