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The Twilight Zone
Title card
Genre Science fiction
Action Adventure
Format Anthology
Created by Rod Serling
(based upon his previous 1959 TV series)
Presented by Forest Whitaker
Composer(s) Mark Snow
Country of origin  Canada
 United States
Language(s) English
French (Dubbed)
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 44 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Ira Steven Behr
Jim Rosenthal
Running time 42 minutes
Production company(s) New Line Television
Spirit Dance Entertainment
Trilogy Entertainment Group
Joshmax Productions Services
Original channel UPN
Original run September 18, 2002 (2002-09-18) – May 21, 2003 (2003-05-21)
Preceded by The Twilight Zone (1985 series)

The Twilight Zone is a 2002 revival of Rod Serling's acclaimed 1950/60s television series, The Twilight Zone. It aired for one season on the UPN network, with actor Forest Whitaker assuming Serling's role as narrator and on-screen host.


Series history

Broadcast in an hour format with two half-hour stories, it was cancelled after one season. The critical and audience reaction to this revival was generally not very good, although reruns continue to air in syndication, and have aired on MyNetwork TV since summer 2008. The opening theme music was provided by Jonathan Davis (of the rock group Korn).

The series tended to address contemporary issues head-on; i.e. terrorism, racism, gender roles, and sexuality. Noteworthy episodes featured Jason Alexander as Death wanting to retire from harvesting souls, Lou Diamond Phillips as a swimming pool cleaner being shot repeatedly in his dreams, Susanna Thompson as a woman whose stated wish results in an "upgrading" of her family, Usher as a policeman being bothered by telephone calls from beyond the grave, and Katherine Heigl playing nanny to an infant Adolf Hitler.

The series also includes remakes and updates of stories presented in the original Twilight Zone television series, including the famous "The Eye of the Beholder". One of the updates, "The Monsters Are On Maple Street", is a modernized version of the classic episode similarly called "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street". The original show was about the paranoia surrounding a neighborhood-wide blackout. In the course of the episode, somebody suggests an alien invasion being the cause of the blackouts, and that one of the neighbors may be an alien. The anti-alien hysteria is an allegory for the anti-communist paranoia of the time, and the 2003 remake, starring Andrew McCarthy, replaces aliens with terrorists. The show also contains a follow-up episode to the events of "It's a Good Life", an episode from the original series. Bill Mumy returned to play the adult version of Anthony, the demonic child he had played in the original story, with Mumy's daughter, Liliana, appearing as Anthony's daughter, a more benevolent but even more powerful child. Cloris Leachman also returned as Anthony's mother. Mumy went on to serve as screenwriter for other episodes in the revival.

Other guest stars include, but not limited to: Jessica Simpson, Wayne Knight, Christopher Titus, Eriq La Salle, Jason Bateman, James Remar, Method Man, Linda Cardellini, Jaime Pressly, Jeremy Sisto, Molly Sims, Tangi Miller, Portia de Rossi, Christopher McDonald, Jeremy Piven, Samantha Mathis, Ethan Embry, Shannon Elizabeth, Jonathan Jackson, Amber Tamblyn, Penn Badgley, Dylan Walsh, Robin Tunney, Michael Shanks, Gordon Michael Woolvett, Keith Hamilton Cobb and Elizabeth Berkley.

DVD release

The complete series was released on DVD by New Line in a six disc boxset on September 7, 2004.

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