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.An island is a land mass entirely surrounded by water.^ This movement accounts for, among other things, the chain of land masses that form the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Possible Explanation For Migration Of Volcanic Activity On Mars 23 September 2009 4:43 UTC [Source type: News]

^ Erupting since 1996, this emerging land mass may break the surface in about 250,000 years, adding a ninth island to the Hawaiian chain.
  • Hawaii's Official Tourism Site -- Attraction Portals - Hawaii Volcanoes 3 February 2010 19:019 UTC [Source type: General]

^ The waters surrounding Flinders Island are unique for their biodiversity, harbouring the greatest proportion of endemic marine species anywhere in Australia.

Island or Islands may also refer to:


In geography

  • Island, Belfast, Northern Ireland, an electoral ward
  • Island, Kentucky, a city in the United States
  • Island, Yonne, a commune of the Yonne département in France
  • The Islands, a defunct provincial electoral district in British Columbia once part of Nanaimo and the Islands and now part of Saanich North and the Islands
  • Island County, Washington, United States
  • Ísland (or Island), the spelling of Iceland in Icelandic, Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Estonian, Serbian, Slovak, Croatian and (almost) in Portuguese (i.e. Islândia), Hungarian (Izland) and Romanian (Islanda).

In film

In television

  • The Island (Lost), the island of the show Lost, a character unto itself
  • Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island, the 16th season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge on MTV
  • Al Jazeera, an Arabic TV station whose name translates in English as "The Island"

In literature

In music

In linguistics

  • Islands, phrases out of which extraction is impossible

Other uses

  • Island Platform, a railway platform with tracks running around each side.
  • Island Electronic Communication Network, now known as Inet
  • "The island", the command and control area of an aircraft carrier
  • Traffic island, dividing the lanes of travel in a road
  • A colloquial term used for roundabout.
  • Refuge island for pedestrians crossing a road
  • Island, an area surrounded by another area of contrasting type, such as:
  • HMNB, Her Majesty's Naval Base Portsmouth, known as "The Island"
  • Islands (restaurant), a casual dining restaurant chain
  • Island, a piece of furniture found in many kitchens, similar to a sideboard
  • WLRA, "The Island", a tropical rock radio station in Chicago
  • "The Island", a colloquial term for people in the New York metro area to refer to Long Island.

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