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The Tudors
Promotional poster for The Tudors
Genre Historical fiction
Created by Michael Hirst
Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Henry Cavill
Natalie Dormer
James Frain
Nick Dunning
Maria Doyle Kennedy
Guy Carleton
Sarah Bolger
Hans Matheson
Henry Czerny
Jamie Thomas King
Alan van Sprang
Annabelle Wallis
Sam Neill
Callum Blue
Gerard McSorley
Joss Stone
Tamzin Merchant

Special Guest Star
Peter O'Toole
Max von Sydow
Jeremy Northam
Theme music composer Trevor Morris
Country of origin Ireland
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 28 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Michael Hirst
Eric Fellner
Tim Bevan
Ben Silverman
Teri Weinberg
Sheila Hockin
Producer(s) James Flynn
Gary Howsam
Location(s) Ireland
Running time approx. 55 min.
Original channel TV3 Ireland
CBC Television
Picture format 16x9 widescreen ratio
Original airing 1 April 2007 - present
External links
Official website

The Tudors is a joint Irish/Canadian-produced historical fiction television series created by Michael Hirst. The series is based upon the reign of English monarch Henry VIII, and is named after the Tudor dynasty.



The series is produced by Peace Arch Entertainment for Showtime in association with Reveille Productions, Working Title Films, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and is filmed in Ireland. The first two episodes debuted on DirecTV, Time Warner Cable OnDemand, Netflix, Verizon FiOS On Demand, Internet Movie Database and on the series' website before the official series premiere on Showtime. The Tudors' premiere on 1 April 2007 was the highest rated Showtime series in three years.[1] In April 2007, the show was renewed for a second season,[1] and in that month the BBC announced it had acquired exclusive United Kingdom broadcast rights for the series, which began airing there on 5 October 2007. Canada's CBC began broadcasting the show on 2 October 2007.[2]

Season Two debuted on Showtime on 30 March 2008, and on BBC 2 on 1 August 2008. Production on Season Three began on 16 June 2008 in Bray, County Wicklow Ireland,[3][4] and that season premiered on Showtime on 5 April 2009.

Season Three debuted in the U.S. on Showtime in April 2009 and debuted in Canada on CBC on Sept. 30, 2009. The day after broadcast, downloadable episodes debut in Canada on MoboVivo.[5]

Showtime announced on 13 April 2009 that it had renewed the show for a fourth and final season. The network ordered 10 episodes that are currently scheduled to air starting April 11, 2010.[6][7]

International distribution rights are owned by Sony Pictures Television International.

Plot summary

Season One of The Tudors chronicles the period of Henry VIII's reign in which his effectiveness as King is tested by international conflicts as well as political intrigue in his own court, while the pressure of fathering a male heir compels him to reject his wife Katherine of Aragon[8] for Anne Boleyn. He also has a string of affairs, and fathers a son, Henry, by Elizabeth Blount.

Season Two finds Henry as the head of the Church of England, the result of his break with the Catholic Church over its refusal to grant him a divorce from Katherine.[8] During his battle with Rome, he secretly marries a pregnant Anne. Anne's own failure to produce a son dooms her as Henry's attention shifts toward Jane Seymour.

Season Three focuses on Henry's marriages to Jane Seymour and Anne of Cleves, the birth of his son Edward VI, his ruthless suppression of the Pilgrimage of Grace, the downfall of Thomas Cromwell, and the beginnings of Henry's relationship with the "dangerous" Katherine Howard.[9][10]

Season Four will focus on Henry's "tumultuous relationships with his last two wives, Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr, and his final descent into madness."[11]


