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The Swan Princess III: The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure

DVD cover.
Directed by Richard Rich
Produced by Richard Rich
Terry L. Noss
Thomas J. Tobin
Written by Brian Nissen
Richard Rich
Starring Michelle Nicastro
Brian Nissen
Christy Landers
Music by Lex de Azevedo
Editing by Paul Murphy
Studio Nest Family Entertainment
Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Tristar Pictures [USA]
Warner Bros. Family Entertainment (internationally)
Release date(s) August 4, 1998
Running time 71 min.
Country  United States
Language English
Preceded by The Swan Princess II: Escape from Castle Mountain

The Swan Princess III: The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure (also known as Swan Princess and the Mystery of the Enchanted Kingdom) is the second sequel to the animated film The Swan Princess. It was released in 1998, directed by Richard Rich, and features the voices of Michelle Nicastro and Brian Nissen as the leading couple of Odette and Derek. This film is alternately titled The Swan Princess and the Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure in UK and European releases.

This sequel features the returning voices of Michelle Nicastro and Steve Vinovich from the first film. All the other characters have been re-cast with new voice actors.



Derek and Odette's kingdom is preparing a celebratory Festival Days event. Unknown to them, a wicked witch Zelda, who was once a consort to the evil sorcerer Rothbart, plans to wreak havoc to their kingdom by stealing the Forbidden Arts that would grant her unlimited powers and rule over the kingdom. As part of her plan, she captures a yakey-bird named Whizzer who has the ability to imitate any voice after hearing it only once. Threatening his life, she sends Whizzer to the castle at Swan Lake as a spy. There, Whizzer overhears that Derek did not destroy Rothbart's notes on the Forbidden Arts, thinking that someday he would use them for good. Following a chase with Puffin, the information is passed back to Zelda, she goes to the castle dressed as a Swedish "accordion slave" from a fictional country called, "Chuten-Chuten-Doodang".

Zelda charms over Lord Rogers, who falls for her with humorous results. Derek's mother, Queen Uberta, who wants Rogers to be her dance partner in the Festival Days talent show known as "the lady in black", is annoyed with Zelda to the point of almost being jealous. Zelda is allowed to stay in the castle after she nearly injures her ankle (though it's hinted either Zelda exaggerated or she healed her ankle when no one was looking), and that night Whizzer steals Rogers' keys so that Zelda can steal the treasure chest with Rothbart's notes. With the notes in her possession, Zelda leaves the castle via a green seeker. By the next day, the grief-stricken Rogers accuses the "wolf in Queen's clothing" Uberta of sending Zelda back to that "crazed accordion loving king" and remains in a motionless, heartbroken state. However, the Queen is determined to win the talent show, so she takes Rogers to her library to have him snap out of it.

Zelda has the notes, but to her dismay, the last corner of the power to destroy has been torn off, preventing her from gaining it. After asking Whizzer what Derek said, she realizes that he did it. The witch commands Whizzer to send Derek a ransom note that she writes, while she uses one of her green seeker fireballs to capture Odette and bring her back. The seeker successfully brings Odette (and Jean-Bob as stowaway) to Zelda's lair, and Zelda ties her to a rock in the main part of her lair. When Odette attempts to escape with the note in hand, the witch sees this from the reflection of the newly created orb and retaliates by transforming Odette into a swan and imprisons her and Jean-Bob in a ball of green fire.

Meanwhile, Derek has received the ransom note and retrieves the missing Forbidden Arts note from a book in the library of his mother's castle, where she tries all afternoon to get Rogers to get over Zelda and literally back onto his feet. When Rogers hears about what has happened and finally comes to his senses, he rebukes Zelda as a "mean muffin." Puffin crosses paths with Whizzer and another chase ensues between the animals. Speed and Puffin convince Whizzer to help them by telling him that there's no need to be afraid to do the right thing. Whizzer eventually agrees, and the gang head out to help Derek rescue Odette. By the time they are reunited with Derek, Zelda has obtained the last note and gains the power to destroy.

A battle ensues, during which Zelda conjures up a destroying red seeker fireball to destroy Odette. Odette flies away from the lair in a frantic attempt to escape the seeker. Willing to make amends for helping Zelda, Whizzer distracts her by imitating Rothbart's voice, allowing Derek to snap the witch's wand in two, and she falls back on her fire ball she had imprisoned Odette and Jean-Bob in, and is destroyed. Sadly, Puffin arrives to inform Derek that Odette has been killed by the destroying spell because she couldn't get away.

Devastated by his wife's death, Derek destroys the Forbidden Arts notes by setting them on fire. The flames take on the shape of a swan, and Odette materializes, having come back to life. (This is the second time Odette is killed and then returns to life.)

During the talent show, Uberta and Rogers' version of the tango ends in disaster as they both go right through the stage. Despite that, Uberta wins first prize. Derek and Odette watch from nearby, and Odette asks Derek to promise her that there is no more magic in the castle. Derek tells her "So long as you're here, Odette, there will always be magic."

Voice cast

Musical numbers

  • It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This (performed by Michelle Nicastro, Brian Nissen, Christy Landers, Doug Stone, Steve Vinovich, Doald Sage MacKay, Joseph Medrano and Owen Miller)
  • En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor (performed by Brian Nissen, lyrics by Clive Romney and Sydney Clarke)
  • She's Gone (performed by Joseph Medrano)
  • Bad Days Ahead (performed by Katja Zoch)
  • The Right Side (performed by Steve Vinovich, Doug Stone, Donald Sage MacKay and Paul Masonson)
  • En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor [End Credits] (performed by Il Divo, arrangement by David Waters)
  • Si Tu Me Amas [End Credits] (performed by Il Divo, arrangement by David Waters)


The film was originally released direct-to-video on August 4, 1998. It was later released on DVD on March 30, 2004. A full double-sided widescreen set containing all three films and the sing-a-long was released on February 16, 2004, but is only available outside of the USA. An American release of a two-pack Double Feature DVD came out on August 2, 2005, containing this film and the original The Swan Princess.

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