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The genus Banksia L.f. (Proteaceae) is a 1981 monograph by Alex George on the taxonomy of the plant genus Banksia. Published by the Western Australian Herbarium as Nuytsia 3(3), it presented George's taxonomic arrangement of Banksia, the first major taxonomic revision of the genus since George Bentham published his arrangement in Flora Australiensis in 1870.

One of the most important contributions of The Genus Banksia L.f. (Proteaceae) was the publication of ten new species and nine new varieties of Banksia. These were:

In addition, B. sphaerocarpa var. glabrescens was redescribed as B. incana, and B. quercifolia var. integrifolia was redescribed as B. oreophila. B. collina was demoted to B. spinulosa var. collina, and B. cunninghamii was demoted to B. spinulosa var. cunninghamii.

George further proposed a new infrageneric classification for Banksia, redefining some of the existing sections, demoting Bentham's B. sect. Cyrtostylis and B. sect. Orthostylis to B. ser. Cyrtostylis and B. ser. Orthostylis (now B. ser. Banksia) respectively, and publishing six new series:

The classification was widely accepted, and is essentially the one that is in use today.

Finally, having examined historical specimens at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and elsewhere, George published lectotypes for most pre-existing Banksia taxa.




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