Role Actor Seasons
The King
Henry VIII of England Jonathan Rhys Meyers 1–4
The King's Wives
Katherine of Aragon[8] Maria Doyle Kennedy 1–2, 4 (Dream sequence)
Anne Boleyn Natalie Dormer 1–2, 4 (Dream sequence)
Jane Seymour Anita Briem 2
Annabelle Wallis 3, 4 (Dream sequence)
Anne of Cleves Joss Stone 3–4 (Dream sequence included in series 4)
Katherine Howard[10] Tamzin Merchant 3–4 (Dream sequence included in series 4)
Catherine Parr Joely Richardson 4 (Dream sequence included in series 4)
The King's Court
Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk Henry Cavill 1–4
Thomas Cromwell, 1st Earl of Essex, James Frain 1–3
Thomas Cardinal Wolsey, The Lord Archbishop of York Sam Neill 1
Thomas More Jeremy Northam 1–2
Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk Henry Czerny 1
Sir Anthony Knivert Callum Blue 1
Earl of Shrewsbury Gavin O'Connor 3
Thomas Wyatt Jamie Thomas King 1–2
Thomas Boleyn, 1st Earl of Wiltshire Nick Dunning 1–2
Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury Hans Matheson 2
Edward Seymour Max Brown 2-4
Philip, Duke of Bavaria Colin O'Donoghue 3
Margaret Tudor, The Queen of Portugal Gabrielle Anwar 1
Jane Howard Slaine Kelly 1
Princess Mary Blathnaid McKeown 1
Sarah Bolger 2–4
Pope Paul III Peter O'Toole 2
Jane Boleyn, Viscountess of Rochford Joanne King 2–4
Anne Stanhope Emma Hamilton 3–4
Stephen Gardiner Simon Ward 3-4
Sir Francis Bryan Alan van Sprang 3–4
Otto Truchsess von Waldburg Max von Sydow 3
Sir John Hutton Roger Ashton-Griffiths 3
Robert Aske Gerard McSorley 3
Reginald Cardinal Pole Mark Hildreth 3
Lord Darcy Colm Wilkinson 3
Henry Howard[12] David O'Hara 4
Joan Bulmer Catherine Steadman 4
Thomas Culpeper Torrance Coombs 4


Season # of episodes Season premiere Season finale
Season 1 10 1 April 2007 10 June 2007
Season 2 10 30 March 2008 1 June 2008
Season 3 8 5 April 2009 24 May 2009
Season 4 10 11 April 2010 TBA 2010

Departures from history

Events in the series differ from events as they actually happened in history. Liberties are taken with character names, relationships, physical appearance and the timing of events.[13] As creator Hirst noted, "Showtime commissioned me to write an entertainment, a soap opera, and not history ... And we wanted people to watch it."[14] He added that some changes were made for production considerations and some to avoid viewer confusion, and that "any confusion created by the changes is outweighed by the interest the series may inspire in the period and its figures."[14]

Time is conflated in the series, giving the impression that things happened closer together than they actually did or along a different timeline. By the time of most of the events in this series, King Henry VIII was already in his mid-to-late 30s and at least a decade older than Anne Boleyn; they were not married until he was in his early 40s. In The Tudors, the two are cast younger (and seemingly closer in age) and the courtship lasts about ten episodes.[14] Historically, Cardinal Wolsey died in Leicester en route to London to answer charges of treason, while in the series he is imprisoned and commits suicide (though the fictional Henry insists that this be covered up).[14] Wolsey's death came in 1530, three years before the death of Henry's sister; in the series, the two events are juxtaposed.

The character of Henry's sister, called "Princess Margaret" in the series, is actually a composite of his two sisters: the life events of his youngest sister, Princess Mary Tudor, coupled with the name of his eldest sister, Margaret Tudor, to avoid confusion with Henry's daughter, Mary I of England.[14][15] Historically, Henry's sister Princess Mary first married the French King Louis XII. The union lasted approximately three months, until his death; Louis was succeeded by his cousin Francis I, who was married to Louis' daughter Claude of France. Mary subsequently married Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk. As The Tudors begins, Henry is already negotiating a peace treaty with Francis; the series' Princess Margaret thus marries a fictional Portuguese king, who lives only a few days until she smothers him in his sleep.[14][16] By the time of the events of this series, the historical Brandon (who was already in his early 40s) and Princess Mary were long married with three children, and Henry's eldest sister, Margaret Tudor, was actually married to King James IV of Scotland and became the grandmother of Mary, Queen of Scots.

While Bessie Blount was famously one of Henry VIII's mistresses and did give Henry an illegitimate son (Henry FitzRoy), historically her son did not die as a small child, but instead at the age of 17 in 1536. Blount was also not married until after the birth of FitzRoy. Historically, William Brereton did not confess to adultery with Queen Anne and was not a Papal agent, as depicted in the series. He was in fact a wealthy magnate who had large landholdings in the Welsh Marches, where he was ruthless and unpopular, and is believed to have been accused due to Thomas Cromwell's desire to remove a festering political problem.[17] The assassination attempt on Anne during her coronation procession was also invented by Hirst "to illustrate how much the English people hated her."[14]


The premiere of The Tudors on 1 April 2007 was the highest rated Showtime series debut in three years,[1] and on 23 March 2008 The New York Times called The Tudors a "steamy period drama ... which critics could take or leave but many viewers are eating up."[14] A 28 March 2008 review also by the Times said that the series "fails to live up to the great long-form dramas cable television has produced" largely because "it radically reduces the era's thematic conflicts to simplistic struggles over personal and erotic power."[13] Overall, the show has had generally good reviews with 64% favourable reviews for the first season, 68% for the second season and 72% for the third season according to the ratings site Metacritic.


