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The Warriors
Developer(s) Rockstar Toronto
Rockstar Leeds (PSP)
Publisher(s) Rockstar Games
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation Portable
Release date(s) PS2 & Xbox
NA October 17, 2005
EU October 21, 2005
NA February 12, 2007
EU February 23, 2007
Genre(s) Beat 'em up
Mode(s) Single-player, 2 Person Multiplayer
Rating(s) BBFC: 18
ESRB: Mature
PEGI: 18+

The Warriors is a beat 'em up video game published by Rockstar Games. It was released on October 17, 2005 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and February 12, 2007 for PlayStation Portable. The game is based on the 1979 film, The Warriors. The console versions of game were developed at Rockstar Toronto, while the PSP port was developed by Rockstar Leeds.



The story of The Warriors is a loose re-imagining epic game of Anabasis by the Greek author Xenophon. In addition to covering events depicted in the movie, the video game also acts as a precursor, establishing the Warriors' reputation all throughout New York City.

Levels 1 through 13 take place before the movie begins. After Level 13, the player is shown a CG cutscene duplicating, to an extent, the beginning of the movie, with Cyrus's meeting. Levels 14 through 18 cover the movie itself. But, not everything from the chapters that cover the movie itself is accurate. Not all the same things are said or done. But all in all it's still a pretty accurate clone to the movie.


The Warriors is an action-adventure game which focuses heavily on brawling. Like most games from Rockstar Games, several minor gameplay elements are mixed into the experience, such as the ability to use spray paint to mark turf or to insult other gangs.

The Warriors focuses largely on gang rumble style action, with the player being assisted by several other Warriors at once. Throughout the game, the player controls one of nine different Warriors.

The Warriors

  • Cleon: The Warlord, leader of The Warriors. Although he was Virgil's right-hand man in The Destroyers, Cleon was betrayed by the gang when Virgil thought he was plotting against him, and decided to defect. He started the Warriors alongside Vermin. After Cyrus' assassination, Cleon is falsely accused of the shooting and is assumed to be brutally beaten to death in the melee. Dorsey Wright reprises his role as Cleon.
  • Swan: The Warchief, second in command of The Warriors. Quiet and cool-headed, but possesses strong fighting and leadership skills. his main goal is to get the surviving gang members home. Michael Beck reprises his role as Swan.
  • Ajax: The Muscle. A fearless and cocky womanizer, who is always up for a fight. After the loss of Cleon at the conclave, he engages in a short confrontation with Swan over who should assume command. He is the most aggressive, toughest, roughest, and possibly the strongest Warrior. He wears fingerless leather gloves and a black tank-top under his Warriors vest. While escaping from all the gangs that thought he shot Cyrus, he tries to have sex with an undercover cop, who arrests him, separating him from the gang. James Remar reprises his role as Ajax.
  • Vermin: Like Cleon, he is a former Destroyer; and started the gang with Cleon. A very pessimistic Warrior yet very loyal and can take care of himself in a fight. He wears no shirt under his Warriors vest. Started the gang with Cleon. Voiced by Joe Lo Truglio.
  • Rembrandt: The Writer. The gang's talented graffiti artist, he wears the standard Warrior's vest and an afro. The youngest member, Rembrandt is far less battle-hardened and is looked after by the other members of the gang. His job is to paint large W's (representing The Warriors) with a spray can containing red paint throughout the city. He also paints much more elaborate tags, so that the whole city will know The Warriors name. Voiced by Andy Senor
  • Fox: The Scout, Fox is very familiar with other gangs and their rackets, territory, and numbers. While in a subway, he gets into a grapple with a police officer who throws him in front of a subway train which runs him over, implying his death. However during a later scene in the game a mysterious man informs the Riffs of The Warrior's innocence who is believed by some to be an injured and disguised Fox. Thomas G. Waites reprises his role as Fox.
  • Snow: A stoic African-American Warrior with an afro parted down the middle. A bit more reserved, he is nevertheless a very talented fighter. Voiced by Sekou Campbell [1].
  • Cowboy: A Warrior who wears a Stetson cowboy hat. He is implied to have been a former member of The Destroyer's who left when Swan did. He is an optimistic, happy-go-lucky Warrior. Voiced by Kurt Bauccio.
  • Cochise: A heavy brawler, who's always looking for a good time. He wears Native American-style jewelry, leather pants and boots. He has an afro with a red bandanna tied around it. He was originally from Harlem but moved to Coney Island. David Harris reprises his role as Cochise.

