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The Unifying Force
Author James Luceno
Country USA
Language English
Era New Jedi Order
Series The New Jedi Order
Galactic Year 28 ABY
Subject(s) Star Wars
Genre(s) Science Fiction
Publisher Del Rey
Released Hardcover:
1 November 2003
3 August 2004
Media Type Hardcover & Paperback
Pages Hardcover: 544
Paperback: 576
Size and Weight Hardcover:
9.6 x 9.6 x 1.9 inches
1.9 pounds
6.9 x 4.2 x 1.0 inches
9.6 ounces
ISBN Hardcover:
ISBN 0-345-42852-8
ISBN 0-345-42853-6
Preceded by 'The Final Prophecy'
Followed by 'The Joiner King'

The Unifying Force is the twenty-first and final installment of the New Jedi Order series of books in the fictional Star Wars Expanded Universe written by James Luceno.

In this book, the fate of the war between the Yuuzhan Vong and the Galactic Alliance is finally revealed, as is the final cost of the war. Over 365 trillion individuals died in the war, a death toll equivalent to approximately 61,000 Earth-type worlds with populations of 6 billion each.

Hardcover editions of the book included a CD with the first book of the series, Vector Prime, a round robin interview with some of the people involved with the series, and the Yuuzhan Vong 'bible'- a collection of source material on the Yuuzhan Vong created and used by the authors. The round robin interview was printed in some versions of the paperback release.


The Ryn Syndicate uncovers a plan to ship many prisoners for a sacrifice. A Galactic Alliance rescue at Selvaris frees many prisoners. The Millennium Falcon is attacked and forced to jump to Caluula, which is under heavy siege by the Yuuzhan Vong. When Caluula falls, the toxin Alpha Red is released, with the intent of killing the Yuuzhan Vong. The purpose of the sacrifice is revealed, to ensure victory by the Yuuzhan Vong Armada at the Battle of Mon Calamari. The Yuuzhan Vong Armada attacks, only to be withdrawn by an order from the Supreme Overlord Shimrra when reports come from the Yuuzhan Vong capital (formerly Coruscant) that a living world, Zonama Sekot, has jumped to the capital system and is destabilizing the capital. The Galactic Alliance attempt to retake Corulag succeeds, and the Alliance attacks the Vong capital from there. Warmaster Nas Choka engages the Alliance at the capital, Muscave, and Zonama Sekot, where he tries to crash a vessel poisoned with Alpha Red into Zonama Sekot, in the hopes of poisoning and destroying it. When puppet Supreme Overlord Shimrra and the real Supreme Overlord Onimi are killed, some of Nas Choka's fleet collide with Alliance ships, while others surrender.

The end of the war and the series results with a broader view of the Force for the new generation of Jedi, who under Luke Skywalker, have established a new Jedi Council, consisting of Jedi and non-Force sensitive officials.

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