In the United States, season 1: The series premiere at 10 p.m. drew almost 870,000 viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. Coupled with the 404,000 viewers that tuned in the hour immediately following, Showtime averaged 1.3 million viewers for the show’s debut night, the most since Fat Actress in March 2005. The 10 p.m. bow outperformed the inaugural linear screenings for Weeds and Dexter, the network’s leading comedy and drama, by 78% in August 2005 and 44% in October 2006, respectively.

The series also proved its mettle opener in the digital realm, earning a combined 1 million views online and on-demand via cable affiliates and through, and such partners as Yahoo, MSN, Netflix and IMDB. the numbers exclude contributions from AOL, DirecTV and Dish Network. [1]

Season 2: Showtime’s June 3, 2008 second-season climax of The Tudors ended with a ratings bang. The episode drew 852,000 viewers for its season two finale, 83% above the 465,000 viewers that tuned into the show’s season-one finale, Showtime officials said. The 9 p.m. telecast is also the second-highest for the series, trailing only the 964,000 viewers for the show’s April 1, 2007 debut. The season-two finale, along with an 11 p.m. replay, drew a combined 1 million viewers, 59% above last year’s 668,000 combined audience for last year’s finale (10 p.m. and 11 p.m.). [2]

Media releases

DVD Name Release dates Ep # Additional Information
Region 1 Region 2
Canada United States
Season One 8 January 2008[18] 10 December 2007[19] 10 The four discs box set includes all 10 episodes. Bonus features include commentary tracks on selected episodes. There is a special edition in United Kingdom, with a headless picture for the cover, exclusive of[20] This season was released on Blu-ray in Europe and Canada.[21]
Season Two 11 November 2008[22] 6 January 2009[23] 13 October 2008[24] 10 The four disc box set includes all 10 episodes. Bonus features include commentary tracks on selected episodes, as well as other featurettes. This season has also been released on Blu-ray in Europe and Canada.[25]
Season Three 10 November 2009[26] 15 December 2009[27] 7 December 2009[28] 8 The three disc box set includes all 8 episodes. Bonus features include audio commetary on certain episodes, an exclusive tour of Hampton Court and an interview with Joss Stone

An original soundtrack with music composed by Trevor Morris was released by Varese Sarabande on 11 December 2007. The soundtrack for the second season, also composed by Trevor Morris, was released 14 April 2009.



The Tudors was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series in 2007. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was also nominated for the Best Actor in a Television Drama Golden Globe for his role.[29]

The series was nominated for eight Irish Film and Television Awards in 2008 and won seven, including Best Drama Series, acting awards for Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Lead Actor), Nick Dunning (Supporting Actor) and Maria Doyle Kennedy (Supporting Actress), and craft awards for Costume Design, Production Design and Hair/Makeup.[30] Brian Kirk was also nominated for Directing, but lost to Lenny Abrahamson of Prosperity. The series won the 2008 Emmy Award for Best Costume Design, and later six awards at the Irish Film and Television Awards in 2009.[citation needed]

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  • Ives, Eric. The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn. Wiley-Blackwell, 2005.

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The Tudors (2007 - ) is a television series, airing on Showtime, about the life and romances of the young King Henry VIII.


Season 1

Episode 1-1

Queen Katherine: Though I love Your Majesty and I'm loyal to you, in every way, I cannot disguise my distress and unhappiness.
King Henry VIII: Well, you're going to have to.

King Henry: Tell me about King Francis, Sir Thomas.
Thomas Boleyn: He's 23 years old.
King Henry: Is he tall?
Thomas Boleyn: Yes. But ill proportioned.
King Henry: What about his legs? Are his calves strong like mine?
Thomas Boleyn: Your Majesty no one has calves like yours.
King Henry: Is he handsome?
Thomas Boleyn: Some people might think so. He certainly thinks so himself.
King Henry: He's vain?!
Thomas Boleyn: Your Majesty... he's French!

Thomas More: As a humanist I have an abhorrence of war. It's an activity fit only for beasts yet practiced by no kind of beasts so constantly as by man.
King Henry: As a humanist I share your opinion. As a King, I'm forced to disagree.
Thomas More: Spoken like a lawyer.
King Henry: You should know, you taught me.
Thomas More: Not well enough it seems.

