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The Zimmers
Origin United Kingdom
Genres Rock
Years active 2007–present
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The Zimmers are a British band, thought to have the oldest members of any band in the world.[1] The youngest member is 71, the lead singer, Alf, is 90, and the oldest member, Buster, is 102.[2] They take their name from the Zimmer frame (the British name for a walking frame).

The band was created as a feature in a BBC Television documentary, which was first broadcast on 28 May 2007.[3] The feature of forming the band and recording a single was intended to give a voice to the feelings of isolation and imprisonment suffered by the elderly.

The Zimmers' logo is a parody of The Beatles' logo, as is the image of them walking across Abbey Road. In September 2008, the band released its first full-length album 'Lust for Life', featuring cover versions of songs by Eric Clapton, The Beatles and Frank Sinatra.[4]



The Zimmers have released one single, a cover of The Who's "My Generation", reaching #26 in the UK Singles Chart, on 28 May 2007. The song was produced by Mike Hedges, the video shot by Geoff Wonfor, and it was recorded in the Beatles Studio 2 at Abbey Road.[5]

On 13 July 2007, during the Richard & Judy show, The Zimmers announced their next single, a cover of The Prodigy's "Firestarter".[6]

BBC documentary

Documentary-maker Tim Samuels travelled Britain, investigating the feelings of isolation and imprisonment suffered by the country's elderly, as part of the BBC's "Power to the People" series.[7] Samuels recruits pensioners otherwise stuck in institutions and towerblocks, and they air their grievances, culminating in the recording of the group's first single, where the group "sticks it back to the society that has cast them aside".[3]


  • Frank Armstrong
  • Sylvia Beaton
  • Jack Beers (deceased)
  • Joan Bennett
  • Peggy Bohan
  • Joan Bonham (Mother of John Bonham)
  • Evelyn Brierley
  • Raffaele ‘Alf’ Carretta
  • Peter Comerford
  • Grace Cook
  • Collaterly Sisters
  • Charlotte Cox
  • Peggy Crowley
  • Gillian Davies
  • Adrian Derrick
  • Rose Dickens
  • Tim Donovan
  • Marie Duckett
  • Annetta Falco
  • Patsey Feeley
  • Kathleen Fowler
  • Rob Fulford
  • Mollie P Hardie
  • Maura Haughey
  • Joanna Judge
  • John Langridge
  • John Leonard
  • Dolceta Llewellyn-Bowden
  • Avis Lewinson
  • Ivy Lock
  • Buster Martin
  • Anne Morrissey
  • Frank Morrissey
  • Delores Murray
  • Peter Oakley
  • Tim O’Donovan
  • Sally Page
  • Nadine Richardson
  • Rita Roberts
  • Bill Russell
  • Irene Samain
  • Gwen Sewell
  • Anne Sherwin
  • Dennis Skillicorn
  • Jessie Thomason
  • Dorothy ‘Bubbles’ Tree
  • John Tree
  • Winifred Warburton (deceased)
  • Paddy Ward
  • Norma Walker
  • Vera Welch
  • Eric Whitty


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