Supporting characters

  • Virgil: Leader of The Destroyers. Cleon and Vermin's former boss, he became increasingly paranoid and tried to set them up to be killed in a botched drug deal, causing Cleon to retaliate and found The Warriors, who became The Destroyer's main rivals. After killing Ash, a young member of the Warriors, and attempting to burn Cleon and Swan to death, all through his Destroyers, Cleon decides this time he has gone too far. Virgil engages in a fight with Cleon and Vermin where thereafter he is burned to death by Cleon. Following his death, it's presumed the surviving Destroyers disband as they are not present at the Cyrus meeting. Voiced by Curtis Cook.
  • Ash: A young member of the Warriors. He takes part in two of the missions in the story. He is beaten to death by The Destroyers, and his vest removed. His body is then used as bait to also kill Cleon and Swan, which they fail to do. That same night The Warriors invade the Destroyers turf to wipe them out for good, thus avenging Ash. Voiced by Ephraim Benton.
  • Mercy: Mercy was originally the girlfriend of the Orphan's warlord, but is dragged along with the Warriors during their journey home. She and Swan fall in love, and she is seen in The Warrior's hangout after the main story is concluded. Deborah Van Valkenburgh reprises her role of Mercy.
  • L.C.: A junkie and a top member of the Destroyers. He helped Virgil set Cleon and Vermin up by providing them with fake drugs. He is later kicked out of the flophouse that would become the Warrior's hangout and is beaten up by Ajax for stealing his vest. He tries to avoid the final confrontation between the Warriors and the Destroyer's, but is knocked out by Cleon. It is unknown if he lives or dies. Voiced by Leif Riddell.
  • Scopes: A graffiti artist and a good friend of Rembrandt, a Warriors member. He is African American and wears a stylish blue tracksuit top, sunglasses and a hat. He was almost killed by The Hi-Hats when they threw him off of a scaffold at a set-up graffiti art competition. Voiced by Darryl McDaniels.

The Hangout

The Warriors Hangout can be accessed in-between the game's levels. From the Hangout you can;

  • Work Out - This improves your combat and sprint stamina
  • Exit to Coney - Outside of the Hangout the player can complete bonus missions, collect money from the stores that are under Warrior protection or just free roam
  • Talk to other Warriors - Talk to other Warriors about previous or upcoming events
  • Listen to Radio: In the game, there is a radio station almost entirely devoted to telling news about gang brawls. The Warriors can listen to their radio found in the hangout to hear news about themselves, news about other gangs or just listen to the music featured on the soundtrack
  • Access "Rumble Mode" - The game features a "Rumble Mode" which is like a series of 'mini-games' that do not effect game's completion. In Rumble Mode mini-games such as '1 on 1', 'War Party' (5 on 5) and 'Armying' (9 on 9) can be played. As the game progresses, new brawl locations, playable characters and other types of mini-game can be unlocked
  • View Statistics - The game stats such as game completion percentage and play time can be viewed whilst in the hangout
  • Begin Flashback Bonus - Within the game there are also flashback missions that show how each of the nine main Warriors joined the gang
  • Begin Next Mission - When ready, the player can begin the next stage of the game

List of Gangs


  • Moonrunners: They mainly focus their activities on graffiti and underground art; they operate out of the Pelham Bay Metropolitan Transit Authority depot (the better to lay their burners on the waiting subway train cars.)
  • Orphans: A small-time gang operating out of Tremont, they are generally looked down upon by the other gangs of NYC for their spinelessness and petty criminal behavior. Led by Sully, a selfish coward who has delusions of grandeur and seems to care more for his hatchback Pinto than his girlfriend or his gang. The Orphans and their leader are quickly taken to task by the Warriors, for fraudulently claimed to have bested the Warriors in combat. Sully considered allowing The Warriors to pass through their territory during the manhunt after Cyrus' death until Mercy convinced him otherwise.
  • Van Cortlandt Rangers: An African-American gang from Van Cortlandt Park, they sport large Afros and wear purple-and-white-striped outfits; other than being wrecked by the Warriors during an incursion into Coney Island and being mentioned by Cyrus during the gang meeting in Van Courtlandt Park, not much is revealed about them in the game.
  • The Turnbull ACs: An anarchistic/hardcore punk gang out of Gunhill & Pelham; they all sport uniformly short hair-cuts and are one of the most violent gangs in the game, fighting with both rival gangs and riot police equally. One of the main lieutenants was Birdie, a crude, gun-toting paraplegic war veteran, who he was killed by the Warriors after ordering his gang to attack two of their members. Thus, during the events of the movie as depicted in the game, the AC's are the Warrior's most aggressive pursuers.


  • The Warriors: Multi-ethnic group, they control all of Coney Island by the middle of the game, when they successfully challenge their chief rival, the Destroyers. Throughout the game, they do battle with most of the gangs in the city, making a name for themselves on the streets, but also making many enemies in the process, a situation that comes back to haunt them during the later half of the game.
  • Jones Street Boys: Comprised mainly of bored kids with privileged backgrounds, they operate out of Bay Ridge and are known to conspire with local NYPD officers for maximum profit as well as disenfranchisement of rivals (principally their erstwhile-allies, the Saracens.)
  • Saracens: the losers of the warriors game they are the weakest of all the gangs bulbeh
  • Satan's Mothers: An Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, responsible for drug distribution throughout Brooklyn and New Jersey. They are believed to be based on the Hell's Angels. They are regarded as a heavy set among gangs throughout New York. They never actually have any in-mission conflict with The Warriors since their confrontation with Cleon and Vermin happened when they belonged to The Destroyers, though in a bonus objective in free-roam they can be brawled off Coney turf.
  • The Destroyers: Once the most powerful gang in Coney Island, they lost control of most of Coney Island after the gangs' leader Virgil attempted to get his war chief Cleon killed in a drug deal. After surviving the Satan's Mothers assault, Cleon then rebelled and established his own gang, the Warriors, made up of several Destroyers turncoats. Virgil was eventually violently deposed and his gang destroyed in retaliation for the death of Ash, one of the Warrior's new bloods.