Thomas More: Do you really think we should go to war?
Cardinal Wolsey: I think we should try to do as the King wants us to do.
Thomas More: What if the King doesn't know what's in his best interests?
Cardinal Wolsey: Then we should help him decide.

King Henry: [to Thomas More] Why is Henry V remembered? Because he endowed Universities? Built Alms houses for the destitute? No. He is remembered because he won the Battle of Agincourt. 3,000 English bowman against 60,000 French. The flower of French chivalry destroyed in 4 hours. That victory made him famous Thomas. It made him immortal!

Episode 1-2

Thomas Boleyn: There's something deep and dangerous in you Anne, those eyes of yours are like dark hooks for the soul.

Cardinal Wolsey: Thomas, let me give you a little advice. If you want to keep the love of a prince, this is what you must do: You must be prepared to give him the thing you most care for, in all the world.
Thomas More: The thing I care for most is my integrity.

Cardinal Wolsey: What did Lord Buckingham say about the king?
Thomas Boleyn: He told me he has a greater claim to the throne and that, as His Majesty has no male heir and will have none but he, Buckingham will succeed to the throne, but he also told me once that he has considered bringing that eventuality forward more quickly.
Cardinal Wolsey: In what way?
Thomas Boleyn: By assassinating His Majesty.

King Francis: Do you see that young woman over there? Dressed in purple and gold?
King Henry VIII: Yes.
King Francis: Her name is Mary Boleyn, the daughter of your ambassador, with her sister Anne. I call Mary my english mare, because I ride her so often.

Thomas More: [to King Henry] All right! If you want the world to know that the King of England is easily changeable, shallow, intemperate, incapable of keeping his word! Then of course I will go and tell them. After all, I am merely Your Majesty's humble servant!

Episode 1-3

Emperor Charles: Together we shall invade France and bring to an end the adventures of that libertine monarch, King Francis.
King Henry VIII: That would make me very happy.
Emperor Charles: It will also make you king of France.

Anne Boleyn: [to Master Wyatt] You are a poet as I am a woman. Poets and women are always free with their hearts, are they not?

Thomas More: There's only one way to reach the King's ear, and that is through the good offices of Cardinal Wolsey.
Spanish envoy: We heard some rumors, Mr More, that the cardinal advocates the French interests.
Thomas More: Only when he considers them to be in ours.

William Cornish: [in a play] You give us no choice but to attack and breach your defenses!
Lady Unkindness: No knight shall ever breach mine.
William Cornish: Lady, Desire overcomes all.

King Henry VIII: [to Wolsey] What we lack in men, we can more than make up for in ships. We are in an island race, Cardinal. We have the best and bravest sailors in the world. I will have the greatest navy.

Episode 1-4

Charles Brandon: Your highness must be looking forward with great anticipation to your wedding? I hear the king was a great horseman... in his time. And famous for his beautiful mistresses.
Princess Margaret: Don't tease me. I don't like it.
Charles Brandon: Will you like it when an old man tries to make love to you?
Princess Margaret: Your grace goes too far. Already.
Charles Brandon: Gospel says the truth will make you free.
Princess Margaret: Now you are blasphemous!

Thomas Boleyn: [to Norfolk] There will come a point when the King's belief in his minister will hang in the balance and then, Your Grace, we shall drop our truth into the scales... and the scales will fall.

King Henry VIII: Mister Wyatt.
Thomas Wyatt: Your Majesty.
King Henry: I hear you're a poet.
Thomas Wyatt: I write poems, I don't know how to be "a poet".
King Henry: I've read some, I like them.
Thomas Wyatt: My Lord, I don't know what to say.
King Henry: [whispers in Wyatt's ear] Were you in love with Anne Boleyn?
Thomas Wyatt: I...
King Henry: Cardinal Wolsey tells me you were once engaged.
Thomas Wyatt: No, that's not true.
King Henry: Did you love her?
Thomas Wyatt: Lady Anne is so beautiful, it is the duty of every man to love her. Of course I loved her, but from a distance. Personally, I have a wife.

Cardinal Wolsey: We have a new visitor at court, Princess Marguerite of Nevarre. I was saying to myself yesterday, I found her a very beautiful young woman with a very sweet and yielding disposition, She confessed to great admiration for Your Majesty. Should I, arrange ...?
King Henry: Yes! Yes, do it.

Cardinal Wolsey: Well, at least our alliance with the emperor is popular, although sometimes I ask myself why that should be so.
King Henry: Because he's not French!
Cardinal Wolsey: Quite.

