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The Terror Within
Directed by Thierry Notz
Produced by Roger Corman
Written by Thomas M. Cleaver
Starring George Kennedy
Andrew Stevens
Starr Andreeff
Terri Treas
John LaFayette
Tommy Hinkley
Music by Rick Conrad
Editing by Brent Schoenfeld
Distributed by New Concorde
Running time 89 min
Country USA
Language English
Followed by The Terror Within II (1991)

The Terror Within is a 1989 science fiction/horror film starring George Kennedy, Andrew Stevens, Starr Andreff and Terri Treas. The film was directed by Thierry Notz.


Plot summary

In a post-apocalyptic future, human survivors are fighting a group of mutant monsters they refer to as "Gargoyles". These creatures reproduce quickly by raping human women and impregnating them. The gestation period is short and deadly. The creatures are very strong and merciless. They are vulnerable to the high-pitched frequency of a dog whistle (used by a lead character to ward them off). The show revolves around a group of humans fighting the "Gargoyles" from an underground bunker. Abortion becomes a topic of debate between the humans when one of the characters is raped by one of the creatures; they are unsure if the woman is pregnant by her human partner or the monster. It soon becomes clear who the real father is.


Actor Role
George Kennedy Hal
Andrew Stevens David
Starr Andreeff Sue
Terri Treas Linda
John LaFayette Andre
Tommy Hinkley Neil
Yvonne Saa Karen
Joseph Hardin Michael
Al Guarino John
Roren Sumner Gargoyle
Joal Corso Gargoyle #2
Butch Butch Stevens


Name Position
Thierry Notz Director
Roger Corman Producer
Rooman Flender Co-Producer
Reid Shane Co-Producer
Thomas M. Cleaver Screenwriter
Ronn Schmidt Director of photography
Brent Schoenfeld Editor
Rick Conrad Composer
Kathleen B. Cooper Production designer
Dean Jones Creature Designer and Creator

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