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The Young Doctors
Format Drama
Created by Reg Watson
Starring Michael Beecher
Cornelia Frances
Alfred Sandor
Gwen Plumb
Mark Holden
John Dommett
Peta Toppano
Chris King
Tim Page
Lyn James
Judy McBurney
Tony Alvarez
Paula Duncan
Lynda Stoner
Bartholomew John
Anne Lucas
Diana McLean
Rebecca Gilling
Alan Dale
Eric Oldfield
Brian Moll
Marty Morton
Country of origin Australia Australia
No. of episodes 1396
Running time 25 minutes
Original channel Nine Network
Original run 8 November 1976 – 31 March 1983

The Young Doctors is an Australian early evening soap opera. The series was set in the fictional Albert Memorial hospital and primarily concerned with romances between younger members of the hospital staff. The series was particularly popular with women and teenage fans. Despite the medical setting, medical procedures rarely figured in storylines.

The series was produced by the Reg Grundy Organisation and screened on the Nine Network from Monday 8 November 1976 until Wednesday 30 March 1983. When it ended after 1396 thirty-minute episodes it held the record of Australia's longest running television drama series, having surpassed the previous record of 1218 thirty-minute episodes held by Number 96. This was later surpassed by A Country Practice and then Neighbours, which is the current record-holder of longest-running Australian series.

The Young Doctors holds the distinction, rare among long-running Australian dramas, of having never won any sort of television award. Alan Coleman produced the show for most of its run until being replaced by Sue Masters, shortly before the series finished production in late 1982.

The show was contemporaneous with another long-running Nine Network serial, The Sullivans, which had a budget three times higher than The Young Doctors.

The serial was repeated by the Nine Network in the late 1980s. Initially in an early evening timeslot, before switching to a late night slot after a few months.

Selected episodes of the serial were released on DVD in October 2006. A second set of selected episodes, under the title of Classic Cliffhangers, was released in February 2008.



Character Actor
Dr Brian Denham Michael Beecher
Mrs Ada Simmonds Gwen Plumb
Dr Graham Steele Tim Page
Helen Gordon Lyn James
Dennis Jamieson Chris King
Dr Raymond Shaw Alfred Sandor
Sister / Matron Grace Scott Cornelia Frances
Nurse / Sister Tania Livingston Judy McBurney
Nurse Kate Rhodes Ros Wood
Nurse JoJo Adams Delvene Delaney
Nurse Kim Barrington Lynda Stoner
Nurse Lisa Brooks Paula Duncan
Nurse Jill Gordon Joanne Samuel
Dr John Forrest Alan Dale
Nurse / Dr Liz Kennedy Rebecca Gilling
Sister Vivienne Jeffries Diana McLean
Sister Suzanne Gibbs Susanne Stuart
Sister Eve Turner Anne Lucas
Dr Craig Rothwell John Walton
Dr Mike Newman Peter Bensley
Dr Tony Garcia Tony Alvarez
Dr Ben Fielding Eric Oldfield
Dr Gail Henderson Peta Toppano
Dr Jim Howard John Dommett
Dr Chris Piper Bartholomew John
Dr Peter Holland Peter Lochran
Dr Greg Mason Mark Holden
Dr Robyn Porter Joy Chambers
Dr Susan Richards Judy Lynne
Dr Russell Edwards Peter Cousens
Dr Lance Wilkinson Michael Gow
Dr Matt Blake Nick Holland
Dr David Henderson Graham Harvey
Dr Vicki Daniels Sally Tayler
Dr Rod Langley Chris Orchard
Dr Nick Barrett Adrian Van Den Bok
Dr Vincent Snape Brian Moll
Dr Andrew Baxter Andrew Sharp
Ian Parrish Serge Lazareff
Nurse Maggie Gordon Jackie Woodburne
Nurse Sherry Andrews Karen Pini
Nurse Jody Carter Julie Wilson
Nurse Julie Holland Lisa Aldenhoven
Nurse Dolly Davis Christine Harris
Nurse Linda Wilson Julie Nihill
Nurse Zelda Baker Genevieve Lemon
Sister Erin Cosgrove Babs McMillan
Nurse Virginia Mason Rosie Bailey
Nurse Genevieve Ridgeway Susan Stenmark
Mark Holland Robert Leys
Toni Sheffield Tottie Goldsmith
"Flint" Stone Robert Korosy
Hilary Templeton Abigail
Caroline Fielding/Morgan/Jamieson Kim Wran
Laura Denham Joanna Moore-Smith
Ken Hansen Joe Hasham
Heinrik Smeaton Joseph Furst
Bunny Howard Ugly Dave Gray
Anne-Marie Austin Judi Connelli
Sir Clifford Langley Mike Dorsey
Nurse Diana Trent Julianne White
Mr Cox Brian Wenzel
Maureen Parker/Howard Virginia Rudeno
Rosalie Parker Carol Raye
Erika Hoffman/Shaw Karen Petersen
Arthur Simmonds Willie Fennell
Dr Judith-Anne Napier Carole Skinner
Clarrie Baker Peter Adams

International screenings

In the United Kingdom the programme was acquired by 13 of the 14 weekday members of the ITV Network. Scottish Television never purchased the programme. Central Television pioneered the programme in their Tuesday and Thursday 12:30 slot in 1982 while all other ITV contractors were screening The Sullivans. This was then increased to a daily 15:30 screening. Central switched the programme back to the lunchtime 12:30 slot before finally reaching the end of the series in the 14:50 slot in August 1992. Most other regions initially screened the programme at their own regional pace in their 15:30 slot on Mondays and Tuesdays although Granada Television screened the programme on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays instead. Border Television followed the same format as Granada and screened their episodes via the Granada feed. Years later in 1988, Yorkshire Television had a vacant 12:30 weekday slot and filled it with The Young Doctors. Most regions eventually ended the programme at their own pace in the early 1990s. Yorkshire Television decided to skip 215 episodes of the programme at the end of 1992 to enable them to catch up to Tyne Tees Television. From January 1993 both regions screened exactly the same material. London based Carlton Television ended the programme within days of Yorkshire and Tyne Tees concluding the programme in December 1994. Shortland Street replaced the show in the Yorkshire and Tyne Tees regions.


The Young Doctors (under the title "Jeunes Docteurs") was scheduled in France, on the second national-wide channel Antenne 2, at 8.30, from March 21, 1986.

The Young Doctors was also one of three Australian soap operas screened in the mid to late 1980s on Sky Channel before it became Sky1 in 1989 (the others being A Country Practice and The Sullivans). During the mid-to-late 1980s, it was transmitted at 17:00. From 1989 until 1992, The Young Doctors screened at 10:00. When Sky purchased newer Australian soap E Street in 1992, they dropped The Young Doctors to accommodate an afternoon repeat of E Street.


In November 2007, the Nine Network announced plans to remake the series in conjunction with FremantleMedia. Originally, it was set to be broadcast in 2008, but due to script delays, the premiere date had been pushed back to 2009. The remake was set to be named Young Doctors.[1] However, at the end of 2008, the Nine Network officially passed on the idea. The network decided against the remake, instead confirming a second series of the popular Australian drama Underbelly. FremantleMedia is currently searching for another television station to contract the program.


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