Episode 1-5

Cardinal Wolsey: [regarding Henry's desired divorce] It is my considered opinion that we should apply to His Holiness, Pope Clement, for a ruling on this matter. Since he loves Your Majesty, I'm certain he will rule in your favour.
King Henry VIII: Oh, I hope so. I certainly do hope so, for your sake.

King Henry: How dare you look at me! I am your Lord and Master, not your brother! You are both banished from court. You will relinquish your London houses. You will remove yourself from my sight. Do you understand?
Princess Margaret: Yes... Your Majesty.
King Henry: And Margaret...
Princess Margaret: What?
King Henry: I have yet to decide whether to make your bedmate a head shorter.

Thomas More: Katherine of Aragon is not only a great queen and the daughter of great kings, she is also immensely popular throughout the whole of the country. God forbid that the king should abandon her just to ease his own conscience. I don't think the English people would ever forgive him!

King Henry: Anne, I want to say something to you. If it pleases you to be my true loyal mistress and friend, to give yourself up to me body and soul, I promise, I'll take you as my only mistress. I won't have a thought or an affection for anyone else.

Episode 1-6

King Henry VIII: [about Brandon] Look, I don't mean he is banished forever. Just as long as he breathes.

Thomas Tallis: I'm going away.
William Compton: You're going away, why?
Thomas Tallis: Cardinal Wolsey is going to France. He invited me to go with him. With other musicians.
William Compton: Must you go?
Thomas Tallis: You know very well that an invitation from a cardinal is like an invitation from a king. We little people must put our hands into the fire if invited to.

Anne Boleyn: Forgive me, I spoke of things I should not.
King Henry VIII: No, no, I give you leave that we may always speak freely with each other, honestly, openly and with a true heart. For me, that is the true definition of love.

Cardinal Wolsey: Lady Anne, what are you doing here?
Anne Boleyn: I have an audience with His Majesty?
Cardinal Wolsey: What would a silly girl like you have to say to a king?

Norfolk: Well, the King is plainly in love with you. Don't you see, niece... It makes a man, any man... extremely vulnerable.
Thomas Boleyn: How do you like your charge, sweetheart?
Anne Boleyn: I... At first, I confess, I did not like it so much. I did not care for the King, but now, I... Now I...
Norfolk: Anne, it would be wise for you not to be fooled by your own masquerade. It is your duty to use his love to our advantage in supplanting Wolsey.
Thomas Boleyn: The Cardinal stands between us... and everything. And it is now in your power to do him a great hurt, and we expect you to do so.

Episode 1-7

Cardinal Wolsey: Why should the pope favour the emperor, who has caused him nothing but misery, over the king of England, who has never caused him any harm at all?
Edward Fox: The trouble is, your Eminence, the swords of the king of England are much further away than the swords of the emperor. Diplomacy is nearly always settled by such proximity.
Cardinal Wolsey: Spoken like a true lawyer.

Queen Katherine: [about Anne Boleyn] And your fear of The Sweat is greater than your infatuation with your mistress?
King Henry VIII: Katherine, she is not my mistress. I do not sleep with her. Not whilst you and I are still married.

King Henry: Ah! Your Excellence, allow me to introduce...
French Ambassador: Is this not Mademoiselle Anne? Enchanté. His Eminence, Cardinal Wolsey, has told me all about you, but he did not tell me how beautiful you are. For a Frenchman, that is almost a crime.

Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk: Someone told me taking infusions was the worst thing.
King Henry: Trust me. It will make you feel sick, but it's better than the sickness it prevents.

Episode 1-8

Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk: Margaret, you and I must stay in the king's good graces or we are nothing. Let him marry who he wishes.
Princess Margaret: That was always your philosophy, wasn't it Charles? So very cynical. Is that why you keep company with that devil Boleyn?
Charles Brandon: You liked him enough once, when he helped us back to court... Or were you just being cynical?
Princess Margaret: I didn't see all of his game. Now I do. I despise him.
Charles Brandon: So do I. But I hate Wolsey more. It's a marriage of expedience.
Princess Margaret: Rather like ours.
Charles Brandon: No, I loved you.
Princess Margaret: You don't know the meaning of the word, Charles. You can love, perhaps for a year, a month, a day, even for an hour. And in that hour I do believe you love as well and deeply... as any man. But after that hour, you love not! You love another, and then another. Your love is most generous where it is most hurtful.

