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The Visitation
Directed by Robby Henson
Produced by Bobby Downes,
Kevin Downes,
Jerry Rose,
Joe Goodman,
Bobby Neutz,
Ralph Winter
Written by Frank Peretti (novel),
Brian Godawa
Starring Martin Donovan,
Edward Furlong,
Kelly Lynch
Music by David Bergeaud
Cinematography Glynn Speeckaert
Editing by Jeffrey Lee Hollis
Distributed by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation (USA, theatrical)
Release date(s) 2006
Running time 103 min
Country United States USA
Language English

The Visitation is a 2006 film based on Frank Peretti's novel of the same name. It was directed by Robby Henson. Martin Donovan, Edward Furlong, and Kelly Lynch starred in it.


This movie takes place in the small eastern Washington wheat farming town of Antioch, where strange things have been happening. A young man named Michael Elliot (Noah Segan) is in a terrible car crash but survives. Travis Jordan's (Martin Donovan) dog dies and then rises out of the grave. There is dirt shaped like the face of Jesus in one of the hotel showers. Every time one of these weird things happens, there is a man who looks like Jesus standing in the background. There is a man named Brandon Nichols (Edward Furlong) who can heal people's problems by just touching their hand. When Brandon takes Travis's dog, he and Morgan Elliot, (Kelly Lynch) a new vet in town, chase after him. They go to his house to talk to him about what has been happening. While Travis is talking to him, Morgan goes upstairs to try to find Mrs. Macon (Ellen Geer) Instead, she finds the dog, who seems very mean all of a sudden. She looks in Brandon's room and sees lots of weird things, like barbed wire. As Morgan and Travis are leaving the house, they hear screaming. Darlene Henchle (Hillary Tuck) is there, and she has a huge cut on her forehead. She says that Brandon assaulted her. They take her to the emergency room. The people in the town have to find out about Brandon's past and figure out who he really is.


Martin Donovan- Travis Jordan
Edward Furlong- Brandon Nichols
Kelly Lynch- Morgan Elliot
Randy Travis- Kyle Sherman
Richard Tyson- Sheriff Brett Henchle
Ellen Geer- Mrs. Macon
Joe Unger- Matt Kiley
Priscilla Barnes- Dee Henchle
Noah Segan- Michael Elliot
Lew Temple- Deputy Tommy Smalls
Hillary Tuck- Darlene Henchle
Lin Ciangio- Nancy Barrons
Frank Clem- Nevin Sorrell
Don Swayze- Abe
Ruben Moreno- Arnold Kowalski
Clement Blake- Norman Dillard
Joe Goodman- Doctor
David A.R. White- Carl
Debi Kalman-Delores (the waitress)
Brian Foster Kane-Tall Man One
Ron Hughart-Tall Man Two
Jerry Rose-Lutheran Pastor
Wendell Wright-Baptist Preacher
Jesse Corti-Catholic Priest
Jhey Castles-Marian Jordan
Dwight Cenac-Punk Kid (as Dwight Cenac II)
Joshua Popke-Young Justin
Jill Ludlow-Social Worker
Lee Chapa-Follower
Torey Foster-punk Kid
Chantay Nieber-Voice
Robert Lyon Rasner-Voice
Mark Rickard-Voice
Lisa Cash-voice (uncredited)
James Horan- Tall Man

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