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The X Effect is a reality show that began airing on MTV in March 2007. The concept is that pair of exes – an ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend (though at least one episode with gay couples has been produced) – spend a weekend at a resort hotel, during which time they are given various romantic activities while the others ("O's") covertly watch them. At the end of the weekend, the exes must choose between their old and new partners.


In each episode, an ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend, along with their new partners, arrive at a resort to spend a weekend together. However, the exes are separated from their current partners and are forced to spend time with their exes in a romantic setting.

On the second night, the exes are "upgraded" from a double suite to one with a single bed. Their activities over the weekend are dictated by the O's, usually with terms involving a choice between a less romantic one - with a twist - and a more romantic one - with more direct surveillance.

The current partners, who purportedly have gone home, proceed to spy on the exes using various technologies – hidden microphones, touch sensors, maps and name counters – to see what they are doing. During this time they have no way of communicating the other way.

At the end, each of the exes must choose if they want to continue the relationship with their current partners or go back to their ex. Depending on what they have seen, the current partners may decide not to continue their relationship, regardless of the choice made.


Each episode takes place at a fictional resort hotel. The first season was filmed at the Canfield-Moreno Estate in Silver Lake, under the name "Canyon Vista Resort." It is a recording studio, not a functioning hotel. The second season of the show, which began airing in January 2008, is filmed in Miami Beach. It takes place at the "Casa Bella," though no hotel of this name operates in Miami Beach.

The theme song of The X Effect is "They" by Jem.

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