Cardinal Campeggio: I have received a petition from the dukes of Suffolk and Norfolk and Lord Boleyn, saying the divorce has an overwhelming support of the people of England.
Thomas More: As Your Eminence would quickly discover if he stepped outside these doors and saw the people, that is a manifest lie. On the contrary, the people love their queen and they have every reason to do so.

Cardinal Wolsey: Your Majesty, I beg that you yield to the King's will.
Queen Katherine: And what is his will?
Cardinal Wolsey: As His Eminence proposes, that you join a religious community of your choosing and take a vow of perpetual chastity.
Queen Katherine: You speak to me of chastity. Have you not a mistress and two children, Your Eminence?

King Henry VIII: For a while, I shall have to share Katherine's table, and sometimes her bed.
Anne Boleyn: Her bed!
King Henry: It's nothing. My lawyers have just advised me that to do otherwise might risk counter-suits. I could be seen to be acting against her conjugal rights.
Anne Boleyn: You think it's nothing, to go back to bed with your wife?
King Henry: What do you think is going to happen?
Anne Boleyn: What usually happens.

Cardinal Wolsey: [to Cardinal Campeggio] Let me make certain things plain to you. If you do not grant the King his divorce, papal authority in England will be annihilated. You should remember, the greater part of Germany has already become estranged from Rome, the same thing could happen here. It would mean the total ruin of the kingdom.

Episode 1-9

King Henry VIII: I hear you've been unwell? Is it true?
Cardinal Wolsey: Majesty, when was I ever unwell enough not to serve you?
King Henry: That's what I thought.

Queen Katherine: Have you no kind things to say?
King Henry: Kind?
Queen Katherine: To your wife, the mother of your child. You treat me so unkindly and in public neglect me.
King Henry: Katherine, you must accept the inevitable. The weight of academic opinion is against us. We were never legally man and wife. And the court will decide in my favour and if the court does not decide in my favour, I shall denounce the pope as a heretic and marry whom I please.

Cardinal Wolsey: Try to discover by subtle means, through his agents, if the emperor is prepared to support his aunt by use of force.
Thomas More: You think he might invade England in support of the queen?
Cardinal Wolsey: I don't think anything, but I imagine everything.

King Henry: Wolsey promises me I will have a divorce by summer.
Anne Boleyn: Promises are easy.

Queen Katherine: I know also your malice against my nephew, the Emperor. You hate him like a scorpion. And why? Because he would not satisfy your ambition and make you pope by force.
Cardinal Wolsey: Madam, you should never presume...
Queen Katherine: My only satisfaction is that in frustrating you I hasten your fall from the King's good graces, an outcome I desire above all others.

Episode 1-10

Knivert: Aren't you supposed to be running the country?
Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk: I leave that to Norfolk. He's had more practice. And in any case, meetings with ambassadors - infinitely tedious. They're all liars, hypocrites and middle-aged men.
Knivert: Would you prefer them to be women?
Charles Brandon: My friend, if all ambassadors were beautiful women I'd be serving my country day and night.

King Henry VIII: Have I made you unhappy?
Anne Boleyn: No, I would only be unhappy if you ever stopped loving me.
King Henry: London would have to melt into the Thames first.

Queen Katherine: I had always fancied that the King, after pursuing his course for some time, would turn away, would hear to his conscience and change his purpose, as he has done so often before. I believed with all my heart that he would return to reason, but now, I ...
Ambassador Chapuys: Madame, I pray you, don't give way.
Queen Katherine: No excellency, I shall never give way.

King Henry: The need for reformation in the Church is manifest. The Emperor has a duty to promote it, as do I in my own domain. I'm glad we've had this opportunity to exchange opinions.
Ambassador Chapuys: Your Majesty.

Thomas Cromwell: Sir Thomas, I notice you allow yourself none of the trappings of your great office.
Thomas More: I'm not so vain as to display its power, Master Cromwell, but I'll tell you this, I fully intend to use it.

Season 2

Episode 2-1

Episode 2-2

Episode 2-3

Episode 2-4

Episode 2-5

Episode 2-6

Episode 2-7

Episode 2-8

Episode 2-9

Episode 2-10

Season 3

Episode 3-1

Episode 3-2

Francis Bryan: Your Majesty's life is far too previous to be put at risk against such a common rabble. Of course, if you choose to go, you'd be like a lion among wolves.
King Henry: Sir Francis, I don't require you to flatter me.

Episode 3-3

Episode 3-4

Episode 3-5

Episode 3-6

Episode 3-7

Episode 3-8


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