  • The Baseball Furies: A gang rumored to be composed of off-time professional baseball players, they wear traditional baseball uniforms and facepaint, and wield baseball bats. They are led by Cobb, a tall muscular male who wears a black pinstripe baseball uniform and skull facepaint, and fights with three baseball bats duct-taped together. Viciously beating anyone intruding on their turf and known for their dogged pursuit of fleeing opponents and their tendency for never speaking openly, they are one of the most feared gangs in the city.
  • Boppers: Operating out of Harlem, the Boppers are a principally African-American gang who mostly speak in jive and are known for their flashy purple attire and stylish fighting moves. Wearing traditional pimp attire (and known for their brutal treatment of prostitutes and whatever women they find on the street), they are known to congregate in and near Harlem's disco clubs.
  • Electric Eliminators: A low-rung breakin' crew who are known for their extremely flashy street clothes and their equally flashy break-dance fighting style.The Leader is known for his Savage look and boxing skills friend of the Riffs.
  • Hi-Hats: Principally top hat-sporting mimes (who nevertheless are heard to scream when angry or in the middle of a fight,) the Hi-Hats operate out of the avante-garde enclave of SoHo and exercise a degree of intimidation on the artistic community. Hi-Hat leader Chatterbox is voiced by Jordan Gelber.
  • Hurricanes: The largest Hispanic (mainly Puerto Rican) gang in the city, operating out of Spanish Harlem.
  • Lizzies: An all-female gang who seduce the Warriors and successfully lure some members into their Bowery apartment to kill them. Their name may double as a reference to Lizzie Borden. It may also suggest their slight lesbian tendencies ("lezzies" being a derogatory slang word for lesbians), which are implied by a suggestive dance scene between two of the gang members in the game, as well as some of their one-liners in action scenes.
  • Panzers: A militant African-American gang who are seemingly modeled on the Black Panthers and Guardian Angels. They wear green camouflage jackets, and several members additionally wear red berets. They are essentially a neighborhood vigilance organization, and one of the city's least-respected gangs.
  • Punks: Also operating out of the Bowery, the Punks wear traditional worker's outfits and uniformly move around on roller skates, and are known for the swiftness and savagery of their attacks. Also closely allied with the Riffs, they accidentally stumble into a skirmish with the Warriors inside a subway station washroom.
  • The Gramercy Riffs: The Riffs are the single most powerful gang in the game, and widely considered to the nexus of all gang activity in the city. The mainly African-American Riffs, through their charismatic leader Cyrus, seek to unite all of the gangs in the city under one banner and thus completely outnumber and outgun both the Mafia and the NYPD in street power. They are also one of the most tightly-organized and rigidly disciplined gangs in the city, with daily combat drills personally led by Cyrus and his number-two man, Masai. However, Cyrus is killed near the end of the game (and at the beginning of the movie) by Luther, the leader of the anarchistic Rogues. At first believing Luther's claims that Cleon, the Warriors warlord, had committed the act, the Riffs attack and kill Cleon, and place a bounty on the Warrior's heads.
  • Rogues: Led by the maniacal and sociopathic Luther, the Rogues are principally a smash-and-grab gang, focusing on creating mayhem and confusion wherever they are, either for benefit or (particularly for Luther) just for fun. They quickly become the Warrior's arch-nemesis, being the gang responsible for Cyrus's death and for the blame being focused on the Warriors for it. They are eventually confronted by the Warriors at the end of the game, and once beaten, are decimated by the Riffs once the truth is revealed to them by an informant.
  • Savage Huns: A Chinese-American gang loosely affiliated with the Triads in control of Chinatown; the Savage Huns wear traditional Chinese worker attire (apart from the gang leaders, who wear stylish martial arts outfits) and are responsible for enforcing the Triads' bookmaking, protection and gambling rackets in Chinatown.


Review scores
Publication Score B+[2]
Game Informer 8.25/10[3]
GameSpot 8.6/10[4]
IGN 8.7/10[5]
X-Play 4/5[6]

The Warriors received positive reviews. Many praised the game for its deep combat and control, stating that the game helped breathe life into the brawler genre. The game was also praised for its unique style, along with its story and music.

Complaints were mostly directed towards the multiplayer. Critics complained about how the game's screen splits horizontally for two players, creating a narrow field of vision—when compared to the "normal" view—and often cluttered screens.


Soundtrack songs

Licensed songs


Roger Hill , who also played Cyrus in the movie, filed a lawsuit of $250,000 against Rockstar Games for using his voice and depiction in the video game. He claimed that it would not have been difficult for Rockstar to pay, since the game made $37 million.[7]


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