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The Works
Compilation album by Faith No More
Released March 31, 2008 (2008-03-31)
Recorded 1987–1998
Genre Alternative metal, alternative rock, funk metal, hard rock
Length 190:00 approx.
Label Rhino
Faith No More chronology
The Platinum Collection
The Works
The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection

The Works is a 3-disc compilation of Faith No More songs ranging from their second album Introduce Yourself to their final album Album of the Year, along with a disc full of rarities. Virtually every song from The Real Thing is represented, as well as every song from the 1992 album Angel Dust. It also includes a live version of "Midnight Cowboy" and soundtrack contributions like "The Perfect Crime".

Track listing

  • Disc one
# Title From the album Length
1. "Introduce Yourself"   Introduce Yourself  
2. "Anne's Song"   Introduce Yourself  
3. "Chinese Arithmetic"   Introduce Yourself  
4. "We Care a Lot"   Introduce Yourself  
5. "From out of Nowhere"   The Real Thing  
6. "Epic"   The Real Thing  
7. "Falling to Pieces"   The Real Thing  
8. "Underwater Love"   The Real Thing  
9. "Zombie Eaters"   The Real Thing  
10. "The Morning After"   The Real Thing  
11. "Faster Disco"   Introduce Yourself  
12. "Crack Hitler"   Angel Dust  
13. "Caffeine"   Angel Dust  
14. "Malpractice"   Angel Dust  
15. "Surprise! You're Dead!"   The Real Thing  
  • Disc two
# Title From the album Length
1. "A Small Victory"   Angel Dust  
2. "Be Aggressive"   Angel Dust  
3. "Everything's Ruined"   Angel Dust  
4. "Midlife Crisis"   Angel Dust  
5. "Kindergarten"   Angel Dust  
6. "Land of Sunshine"   Angel Dust  
7. "Smaller and Smaller"   Angel Dust  
8. "Jizzlobber"   Angel Dust  
9. "Digging the Grave"   King for a Day...  
10. "Star A.D."   King for a Day...  
11. "Ricochet"   King for a Day...  
12. "Evidence"   King for a Day...  
13. "Ashes to Ashes"   Album of the Year  
14. "Last Cup of Sorrow"   Album of the year  
15. "She Loves Me Not"   Album of the year  
  • Disc three
# Title From the album Length
1. "War Pigs"   Live at the Brixton Academy 6:58
2. "Midnight Cowboy"   Angel Dust 4:14
3. "The Perfect Crime"   Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey 4:25
4. "The Grade"   Live at the Brixton Academy[A] 2:03
5. "The Real Thing"   Live at the Brixton Academy 7:54
6. "We Care a Lot"   Live at the Brixton Academy 3:05
7. "Edge of the World"   Live at the Brixton Academy 5:47
8. "The Cowboy Song"   Live at the Brixton Academy[A] 5:12
9. "Falling to Pieces"   Live at the Brixton Academy 4:45
10. "Woodpecker from Mars"   The Real Thing 5:41
11. "RV"   Angel Dust 3:43
12. "As the Worm Turns"   Live at the Brixton Academy 2:35
13. "I Started a Joke"   Who Cares A Lot 3:00
14. "Easy"   Angel Dust 3:08


  1. ^ a b  Outtakes from The Real Thing sessions, released on the Live at the Brixton Academy album.


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