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The Wish List is an organization whose acronym for Women In the Senate and House. It is a political action committee devoted to electing pro-choice Republican women to the House of Representatives and Senate, The Wish List was founded in 1992. It can be considered a counterpart to two other organizations: Emily's List, whose goal is to elect pro-choice Democratic women, and the Susan B. Anthony List, whose goal is to elect pro-life women. The Wish List maintains strong alliances with other liberal Republican groups, such as The Republican Majority For Choice, It's My Party Too, and Republicans For Choice.



  • Wish List Chairwoman, Glenda L. Greenwald
  • President, Pat Giardina Carpenter
  • Secretary, Victoria Toensing
  • Treasurer, Maureen H. Lydon


Lisa Murkowski, Alaska Susan Collins, Maine
Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas (Although Sen. Hutchinson is no longer a member of The Wish List, and was not endorsed by the organization in her 2006 campaign). Olympia Snowe, Maine


Mary Bono of California Lynn Jenkins of Kansas Kay Granger of Texas
Nancy Johnson, Connecticut (No longer a Representative) Heather Wilson of New Mexico (No longer a Representative) Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia
Ginny Brown-Waite, Florida Sue Kelly, New York (No longer a Representative)
Judy Biggert of Illinois Deborah Pryce of Ohio (No longer a Representative)


Jodi Rell, Connecticut Linda Lingle, Hawaii

Other statewide offices

Arizona Corporation Commissioner Kristin Mayes Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger North Carolina Labor Commissioner Cherie Killian Berry
Illinois State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka (No longer State Treasurer) Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey (No longer Lt. Governor)

State Senate

Carolyn Allen, Arizona Barbara Allen, Kansas (No longer a Senator) Pat Vance, Pennsylvania
Toni Hellon, Arizona (No longer listed) Jean Kurtis Schodorf, Kansas Mary Jo White, Pennsylvania
Nancy Spence, Colorado Vicki Schmidt, Kansas June Gibbs, Rhode Island
Cathy Cook, Connecticut (No longer listed) Diane Allen, New Jersey Diane Snelling, Vermont
Judith Freedman, Connecticut Martha Bark, New Jersey (No longer a Senator) Wendy Wilton, Vermont (No longer listed)
Liane Sorenson, Delaware Sue Wilson Beffort, New Mexico Cheryl Pflug, Washington
Pamela Althoff, Illinois Patricia McGee, New York (No longer a Senator)
Christine Radogno, Illinois Jane Earll, Pennsylvania

State House

Gabrielle LeDoux, Alaska (No longer listed) Nancy Detert, Florida (No longer listed) Julie Brown, New Hampshire
Michele Reagan, Arizona Barbara Marumoto, Hawaii Patricia Dunlap, New Hampshire (No longer listed)
Lynn Daucher, California (No longer a Representative) Cynthia Thielen, Hawaii Stephanie Eaton, New Hampshire
Shirley Horton, California Jana Kemp, Idaho (No longer listed) Sheila Francoeur, New Hampshire
Penny Bacchiochi, Connecticut Suzie Bassi, Illinois Elizabeth Hager, New Hampshire
Toni Boucher, Connecticut Elizabeth Coulson, Illinois Sandra Balomenos Keans, New Hampshire (No longer listed)
Ruth Fahrbach, Connecticut Carolyn Krause, Illinois Charlotte Vandervalk, New Jersey
Livvy Floren, Connecticut Patricia Reid Lindner, Illinois (No longer a Representative) Nancy Calhoun, New York
Lile Gibbons, Connecticut Rosemary Mulligan, Illinois Donna Ferrara, New York (No longer listed)
Sonya Googins, Connecticut Sandra Pihos, Illinois Teresa Sayward, New York
DebraLee Hovey, Connecticut Vaneta Becker, Indiana (No longer listed) Dierdre Scozzafava, New York
Themis Klarides, Connecticut Phyllis Pond, Indiana Vicki Berger, Oregon
Claudia Powers, Connecticut Libby Swanson Jacobs, Iowa (No longer listed) Sue Cornell, Pennsylvania (No longer listed)
Pamela Ziegler Sawyer, Connecticut Susan Williams Gifford, Massachusetts Carole Rubley, Pennsylvania (No longer a Representative)
Lenny Winkler, Connecticut Shirley Gomes, Massachusetts (No longer a Representative) Carol Mumford, Rhode Island
Donna Stone, Delaware Karyn Polito, Massachusetts Jodi Cutler, South Dakota
Nancy Wagner, Delaware Susan Pope, Massachusetts Joyce Errecart, Vermont
Donna Clark, Florida (No longer listed) Mary Rogeness, Massachusetts
Faye Culp, Florida Kathlyn Fares, Missouri

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